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Customer Reviews

5 Star Care Facility

Sunrise staff are the most kind and caring people I have ever met. My Mother's caregiver stays in touch with me and lets me know weekly how she is doing. My Mother has been difficult, but they are patient with her and re-direct her to activities that she enjoys. There are so many activities to keep their minds active. The facility is beautiful. It looks like a five star hotel when you enter the lobby and a luxury residence when you enter the floor my Mother lives on. The food is gourmet and the field trips a lot of fun for the residents. I would certainly recommend Sunrise to anyone looking for a care facility for their loved one. You can leave them at Sunrise with great confidence that they are bein cared for in the best way possible.

Sunrise Continues to Earn My Respect

After a year at Sunrise, for both of our 91 and 92 year-old grandmothers, we still have great things to say about Sunrise and their staff. One grandmother is reasonably independent and can take care of her basic daily needs (with a lot of help from the Sunrise care team). While the other requires additional care because of her mobility and memory challenges. Both have been able to successfully integrate into the Sunrise community, make interesting friendships, participate in most of the activities, and enjoy the weekly outings (parks, museums, casino, restaurants, beach and mountains). They have come to realize that simple exercise, a great diet, and social interactions are key to creating a happier life-style. One noticeable change is their focus on what they are going to do today, as opposed to what they can no longer do, i.e. driving.
We get a lot of questions about what it is like at Sunrise now that over a year has passed and we have had an opportunity to experience their services and community. Here are key examples of what we have experienced:
• Their medical team quickly diagnosed an upper respiratory infection that was causing her blood pressure to drop to unsafe levels and rushed her to the ER. The were completely on top of the situation, monitoring her vitals every day and took decisive action.
• Every time we visit Sunrise we are greeted by name. Why is this important – the staff takes the time to get to know us and how they can better meet our needs and concerns. Sunrise has had very little staff turnover, so it is much easier to build a relationship with the staff that is used to communicate what is going on with the grandmothers each week.
• We still receive the monthly status calls from the care director updating us on the care they are providing and how well the grandmothers are doing – socially, physically, mentally. At every opportunity they seek our input – how are we doing? How can we improve?
• Prior to coming to Sunrise one grandmother lived at another local assisted living facility for over a year. During that time, we had nothing but monthly issues with the billing. We were constantly over billed by $100-$1,000 each month. It took hours of my time each month to correct their mistakes. At Sunrise we have had no billing errors. They know what they are doing, and the support staff is competent.
• So, what don’t we like? Honestly, I haven’t found any issue that impacts the care my mother is receiving. Sunrise has earned my respect.

Great Experience

The people here that I interacted with while looking for a new home for my mom, were just stellar. [Name removed], [name removed] and [name removed] showed me all the place had to offer as well as several apartments. The place is lovely and new and had a nice vibe. Happy and community oriented.

The staff seemed glad to be there and frequently interacted with residents. This was not a fit for my mom simply due to her financial situation and the fact that her ancestors tend to live to 98. I highly recommend you checking it out for anyone who needs this type of living situation.

To the staff, thank you from my family for all the work you did.

Confidence in Sunrise of Sabre Springs

Mom passed away peacefully yesterday on [date removed]. [Name removed], you in particular, were so impressive with your knowledge of so many people in the industry, and just the way you presented yourself, and the confidence you conveyed…..well…… all that gave me GREAT confidence in Sunrise which was HUGE for my family towards the end of Mom’s life. I will most certainly recommend you to anybody and everybody who was in our situation.

Thank you for working with me and being there for if and when Mom need that next level of care.

Mom had a full and blessed life and it was just her time. No regrets. We did the best we could and she really appreciated it !


Great Community. Caring staff people are smiling. This place feels warm and homey. I had a couple of friends move their parents in. I took a tour and it is clean and nice.

Outstanding personalized care

Sunrise Sabre Springs is the second assisted living facility my father has lived in. It is much smaller (about 30 assisted living residents, I believe, plus additional residents in memory care) and because of that the care is much more personalized. The staff is just great. They know each resident by name and all their quirks and special needs. The drawback is that there is a smaller pool of people for residents to find friends in and there are relatively few activities for the men. I do wish that they had been more transparent about their assisted living fees schedule. We were told that fees were based on the number of activities of daily living that residents needed assistance with, but later it became apparent that there is also a point system beyond that which will increase the fees. But if you can afford the fees the care is outstanding and caters to the needs of each individual resident.

