Brookdale Portage - Portage, MI

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  • Female Residents Only
  • Male Residents Accepted
  • Minimum Age of Accepted Residents
  • Activities Onsite
  • Devotional Services Available
  • Indoor Common Areas
  • Meals Provided
  • Podiatrist Available
  • Physical Therapy Available
  • Occupational Therapy Available
  • Speech Therapy Available
  • Pets Allowed
  • Doctor on Call
  • Respite Available
  • No Smoking Allowed in Public Areas Indoors
  • No Smoking Allowed in Private Areas Indoors
  • Complimentary Transportation
  • Nurses on Staff

Customer Reviews

We chose a different community and here's why

My mom and I scheduled an appointment to come visit and they called us the morning of to tell us that they did not have any rooms available. We wanted to see what they looked like anyway and asked if we could still come by, to which they said okay. When we went, the lady that I had talked to was not there and the person that gave us a tour was not knowledgeable at all about the type of care that my dad needed (he has dementia). The staff really had no clue as to what redirection meant. They didn’t seem to interact well with the residents that also had dementia. The cleanliness of the facility seemed to be okay. The resident help alarms went off a little longer than we were comfortable with – I think at one point in time there was an alarm that went off for 5 or 10 minutes. My mom fell while on premises and the only thing they did was ask her if she was okay. Had the girl showed up and done the tour with us, that might’ve changed our minds.

A tour for mom

We toured this commmunity and we wanted a community that would be able to assist more with her care. The community is clean and we felt that this community was too small for what we needed. They do offer a good menu and activiites that are helpful to the residents.

Our tour

This is a nice community and the staff I met were nice. They have an enclosed walking path and they seem to offer some nice activities. This community would not accept our loved one as they were not able to care for someone with their stage of Dementia.

Improvements needed.

The tour at this community was not what we wanted. The staff took me to a room that was not clean and we did not want my mom in a community where the staff is not cleaning the rooms. We did not see a menu and they did not inform us on the activities if offered to the residents. We would suggest that families tour this community on their own to see if it fits their needs for care for a loved one.

Great Meals!!

My mother has recently made the move into this community and so far we are pleased with how things are going for her. Although I am comfortable with the care the staff have been providing my loved one I do think they are very overworked. Every time I visit they are running around crazy and I can tell they are short staff. My mom is liking the meals they serve and I am hoping when she gets adjusted she will start participating in some of the great activities they have to offer. Overall we are happy with how things are going and would recommend it.

I do not think I would recommend this community!!

The food at this community was not very good as a lot of the time it was cold and unappetizing. The community was clean and most of the staff were nice. The management staff do not seem involved in the community.

A good decision!!

The food is good, healthy and they have a set menu. I have good communication with the staff and they are very accommodating. There are always activities going on and the staff remind mom when they are. The cost is a little high but this is a good fit for mom. I would recommend this community.

A great place!!

The food is not bad, however I think they could improve the process of letting residents know there are other options available. The staff are attentive. Grandma is still adjusting to living at the community. They have plenty of activities and the community is clean.

Not convinced

Some of the workers seem upset when you ask for their help with your family member. I haven't been completely convinced this is the best place for my mom. I felt I was misguided a little, thinking an assisted living facility was the best place for my mom. There isn't enough workers for the amount of residents. The cost is higher than most places, but I thought it was because there were more workers to help them with daily things.

We Are Pleased

Everything is working out pretty good so far. We are pleased with all Brookdale has done for us. The only issue we are having is some billing problems. Other than that, it is a nice and clean community. The staff is kind and friendly. My mother in law is pleased with the food. They are taking good care of her and her needs.

