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Customer Reviews

Meets Mine and My Aging Parents Needs

Story Point was the only place my parents visited when the time came for them to move. My husband and I had toured many places and gave them the information. They had planned to visit three. They didn't need to.

They chose a two bedroom, two bath apartment because of the in home laundry facilities. A one bedroom has a public laundry room that is very nice and well kept and a short walk from their apartment. The halls are short and in a T configuration. There are elevators in the center and on each end. The wings are like their own little neighborhoods. They get to know the people who live near them because many congregate at the top of T for social time.

Other social activities, which was important to my parents, includes physical activity classes on yoga and balance; going to special events in the area; movie night; playing pool; playing candy bar bingo; listening to musical guests; card making group; Veteran's luncheons; Women's luncheon; church services and more.

There is a library and computer room, an all purpose room with game tables, pool table, and kitchenette, a movie theater room with popcorn! and more.

Eating options are cook in your own apartment as a full kitchen with appliances are in each apartment. Acoffee shop, Bistro, and Dining room complete the options. I have eaten at the Bistro and the Dining Room. The Bistro menu includes appetizers, great salads, soups, sandwiches, pizza, burger and more. I enjoy the 1/2 sandwich and soup option. My mom enjoys the hamburger and their salads. The staff is friendly and efficient.

The dining room menu has changed over the two years my parents have been there. I think they have had some growing pains in the food department. I can't imagine trying to please every resident. There were nights I couldn't please my family of four! Options have lessened from when my parents first moved in. Dinner menu includes appetizer, soup, or salad, main course, and dessert. Main courses can be anything from fettucine Alfredo to fish and chips, to a roast beef dinner. Dessert option includes ice cream every night, dish of fruit, or chosen dessert for the night. Their is an advisory group, created from residents, to help with food suggestions.

The staff is wonderful from the front desk, to the dining help, to housekeeping. Everyone is warm, caring, and helpful.

Being a daughter of a resident, I appreciate knowing that my mother's needs are being met and that someone is available if she needs anything.

My father died recently and Story Point options allowed him and my mother to stay in their apartment with extra care from onsite Laurus home health care. Hospice was needed and Story Point went above and beyond to make sure my parent's had what they needed and to let them know if they could help in any way.

All in all it is a great place to age in place.


Mom and Dad moved into StoryPoint in January of 2018. This move was very difficult after living in the same home for 50 years, however, dad had mobility issues and could no longer be in their home. From the start, the staff at StoryPoint took such good care of my parents. Mom and Dad were able to add shelves in the apartment so they were able to bring some of their treasures. They also set dad up with an area so he could work on some projects. The residents are wonderful and mom and dad have met many new friends. There are so many activities for the residents and when the family visits mom and dad, which is often, there are many people out walking the halls, working on puzzles or gathering in the common area. Everyone we have met including the entire staff are wonderful. We couldn’t be happier with StoryPoint as their new home!

We Choose StoryPoint

My husband and I have been to visit this community several times and attended many events. My husband is finally ready to make the move. We are looking forward to this move. The staff and residents are so down to earth and friendly. The building is beautiful and the cleanest I have ever seen. Food was so good that I am sure I will be gaining a few pounds, hopefully the fitness center and activities will help with that.

Buyer Beware

A very nice facility but not worth the price. I would agree that many of the staff are nice but they are not well trained. The dining rooms are beautiful but the food is average and the service is terrible.
As for competency of administration, very disappointing. Nothing but the typical buck passing if you have a problem with either the corporate representative or the representative for the contracted care provider.
If you really want quality care for your loved one look else ware. We have now experienced good care in a very nice facility and are very happy be done with Storypoint and [removed] the contracted care provider.

Thankful StoryPoint Came to Portage!

