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Customer Reviews

Cannot deliver what they promise

Hello Spring Creek Village Management? Do you just send out canned responses by corporate or do you address the very serious issues raised in my post? Just curious......

I decided not to return my parents to this place after my father suffered a heart attack from all of the physical demands related to the bathing and dressing of my mom because Spring Creek Village failed repeatedly to deliver the “higher need” levels of service they promised. So he did it himself

After providing a 30 day notice of move out, apparently Tab / management decided to have their attorney send me a demand letter for @$6500 with no supporting documentation ....nice!!!!!

DO NOT expect to receive advanced levels of care as your parents transition from independently bathing, dressing to needing assistance. This is NOT an Assisted Living facility My parents repeatedly commented that they believed they were understaffed, under- equipped and inadequately trained to deliver what they claimed they could....

I recall my father falling in the bathroom and pressing his emergency call button and later telling me that he laid on the floor for TWO HOURS before anyone came to help!!! My dad told me the staff’s only comment was that they were very busy that morning....

The building is very pretty though!!!!!

[Name removed]

I am very impressed with this community. They greeted me offered me coffee or water asked me to fill out some information. Spoke with me about my needs. Gave me a tour. I like this property but its pricey.

Based on first impressions...

I toured here when trying to find the best place for my dad and I liked but it would take me about 30 minutes to get there, which is why we chose not to move him in. The difference here that I found is that they have a big assisted living program. A lot of their activities seemed to be geared more towards the assisted living residents than the memory care. The facility was gorgeous, though, and very upscale. They even had marble counters in the bathroom. Everything was open and airy, there was sunshine and big living spaces. The dining and living areas were both very open and seemed to flow all together. Overall it was lovely.

Nice Community

Spring Creek Village was a very nice community. The staff was very friendly. and helpful. The community was well-maintained and clean. We chose another community that was in our price range.

Very Upset

I'm very upset at Spring Creek Village. They called me and told me my mom had bumped her head. So I went to the community and when I got there I could see that her arm was swollen. They did not even put an icepack on it. I took her immediately to an emergency medical clinic. When we were deciding on moving her here I had told them that she was a fall risk. They said they had gotten her up and then went to get other residents up leaving her alone. She is now home with us.

I just want to say that [Removed] was amazing finding Spring Creek Village for my mom. It is incredible. They treat my mom like family and our whole family the same.
Thank you [Removed] so much

Great Community, My Father is Doing Well

My father is doing very well here at this community. Everything is working out great, and I'am comfortable with his move to this community. This is a wonderful community with kind people. The staff is great. They do a good job with the cleanliness of the community. His room, and the community are well maintained when I visit. I have already recommended this community to my friends. It is a wonderful community.

Care for mom and dad

i like this community. The staff are nice and caring and very attentive. The community is clean and is taken care of. They are offering my mom a lot of nice activities to stay active. This location is close to my home. y mom really like the room that has a nice room with a good view. We would highly recommend this community for the excellent care and value.

Needs some improvements on activities!!

The people that work at this community are very friendly and seem to provide decent quality of care to all of the residents. I just am not impressed with the activities and the communication then have. I have only seen one time in my dads entire stay there that they where doing an activity and that was a kids basketball hoop in the middle of the living room floor. I had to move my dad out of there because he needed more interaction and things to do.

A nice community.

I liked the openness of this community. They were building a new wing when I visited. The people I spoke to were nice. The community looked clean. This community was just a little farther away than we were looking for.

Great Meals !!

The meals they are providing my mother are always well proportioned with a variety of healthy choices. The staff have taken extra time to get to know my loved one and really make sure she is comfortable with her new living environment. Overall I have no complaints.

Great meals and activities!!

The staff was excellent at keeping the family informed with what was going on and staying up to date with our loved ones progress. The meals and activities where all great, and my mothers room was kept clean. There could have been improvement with the interaction between hospice and the caregivers at the community.

Great place

Beautiful facility, well kept, clean and the tenants seem to be very happy. My In-Laws just moved in and the staff was VERY accommodating with the apartment (we rented two side by side and they installed a door between to join them).

Ask for Cheryl!

My future in laws were just moved here, they are very kind to both of them and went out of their way to accommodate them so they could stay together in an apartment that was big enough.

My husband is in the memory care unit and I like this place because it is not stimulating. Some of the other locations I visited had too much going on.

Very Accommodating

My loved one's needs were really unique, but all of the staff members at Spring Creek Village Senior Living were able to accommodate each and every one of them even though they were not your typical needs.

Not again

My poor mother is a resident at this facility and every single time she gets adjusted to a new person and bonds with that person, POOF! they no longer work there. I do not know what the issue is, but that Director needs to get his stuff together and make the staff happy. I do not know whether it is a pay problem or what but this is getting to be too much. And why is it always the good people? They are keeping the bad ones. We will be looking for another place to stay.

