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Better home health care is the best!!!!!!

Better home health care is a truly caring And amazing company. We used them for 7 years to help care for my mom who has Alzheimer's - the ladies they sent to care for my mom were all loving kind and wonderful! They because like family members. They really loved my mom and it showed in the care they gave . The apartment was always very clean and neat- I was always comforted to know that they were with my mom , caring for her and being her friend. I still keep in touch with the Aides. They still call to see how my mom is doing. The office is very organized and efficient. They always managed to have s back up aide if someone couldn't come. even on holidays. I highly recommend them. Trust me. They are the best!!! [name removed]

Find another agency.

Aides had no knowledge in taking care of an elderly woman. They basically did nothing. When I visited I saw feces in the commode, garbage that wasnt thrown out in days, molded bananas on the counter etc.
More important, my mom's safety was in question.

review of better home health care

I’m a care manager and have had wonderful experience with Better Home Health Care- [name removed] in particular. She’s warm and sensitive and her passion for her clients is evident. I highly recommend contacting her for help in finding the appropriate caregiver for your loved on


[Name removed] who runs this place is a nightmare. Hired people with no experience. Requires nothing of them except they go to the location. No one is trained. There is no nursing manager to contact like other places send. My father was left unfed and laying in his feces for days. Aid also had company while working. My father deserved more.

Not good

Not very happy with them. The aids they sent for mom where not attentive to her. They do not require there aids to do things that other home health care agencies insist on. They basically are not advised or trained. I was sent someone who did not understand or speak english other than a few words. She had no idea how to use an oven or cook. I would guess she was no more than 20 years old. She was here on a visa from one of the [Removed] countries. No one came to show this woman what to do or communicate with her. She stayed in a room in my house while my mom was alone in another room all day. I called them and they were very nasty and rude. They told me to go somewhere else that they were short on aids and she was all they had. I told them I needed someone to cook , serve and help my mom walk to the bathroom. I was paying hundreds of dollars a day for this. It took a few weeks to find another agency who sent someone to care for my mom. I would not recommend these people they are not nice. When you deal with the elderly or sickly you need to be nice and kind. Very bad experience.

Money maker for them only

The first aid they sent stayed on the phone all day in her room talking to her daughter in another country running her store . My mother was calling me asking why she was alone in the house and not being fed. I had to go to make meals for her. Called the office and no one seemed to care They said they short on aid and i was lucky to even have her. Finally they sent another one. [Removed] was also only in her room leaving mom alone. Mom told me there was lots of noise coming from the aids room and she thought other people where there and it scared her. I walked in once for a surprise visit and heard the aid on her laptop. She was a phone cam sex operator while she was working at moms. I was horrified. I asked for another woman so they sent [Removed]. She stole all moms Jewelry. Her purse even her night gown. When I thought things were missing I installed a camara. I filmed her taking things from the house and putting them in a bag on the front porch and someone coming to get them in a car while she was working. Again the agency was annoyed at me when I called them. They had no interest in the tapes. I contacted the police who contacted the aid . The aid said my mother gave her all her jewelry and pocketbooks as gifts. My mother knew her all of 2 weeks . My mother is the one who was upset she was stealing. Being that my mom was in the 90s the police thought maybe she forgot and gave them to this woman. This was not true and 1000 of dollars of stuff was gone . I fired this agency since they did not care about the client. My mother also lost close to 20 lbs from her 120 lb thin body from not being fed. Other agencies are so much better than this one. The nurse here didnt care either. This place was a horror show. Please be aware. Get camaras and lock up your valuables.

Not good

This is the third company I have used in the last 5 years for home care for my dad. They are not run like other places. I needed home care for my dad around the clock. The aids they provided were for the most part lazy and disinterested in my dad. When the family would stop by the aid would either be asleep in another room or on the phone. we put up with 3 different aids. They all appeared not to be supervised. When I went to another company for HHCA they came to the house and spoke with the aids and with us to make sure everything was ok. I called Better home health care many times and was given a run around. They do not have people who handle problems. My dad fell once and was bleeding badly and the aid never called the company. I would not recommend them unless you plan on visiting your loved one daily to check up on the aid . Use another company.

Friendly, responsive staff

My loved one ended up not needing care services, so I can't comment on that aspect of their service, but I did want to say that all of my interactions with their administrative staff were very positive. They responded quickly any time I reached out to them, and answered all of my questions.

Not Professional

My biggest problem is that they weren't equipped to handle my mother. A nurse came in to assess her, but she didn't do a good job. When they sent the aide in, she was unprepared. We had three or four aides, and none of them stayed more than one shift. They knew that she was end stage Parkinson's, but they said that she wasn't helping them enough with the commode. I think that if they were professional enough, they could have worked around that and given her a little more of a chance. They were receptive to my calls and feedback, and I appreciated that.

We were very satisfied with the promp...

We were very satisfied with the promptness of Better Home Health Care in advising and contacting us of any changes in service or concerns.

From the Provider

Better Home Health Care is a nurse owned Licensed Home Care Agency that is accredited by the Joint Commission and licensed by the New York State Department of Health. We have been providing quality care in Long Island, Queens, Brooklyn and Manhattan for over 20 years.

Better Home Health Care is committed to providing the highest quality care and dependable, professional workers.  Our personnel has the appropriate certificates, licenses and experience to provide personalized care. All credentials are verified and all references are checked.  Better Home Health Care offers a monthly training program to our new applicants that is approved by the New York State Department of Health and taught by our Registered Nurse Educator.

Patient satisfaction is our first priority.  We will strive to assist the patient to achieve their optimal level of independence. Our Registered Nurses will meet with the patient and family to customize the care plan around their needs.  We specialize in providing skilled, personalized support for patients of all ages and needs. Whether your needs are long term or short, gives us a call at Better Home Health Care because there's no place like home.