My parents moved to StoryPoint when it opened 2 years ago. It was SUCH a great decision! Everything is fresh and new, beautifully designed and open areas for people to gather. My parents have a 2 bedroom apartment and it is very spacious. Our extended family of 15 is able to come over and still be comfortable. Family gatherings for the brunches and other meals are a special time. My parents can still host the meal, and the food prepared is amazing! The staff is warm and welcoming, and we never feel like we are an inconvenience. The staff also are so good to my parents, and genuinely care about them. StoryPoint has a van that takes people to appointments and grocery shopping which is great for bad weather or when you aren't able to drive. Holidays are celebrated in special ways. My parents have many friends at StoryPoint already, and it definitely has a family feel to it. Whether its a cup of coffee in the morning, lunch in the Bistro or included dinner in the evening, there are so many great options for people to connect. My dad recently passed away, and I'm so happy Mom has her friends and staff that care for her at StoryPoint. It really is a great place!

Beware, not what the brochure says

I lived there for a year and very happy to have left this place. I rate the quality of the food mediocre at best. In the restaurants, service goes from excellent to poor. Walked out many times because of poor service. I have a friend (needing help), my observations poor. Don’t bother complaining to management because they don’t reply to letters. Looks good on the outside. Big staff turnover.

Erin Kessler

Local Representative

Hello John,

We are disappointed that you didn't experience StoryPoint the way that we intended and have chosen to leave multiple reviews on different platforms. We know that you have met with several home office employees who have worked with you toward a resolution of your issues with our community. We are happy that you and your wife are enjoying your new apartment and wish you all the best in your retirement. Thank you,

Why StoryPoint did not meet our needs

We lived there one year and shortcomings began to surface spring 2018. The brochure doesn't reflect "actual" life at StoryPoint. We left this senior complex because:
1) Promises never fulfilled
2) Inconsistencies in food pricing
3) Mediocre food quality and frequent poor service
4) Inferior care given to bedridden residents
5) Serious omissions about care pricing
6) Unauthorized entry to our apartment
7) 146 days following our notice to vacate, no one was shown our apartment in spite of multiple (written & oral) statements from management
8) No follow-up to several letters written to this corporation

Erin Kessler

Local Representative

Hello John,

Thank you for taking the time to meet with us last week, in person to work towards a resolution. We truly appreciate when our residents and their families meet with us to share their feedback with the goal of helping us improve. As an organization, we always want to find ways that we can grow to serve our residents and their families best. Thank you.

Renter's Remorse

This point in a senior's life should be relaxing and stress-free. Unfortunately my mother has had many problems that became apparent after signing the lease ( of course). The 'wellness" area of StoryPoint is deeply flawed and in a constant state of transition. Employees are fired, quit or walk out on a daily basis. We never know who will show up to assist my mother. The people in charge of wellness do not return emails or phone calls and it's nearly impossible to get a simple answer.

The Salon employs women who are not nice at all. They also do not answer their phone or return calls left on voicemails. After 3 attempts, I finally went to the Salon in person, and was treated very rudely. I had hoped that having a Salon inside my mother's building would be a good experience, but find I have to take my mother out to a local business to get her hair done because of the lack of concern of these ladies.

The StoryPoint sales person was very attentive when I was "just looking", but she became distant and unapproachable when I had questions about other areas and pricing within the building.

Sadly I can't in good faith recommend StoryPoint to anyone looking for their loved one.

Erin Kessler

Local Representative

Thank you for your feedback. We agree that this is a time in a senior’s life where they should be able to relax, which is why we strive to equip our buildings with the most dedicated and caring individuals. Due to our high standards, there is always the possibility of turnover. Our Community Specialists have a passion for the wellbeing of both future and current residents and their families. They are experts in understanding needs and ensuring that our residents are positioned to thrive. Once the resident has moved into the community, we have another team of experts that step in to enhance the experiment. We would like to help you with any and all questions you have regarding wellness and pricing. Please contact the Executive Director to get all of your questions addressed. We look forward to speaking with you.

Review of StoryPoint

I like everything about StoryPoint. The people are fantastic. The community is neat and clean. Staff is very friendly.