Great experience

My grandfather [Name removed] lived in this facility before he passed away. He was resistant to move but the team was very supportive during the process. [Name removed] the Executive Director really made my family feel so at ease. It was so hard for us to come to terms with grandpa moving into an assisted living. I thank every caregiver and nurse who tended to him. Their care is like no other and I am so glad he was able to spend his last days in a place that truly cared for him. I would highly recommend this facility to any family who truly wants quality. The chef [Name removed] prepares wonderful food one of the things grandpa always said was the food was the best part of it all. Thank you Sunrise of Sabre Springs for taking care of not only my grandpa but my family during this hard transition. I will forever be grateful!

Family loves this facility!

We are so happy to have found sunrise. It had been recommended by friends and when the need arose we had a new facility near by. They have been so loving, helpfu, communicative, and kind. The food is even delicious! The activities are awesome and the staff excellent. It is clean and they are are warm to everyone. Can not say enough of the excellent care.

We work closely with this community -physician office

Amazing community feels like home staff is attentive and responsive. Residents are always cheerful and busy. Would highly recommend.

MKT primary care

Great place!!

Sunrise is a beautiful warm and cozy community. The residents look very clean and happy. The management team is tenured and helpful. They are knowledgeable and really care!

Visited the La Costa location. Smaller version of a large resort style set up. Friendly staff, prideful of their ten year status. Not much staff turnover. Pet friendly. Offered outdoor space. Took the time to get to know residents. JDPower rated #1 2018. Floors have a charge nurse station, offering the most comprehensive care plan outlined. Facility offers, on site medical care, site seeing tours of the surrounding community, and free transportation. Moderately priced. Not the least nor the most expensive. Overall, an excellent value for the money.


This facility has great people. I took a tour of the different rooms and they were very informative of all aspects. I felt at home, and at ease with the atmosphere.

Sunrise of Sabre Springs Has Earned Our Respect & Recommendation

Our family has first hand experience with placing 2 grandmothers in local facilities and touring more than 8.
Sunrise of Sabre Springs is by far the best. Brand new in mid 2017, the facility was designed to be state-of-the-art in terms of access, convenience, safety, and a very warm environment. The staff is competent, engaged, welcoming, friendly, and constantly striving to meet my mother's needs. My mother loves the staff and the non-obtrusive way they conduct themselves.
After having 6 months to judge the Sunrise experience, I now understand that even more importantly than the staff are the residents and the "friends" relationships that are fostered and created between the residents. Sunrise residents are not complainers. They want to be engaged in active discussions and activities, which Sunrise provides. Here are a few of the services (you never think about) I have come to rely on:
1. Monthly status calls reviewing my mother's physical, mental, and social well being.
2. Computer records of every medication she takes - date, time, who administered, etc.
3. Immediate calls to her physician if she is in need, with a follow on call to me 24x7.
4. Meals delivered to her room if she is not feeling well, or just plain tired.
5. Complete administration of every medication (she has 11 meds) from working with the doctor on a prescription to ordering refills when needed.

I could go on but I think you get the picture. Sunrise has done a great job. 5-stars!

Regarding the cost, we did find Sunrise to be 0-20% more expensive than 5 of the other facilities we toured, and 10-20% cheaper than 3 of the facilities we toured. They do have a "move in fee," but so did many of the other facilities we toured. Key word is negotiate, and you do get what you pay for especially when it comes to trained staff. Costs are a function of the size of the apartment you want, the frequency / level of services you need, and the number of medications you need to have administered. We found them to be reasonable.

Best place hands down

It seems that my cousin is doing very well at this facility and she is very happy. The place itself is very clean. She is always doing something, she has her dog there, and she walks her dog all the time. I am very happy with the staff team and with the facility. They also have a beauty shop on site and I make her appointments to when she will get her hair washed. Everything is so clean, neat, and well cared for. From all the places that I’ve seen and looked into this is the best place I can find for her hands down.

No activities director

I toured here when looking for a place for my dad. The facility is very nice and new but the price was out of our budget. It’s a beautiful building, everything is brand new and everyone has their own private rooms. It’s not full either so no one has to double up in rooms or anything like that. The cleanliness was excellent while I was there, though I haven’t seen it since. The people are very nice there as well. But there’s an initial buy-in that you have to pay and it was very pricey. If it hadn’t been so expensive we may have chosen them. The only thing I didn’t like was that they didn’t have an activities director and I think that’s an important thing to have because these residents need something to do so they aren’t just sitting there bored. I think maybe they didn’t have one, though, because their number of residents wasn’t that high.

This was a nice tour

We had a nice tour of this community everything went well for the most part. From what we saw the community looked nice and had a lot of amenities for their residents to choose from. We just felt that the pricing was not what we were looking for.