Superior Residences at Lecanto - Lecanto, FL

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Customer Reviews

Care and Comfort

The care at this community is outstanding. The staff are very caring and attentive to her needs . The variety of the meals are good and she likes the nice variety. I am glad that my mom is activities with the other residents. I would recommend this clean and nice community for other families for the care of there loved one with a great value for care

DON'T GET FOOLED BY THE LOOK OF IT!!! This was the biggest mistake of our life since Mom's diagnosis. These people are clever marketers, and they take advantage of the saddest time of your life. But most of it is FRAUD. They will tell you that your loved one can "age in place"...NOT TRUE. Don't believe them. They will tell you that you need to hire a 24-hour caregiver if your loved one is a "fall risk"...(which most every resident is!). They will tell you you have to purchase a hospital bed. They lie about having PT and OT on site. There were multiple mistakes with meds, and ZERO management of diabetes, testing only once per WEEK!!! My loved one sat, overmedicated, in a chair, outcold, for 7 hours. She was dehydrated, had a UTI, and a bleeding diaper rash. She left via 911. She was injured in the shower when they forced her in, because they cannot handle patients with dementia. I beg you, don't get fooled. Find another place. They nearly killed my loved one, and then blamed it on her, for "resisting care", which is a hallmark of this illness. Please, just dont leave your loved one here, no matter how kind everyone seems....they aren't. It all about money.

Very positive experience. The tour showed a beautiful outside area, and the many areas for the activities, the calendar of activities was extensive. I could feel the commitment of the tour person and the staff that I met, in providing care to the residents


Be VERY careful. It is easy to be fooled by decor and first impressions, but don't make the same mistake we did. We found 90% of what was promised was a lie. The residents wander aimlessly, most are sedated and in front of the TV, which is the only offering most days. They lie when they say your loved one can "age in place". Don't believe them. Some of the staff are lovely, but many were outright RUDE and mean. They promise that they "take in an entire family" but that just isn't true. Constant staff turnover, even at the highest levels (as in, 3 directors in 4 months)
We, like several other families, pulled our loved one out after she became ill due to lack of care and over-sedation.