StoryPoint is always welcoming and the staff is friendly. The caregivers are some of the best I've ever met along with the kitchen staff, maintenance staff and housekeeping staff. This is a great community that anyone would be lucky to join!

Review of Story Point

We have an amazing young woman named [Name removed] who cleans our apartment every 2 weeks. She does such a thorough job and needs to be commended for her good work.

Review for Story Point

On a scale of 1 to 10- Considering facilities, staff, food and activities for seniors, I rate this place as a 9!

Review of Story Point

My mother just moved into Story Point and is truly enjoying it. She has made friends, enjoys the friendly staff, the food and many more wonderful things that this community provides!

Review of Story Point

We were so fortunate to discover Story Point in Portage Michigan through "A Place for Mom". It is about a year old, and usually organizations take quite awhile to "get the kinks out", before they run smoothly. This is not the case with Story Point. It is a wonderful, beautiful property. From the onset, we met with [name removed] - the Sales Manager she was so knowledeable and personable. Prior Sales Managers have been so pushy; but [name removed] provided the facts and let us discover all that Story Point has to offer. Then we met with [name removed], G.M. to sign the lease documents. What an asset to your company! She made a very tedious Experience enjoyable and was crystal clear on everything we needed to know. We met with her recently for further clarification for my parents - and she made time for us immediately and answered our questions. We are POSITIVELY THRILLED with Story Point in Portage MI as my parents new home. Other staff members have also Gone above and beyond to be helpful: [names removed] I apologize for others I may have left off. Thanks for the opportunity to share my opinion, and feel free to use my name as a reference.

Communication is Nonexistant

We have struggled to get the care my Dad needed here. It really wasn’t a difficult case, but lack of leadership, compassion and professionalism have caused stress and tension. We have attempted to address our problems with staff, but get the run around. No one calls back and no one emails back. My sibling finally resorted to threatening legal action in an attempt to get what we were paying exorbitant rent for. It’s beyond unacceptable.

Erin Kessler

Local Representative

We appreciate your feedback and are disappointed that you don’t feel your dad received the care we aspire to provide. Upon consulting the StoryPoint Portage team, we can’t seem to definitively find any record of the circumstances outlined in your review. We pride ourselves on communication internally as well as with our residents and their families. We care about resolving issues as soon as they are brought to our attention. We would like the chance to discuss this with you further, in order to offer you and your family solutions. Please reach out the Executive Director of your community to be put in touch with our Vice President of Wellness. Thank you.

Review of Story Point

Was a great tour - people very friendly - lots of smiles. Will get parents here to see.

Wonderful Experiences

StoryPoint is a wonderful community with a caring staff. Being only a year old there are always kinks to be worked out. Activities provides trips, social hours, and entertainment. The food is wonderful, even with a full dining room every night. Every situation I have brought to management has been addressed and the place always is clean and tidy. Our family really enjoys spending time with our loved one at StoryPoint and most importantly they are happy. It’s a huge relief to know care staff are there 24/7 even in independent areas.

Just an opinion

StoryPoint...almost dreamlike in name and appearance. However, dreams can quickly turn to nightmares and there is usually a moral to a story.
To brag about meeting and exceeding the needs of those who deserve it most, the residents, is disheartening, for they fall far short.
I could write pages more, but will simply end by saying, stories have many versions, make sure you read all of the fine print and footnotes before deciding fiction or fairytale. Final thought...
StoryPoint, where everyone has a Story, but most don’t get the Point.

Erin Kessler

Local Representative


Thank you for leaving a review. Our StoryPoint Portage community is just over a year old and continues to develop, thrive and implement the best practices for our residents and their families. We prioritize providing our residents with safety, feelings of belonging, as well as inspiration and empowerment. We agree with you that it is essential for families to do all their research before deciding on a home for themselves or a loved one. To discuss your review in more detail, please go to our StoryPoint Portage website and call the listed number. Thank you.