Highly Recommended

They were awesome at Spring Creek Village Senior Living. We would recommend them to anybody. The apartment was pretty, and the food was really good. The facility smelled nice, was clean and tastefully decorated, and everybody was friendly. The staff were all very considerate of my loved one's needs, and genuinely seemed to care.

It didn't go very well for us.

This was just a short stay. It didn't go very well for us. There was a fall, and it was never reported, until several days later, and we never got a copy of anything. She has never been the same. It was a very nice facility, but the follow through left something to be desired, and for my loved one the lack of attention seems to have had permanent implications.

extremely friendly

I really like the atmosphere there at Spring Creek Village Senior Living. The people there are extremely friendly and really try to solve any issues you have. I like the way the place is designed and laid out. My mother has dementia and is in the memory care unit there and they do a great job working with her in her condition. I am very happy with them.

Best place for my mom!

Everyone on the staff are friendly and helpful. They help identify my mothers needs and our concerns then made sure they were taken care of. My mother had to move from her home to another state where EVERTHING was different. The put my mother at a dinner table with other people who had travelled a lot and my mother fit right in. The chef made special meals of things she was used to eating. The staff found out what activities my mom liked and they come and get her to attend.

Before my mother got here she was not eating or socializing. Now she is in the dining room with friends at least two meals a day, is attending events, and even going out to lunch every Friday. Her mental, emotional and physical health have greatly improved since joining the community. We looked at several places in Texas and Louisiana. I do not think we could have found a better place!

They have been fantastic!

They have been fantastic! There are absolutely no complaints at this point. She is very happy and thinks it's such a nice place, and she says so, often. They are giving her such personalized attention, she is doing so much better than before. She likes the food there. I highly recommend them. It's brand new, there are only about 13-14 people so far. We picked them over the others based on location. We also liked how new it was and we liked the director, Cheryl, we liked everything about it.

They have been pretty good

They have been pretty good, and are giving him his meds. So far so good. The staff has been right on top it. It was a pretty new community and in good condition but the location was the key factor in picking a place.

Nice place

My aunt has been here for 1 month and I have had outside caregivers coming in on a 24 hour basis to help my aunt because she had knee surgery just after moving in. Therefore, I can't give a true analysis of the staff just yet. This facility is very clean and always smells nice. Most of the staff is really friendly. There have been some issues with the staff coming up to her room in a timely manner when the pendant button is pushed, which is a concern and I have addressed this with management and they are working on this. We also had some issues with the attendant picking up dishes if my aunt eats in her room which I have also spoke with them about. We will see if that improves. They have many activities and entertainment for the people living there and my aunt loves the food.

Worth Looking At!

My loved one is currently a resident at Spring Creek Village Senior Living Community. The food is excellent and the dining experience is great. They do have a wait staff to accommodate the residents. One concern that I do have is the response time if there is an emergency situation. This is due to the staffing which can be low at times. He does wear a pendant and the staff does not sometimes respond in a timely manner. The community is very safe and secure.

I like this and the people are fine.

We looked at a lot of different places. This was one of the ones we toured and considered. I liked all of the communities I visited, the people were all fine, and this was no exception. I just don't think this is the right fit for us, my loved ones don't want to leave their home.

Review of Magnolia Heights Assisted Living &Memory Care Alzheimer's / Memory Care in Spring, TX

Good option. Had day care and respite services that I may use in the future. Clean, staff seemed attentive in memory care unit.

New and clean.

New and clean.

Doing a great job.Pleased.

Doing a great job.

Getting Better Everyday

The new team that is in place is really trying to clean up the mess that was here before. Great community and caring staff.


I really like the staff they are very friendly and always seem to want to help.

Not good

The is was not a good community for us in our experience. They were not able to supply the services that they said they could, so our loved one did not get the care that they needed, which was very unhelpful.

I am impressed

I am really impressed with the new management at Magnolia Heights. They have been very helpful and responsive in addressing any issues that arise. Just the other day I heard a new family moving their parents in say that they really liked the food, so it is not just my opinion that the food is really great in comparison to other care homes. It is a beautiful building and rates very high in my opinion to those that are located in the Spring area.

Janean Price

Local Representative

Thank you all for your reviews. Our new team is working very hard to give our residents a caring and loving environment. Please let us know how we can help.

Impressed with the new management

I have been impressed with the new management team at Magnolia Heigths - they have been so helpful and willing to meet the needs of our family. It is evident that they are working hard to be pro-active with any issues that arise. I appreciate the variety of food choices and I recently heard a family that was moving in their parents say how much they liked the food, so it is not just my opinion that the food is excellent when considering the various tastes and opinions of each person living there. It is a beautiful building and in my opinion rates high amongst those like it in the Spring area.