Nice facility but not best choice for lots of care

Brookdale is a great facility but they are more equipped to handle seniors who don't require a lot of care. It is called Assisted Living (not a nursing home) for a reason. They will tell you they can take care of all your needs but if your senior requires a lot of care you or the senior will probably not be happy. [removed] facility itself is beautiful and they offer lots of things to do. The activity directors are great. Crystal at the front desk is always friendly. Most of the aides are nice. Cons: Their response time to the call light is not great. They never seem to have enough staff (which is typical at all these facilities). Again, you may not be happy if you require a lot of help. The food is okay, but not restaurant quality by any means.Notes: 1. The price is based on services provided- like an ala carte menu. I felt this was fair because my mother-i n-law required a lot of care and we should pay more than someone just not wanting to be alone. However, we paid a lot more money and the service did not reflect what we were paying. 2. Communication is not great between management, staff, and family members. I had to be proactive and ask questions. 3. The sales staff will offer and guarantee a lot of services, but then it's the actual aides and working staff who cannot fulfill these service needs.Overall, it is a nice facility and I would recommend it for someone who just needs some help. I would not recommend it for someone who needs a lot of care such as toileting, showering, transferring. They simply do not have the staff to handle this, even though they assure you they can handle it.

I am really happy with them.

The staff has been friendly. They have had a little bit of difficulty with their chefs. They offer a lot of activities. I am really happy with them. The activities director makes a good effort to get people engaged. We liked the location, it's clean, and the residents all look happy. I also liked that there seemed to be people that needed pretty much no help to people that needed a lot of help, it seemed liked they worked with a wide spectrum of people.

Nice looking place, but expensive

We toured this community while looking into care options for a loved one. Wynwood looked like a very nice place overall. The staff all seemed friendly and professional, and the community was clean and well maintained. The only issue was the price, my loved one would only have been able to afford a few years of care here.

My mothers first week was very rocky! No staff member came to tell her anything about the timing of the laundry service, the linen schdule, the apartment cleaning or how to get help. In fact, yesterday (Tuesday) she needed help and finally got the courage to pull the help cord and nobody came. If she had fallen or had some other emergency, she would still be waiting. The gal at the front desk, Crystal, has been the only one that has given her any help or answered any questions. Better not lose her!

5 stars all around!

We thought it was a very, very nice and clean facility that was well lit. We felt we were getting what we paid for when my mother was staying there. 5 stars all around!

Very Nice

Very nice, excellent, was not as thrilled with floor plan, price was more out of line than the other places, clean, residents seemed to be happy, lovely rooms. Craft room, showcased some of the resident's work. Did not look like residents were participating.

Not a good place.

This place looks great but does not provide adequate care. Very high turn over with aides who have little to no training. Terrible communication between management, staff and family members. With in a few months they will up your personal service rate. They charge for every little thing, but do not provide the services they are billing you for. You need to be proactive and make sure they are doing their job. If your loved one gets hurts, they will take no responsibility for it, and put the blame on everyone else. I would not recommend this place. We have had nothing but problems.

Attention to my mom's over-all medical and social needs

I am very impressed with the care and coordination of services that my mother is receiving. The staff is friendly and always answers any of my questions. I am impressed with the medical staff and their attention to my mom's medical and health needs. I would as a health care provider highly recommend Clare Bridge of Portage to any of my friends and colleagues.

Friendly engaging staff whose care an...

Friendly engaging staff whose care and encouragement have helped mom be more engaged and active. Very pleasant surroundings are very positive.

Dementia care facility

Everyone we have dealt with has been friendly, knowledgable, and caring. They got mom assessed and placed immediately so she could get out of the hospital. Mom has adjusted well. The facility is impeccably
clean. Our only wish is that our Mom could stay through the end of her life here, but they are private pay only, so when her money runs out, which will be soon, she will have to go to another facility that accepts medicaid.

We've had a totally positive experien...

We've had a totally positive experience with Clare Bridge. The staff is kind, respectful and responsive. The first two weeks can be stressful for both family and the new resident, but they kept us informed and aware of how we could best facilitate Mom's transition. She's now involved in the numerous activities and is being lovingly and safely cared for.

Excellent facility. Very p...

Excellent facility. Very pretty and well furnished. Excellent support staff. Very nice neighborhood and safe.