Storypoint is by far one of the most beautiful Senior Living Facilities. However, the company over promises and under delivers.
Coming from a family of medical professionals there are great concerns when you have a loved one as a resident. Whether you are in independent living, enhanced living or other areas of the facility your loved ones will face issues that are not acceptable. Storypoint needs to increase training in all areas of all disciplines all the way up to the Executive Director. Safety and Quality should NOT be compromised!
Please take notice and start listening to your residents and act on their concerns timely.

Erin Kessler

Local Representative


We take the issues outlined in your review very seriously and would generally reach out immediately to address them. Unfortunately, you didn't specify your name in this review, so we encourage you to reach out to us when you have the time. We work diligently to ensure that all of our employees are trained in accordance with state regulations to assist our residents at each level of need best. We can assure you that our main priority is the safety of our residents every day. Please reach out to the Executive Director to be put in contact with our Director of Experience at your earliest convenience to work toward a solution together. Thank you.

Fantastic retirement community! Check it out for you or a loved one.

The community feels welcoming from the moment you walk in. The residents and staff are extremely friendly and are always excited to see new faces. The community is a great place to grow in your later years. With opportunities to try new things and expand interests all while feeling safe, cared for and supported.

StoryPoint is one of the best senior homes I have ever been in. The residents make everyday great and the staff is like a second family.

Review of StoryPoint Portage - Portage, MI

This is a wonderful place to live. I have lived here almost a year now and I can’t say enough about it.

Family Concerns

Lots of growing pains that should be worked out by now. Many issues that are overlapping and need to be sorted out. Bottom line is the rent is not cheap, and these things need to be addressed ASAP. Mainly caregiver burnout and apathy causing WAY too much time to go by before answering emergency calls. Families need to feel their concerns are being heard and they don't currently feel that way.

Erin Kessler

Local Representative


Thank you for leaving a review of our community. We have a standard that emergency calls must be answered within several minutes and are prioritized in terms of safety. We would like to discuss your experience outlined in your review with you directly so that we can correct any issues. Please reach out to the Executive Director and ask to be put in touch with the Vice President of Wellness. Thank you.

Great place and great people! Best decision EVER!! The staff is AMAZING! Love everything about this location!

High Employee Turnover Poorly Managed

Needs lots of work to straighten out problems. No follow through, management ignores concerns. Could be a great place, but it remains an absolute unorganized mess. Employee pay seems to be very low ( below industry standards) causing high turnover.

Erin Kessler

Local Representative

Hello Sarah,

Thank you for leaving a review. As a community, StoryPoint Portage is always working on improving both the resident and employee experience, so your feedback is very helpful to us. Our leaders are there to support our residents, their families and their teams to create a fabulous environment for everyone. If you feel that you are not getting the support you need, please reach out to the Executive Director to be put in touch with the Director of Experience to adjust the situation. Regarding employee compensation, we provide wages and benefits that are well above the industry standard and love opportunities to promote from within our company. Thank you.

Portage StoryPoint Needs Work...Lots of Work

While some StoryPoint locations are 4-Star, the Portage location is struggling. As residents, our complaints are ignored, overlooked and/or brushed aside. The turnover of employees here is astounding . Don’t corporations realize that if you simply paid your employees a little more per hour, you’d have happy people who stay? Story Point has a whole gimmick called 1440 that maintains that every minute here is a great minute. Not so. Things we were promised before signing the lease never happened. The food is hit or miss. Supper takes an hour and a half because they hire high schoolers who aren’t properly trained to serve. The store there that should stock essentials is almost always empty. Activities are an unorganized mess. Movies rarely work and events are cancelled or no-shows quite often. Care givers are tired, burnt out and just angry. Parking is difficult with a lack of car ports. Maintenance work orders take far too long to complete. Doors do not open properly with the key fobs we are given, and some side entrance doors STILL do not work. The management team takes a “ not my problem” attitude. It’s a shame because it’s a nice building. ( albeit cheaply made).

Very pricey

My mom and I toured here when we were looking for a place for my dad. It was a good facility but the price was a bit too much. The staff seemed pretty okay. The facility was clean and all of the things that we were looking for were there. They showed us the activity room but no one was there while we were touring so I don’t know what they provide, however they did give me a list to look over so there are things to do there. We wound up going with a different community because of the price.

Review of StoryPoint Portage - Portage, MI

The food is delicious – and the choices are good.

This home is perfect!

StoryPoint is perfect! My mom is very happy there. She’s in the enhanced living area and the facility is taking great care of her. The staff is easy to communicate with, provide great care, have been quick to help with concerns of ours, and they’ve really been wonderful with her. The food is awesome here! There’s a small dining room with so many choices on the menu at mealtimes, and the tables always have flowers. We were worried she wouldn’t be able to find her way around, so someone helped her for a few days, and now she knows where everything is! The facility is very clean. Someone comes in daily to empty the waste baskets, they sweep up, and if there are dishes in the sink, they’ll actually do them. Every two weeks they do a thorough cleaning. There are tons of activities like all different types of exercise classes, music, dominoes, bingo, bible studies, and they even have a movie theater and a little art area for classes. They offer tons of options for the visiting families too –a bistro, a coffee shop; there is also a library and small store. They’ll have special lunch events too, some just for ladies, and some just for men. We checked out other places that were similar in price and StoryPoint just had so much more to offer! You can’t beat the price for the things you get. I absolutely recommend it here!

Very nice community. Friendly staff. Great food. Clean and opulent. Gorgeous grounds – and outside patio areas are relaxing.

Brand – new lovely state of - the art building.
Vibrant staff.
Enjoyable activities.

Very pleased!

The staff is friendly, helpful and well trained. My husband needs a great deal of assistance and the aides here are willing and capable of giving it to him – and always with a smile.

I was pleasantly surprised to be so content and pleased here. I need quite a lot of help and the ladies here give it to me – with little waiting and always cheerfully.
And the food is good!

Brand New Community

This community is brand new and is still overcoming some challenges but has major potential to be a well-run community that cares. I really like the staffing they are very nice and helpful when things are brought to their attention. However, I have noticed there is no night management staff no one in charge which is a concern. The after hours phone is not staffed I haven't been able to get anyone on the phone when I've tested it. The staff including the maintenance staff does not know how to work the tv's so the residents can't watch tv. The community has great security measures in place but they need to be redefined a little at night. They offer some activities which mom enjoys.

Brand new

This community opened up in May and it is a beautiful community. They do offer some daily activities for the memory care residents. The staff are friendly. My only concern is that I am not sure the caregivers are fully trained on how to handle residents with more advanced Dementia. They did not offer a family meeting to let us know what was happening with our loved one. I would ask a lot of questions when looking at this community.

Erin Kessler

Local Representative


Thank you for your review. We do have a substantial training protocol for our care staff that is currently in place; however, we are additionally integrating further resources specifically to enhance our dementia practices from the well-known and highly-respected Teepa Snow. She is an expert in providing care for people with dementia of all types and levels, and we are excited to have this further resource for our caregivers. It is so important to us that we are providing the best care possible to our residents, and we know this additional resource will make our team the best. Additionally, we are very sorry for your impression that we do not offer family meetings for any questions on resident care. We have a Wellness Director and Assistant Wellness Director on staff that meet with families during business hours and by special appointment. In order to discuss the details of this review further, please ask the Executive Director to put you in contact with our Director of Wellness. Thank you.


StoryPoint Portage was a very nice tour. It is a very beautiful community. The staff was friendly and knowledgeable and answered all of our questions that we had asked. It seemed a little too institutional to suit our needs. We were also looking for a smaller community, this one was too large for us and the cost did not fit into our budget.

From the Community

From cozy winters indoors to spring walks by the West and Austin Lakes, StoryPoint Portage offers the privacy and comforts of home with the added benefits of additional care. Our full range of care services include Independent Living, Enhanced Living, Assisted Living and Memory Care. No matter what time of year, there’s always something to do at StoryPoint Portage.