Overall a very nice place

So far they seem to be doing a great job here! It's a nice looking facility, they always keep it looking well kept and clean. The staff have all been very friendly and caring. However, I've had a few issues when it comes to the billing. We keep agreeing that she does not need certain services, and on the next bill I will see that they've started providing that service again and charging me for it. Every time I call I'll get a different person with different paperwork on what they are providing. It's been very confusing and something I've needed to constantly stay on top of. Mom has also mentioned that she thinks that the food is too fancy, she'd like more simple home-style cooking, like casseroles, etc.

The Wynwood of Portage

Our family visited the Wynwood and for us it was the perfect place to what we were looking for. The community was very nice, the staff was very professional, it was affordable to what we were looking for and it was close to my home.

Pretty good all in all.

There were some communication issues in the beginning, Dr. orders that didn't get followed through with. The food is right around average sometimes it's good and sometimes it's not so good. It would be nice if they had a little more space or some more activities, or try to get them to join in a little more. The pricing was pretty good and the building and interior was a little more homey than others. There are a few people there that really know how to deal with her, which is great because she can be tough.

The facility looked nice. ...

The facility looked nice. There was a smell throughout the facility that we couldn't identify.

A little too old of cliente...

A little too old of clientele for mom

Wynwood of Portage

Wynwood is a wonderful place. The staff are friendly, the place is very homey, and they provide excellent care.

Wonderful place

I've got some past history, my mom was in a couple of other places so i have some places to compare them to and they are excellent. The staff has been very open with me and honest and honestly seem to care about my mom. They weaned her off of all of the drugs she had been on at ironwood and she's so much happier now. When I first got there they gave me this questionaire about her family, what her husband used to do, hobbies, interests etc. just so they can engage her and when I brought it back they apologized for how long it was and I was like, are you kdding? I was so appreciative that they took an interest in her. I talked to Chris and she was really nice, she communicated with me when they had an opening and when I go up there to visit my mom's out with the other people, it's a small place so it's not like they're overwhelmed with residents but they've got her engaged. Mom is happy at Clare Bridge. She likes the place, the food the staff and has made friends with other residents. We could not ask for a better place for her.

Extra for Services

We were given a 40% discount to move into this community but once we moved in they started adding on extra services that were never asked for. They charged my mother for bathing assistance and when I ask my mom if anyone goes in a helps her shower she says they never have. They were always charging my mother for a carbohydrate control diet but my mother is getting the same food as the other residents. For breakfast she gets toast, pancakes and muffins, which is not good because she is a diabetic. Everything else at this community is good and everything is going well. The only except is that it seems like they try and charge extra by adding services that were not requested. If you are not actively inquiring about what services they are doing and what you are being charged for you would not know what services and charges until you got your bill. The add charges for services without consulting with me to see if it is needed.

daughter of resident

our Mother just recently moved to wynnwood... its is so nice, clean - Mom and staff are in the adjustment period ... getting used to each other....

the first nite there i stayed with mom and one of the staff offered to bring me a mattress to sleep on.. so kind...

so far things are lovely.... hopefully mom will adjust quickly....
This is the hardest thing a family has to do for a parent.... and even harder to admit we can't care for her safely anymore... so it is time to let the professionals care for her so we can return to being her daughters and have lovely visits with her each nite

Looks very nice

Looks very nice

We visited Clare Bridge and were very...

We visited Clare Bridge and were very impressed with this facility.

From the Community

Brookdale Portage is an assisted living residence that is purposefully designed to meet the needs of the frail elderly in a comfortable, home-like environment. Brookdale features a “neighborhood” concept, with six small neighborhoods of resident rooms clustered around dining and living rooms. Daily life enrichment programs enhance self-esteem and maximize dignity and quality of life. In this warm, intimate environment, our 24-hour staff meets each resident’s needs. Services offered at Brookdale include assistance with personal care, three meals and snacks each day, laundry, housekeeping, medication assistance and life enrichment programs.

Special Features
- Intimate setting provides access for individuals with limited mobility
- Emergency response system in each resident’s room
- Resident assistance center enables caregivers to provide necessary services with privacy and dignity
- Holistic approach; specific staff are responsible for assisting with all aspects of an individual’s needs
- Outdoor amenities include patios, raised gardening beds, and walking paths
- Furnishings, window and wall treatments are carefully selected