Staff Needed

Extremely understaffed. The facility is not a year old and apparently does not have enough residents to make a profit. Great care from people when you can get it, but staff are serving in multiple arenas. Ours is a patient with several higher levels of care needed. When he pushes his call button and does not get a prompt reply -- he could fall before someone comes to help. I believe that once they are at a profit level it will be a five star community.

Looks Good, But It's NOT

My mother lived at Magnolia Heights for a little over a month. From the onset, I knew it was the wrong choice.

Her first night there, the pendant system went down (the button they wear around their neck to get help). I was told it would "hopefully be repaired the next day, and that I could take her home for the night if it made me feel better". There was no sense of urgency to get it repaired; it went down frequently during her stay. There were multiple medication errors; one medication was not given for 5 days (they let it run out after I offered to get it refilled myself), and another medication was doubled up on. There may be others I am unaware of as I was told by their head nurse (only RN) that, "just because a med is initialed as given doesn't mean it was given". They refused to give her a shower daily, and on the days that she was scheduled to have one, she would often have to wait two hours after being told "I'm coming to give you a shower". The cleaning scheduled was equally unpredictable; I never really knew if her apartment got cleaned and often would find trash on the floor when I visited. Also, the newspaper delivery system mystified me. She could never get her Chronicle subscription delivered promptly and frequently had to go looking for it. The ED blamed it on the Chronicle and said they should hand deliver it to each subscriber's room. Frightening idea for a "secure" building. In addition, getting fresh produce seemed to be a problem in the facility; it would appear that most of the food is canned or frozen, not fresh. Also, as a side note, they consider giving injections (like B12) "skilled nursing" and will not do them.

In general, I found the management team to be lazy, apathetic, disorganized, uncommunicative and irresponsible. They made many, many promises that they simply did not keep. When approached about these, I was told that "my expectations were too high".

On a positive note, it is a beautiful building (not so great location) and the care staff seems very sweet. Almost all of them are relatively new. I did feel like the caregivers were compassionate and sweet to my mom, and the activities director did a great job engaging my mom and making her feel at home.

I moved my mom to another facility and it is in complete contrast. If Magnolia wants to succeed, they really need a new management team that is competent, caring and willing to work at improving things.

Proceed with Caution

What a nightmare. One false move by your loved one and they are hauled out by the state. Two residents in three days were removed. This nursing staff does not know how to do their job. They are suppose to be professionals that can handle the residents here. Not so, they are sent to a lock-up in Tomball.

I would give them a negative ten!

I would give them a negative ten! They don't keep their promises. They said that they had a doctor on staff that would be able to keep prescriptions refilled. They let two of the prescriptions run out. They told us our loved one was too tall to come back! They told us this the same day they were being released from the hospital. I have been there when you couldn't find a nurse attendant or management onsite to help. I have walked by the nurses station and seen prescription bottles just sitting out, where residents or anyone can get to them. They would never clean the room, take out the trash, or vacuum. They didn't do stuff to get them involved in things. They only have one group of staff, they have an RN but she takes care of several facilities, and everyone else that works there does the laundry, the roomcleaning, and the cooking, everything.

2 bdrm offered in assisted ...

2 bdrm offered in assisted care

Staying put, overall a good place

Just found out the community has made a change in leadership -- long overdue. As a family member I hope things will improve quickly now that the Director is gone. The place is stunning and the staff try but always felt that they were being held back.

Keeping my mom here for now, allowing them to do what I think they are capable of doing.

Not Happy

Our loved one is not happy here, and neither is the family! It seems like they really don't have their stuff together here. They are not very organized at all.

The food is horrible!! There was a man that threw his plate on the ground, it was so bad! Nothing is fresh - it either comes frozen or pre-made. There are no cakes or pies for dessert. There's no flavor and no freshness, and it's just terrible! The ladies that serve the food are not servers. Also, there are no activities here! You could hear a pin drop in the dining hall. There's no buzz, or social interaction.

The nurse's station is down a long hallway. Sometimes, they come, sometimes they don't. They empty trash throughout the week, but not on weekends. They charge for every little bitty thing.

The staff are all very friendly, but they're really not very helpful. They are sweet, but you really don't get much help from them. It really seems like they weren't ready to open when they did.



Janean Price

Local Representative

I am sorry if you went through an unpleasant experience. We strive to have excellent customer service. Please contact Brandi at [removed].

a place that needs some improvement badly

this is a beautiful place, but is not run very good at all . Had to ring for help over an hour before anyone came to help.. I would not recommend it to anyone . They hardly have any help at night and on weekends. The food is not very good either. The head person of this place was very rude to a friend of mine.

Janean Price

Local Representative

I am sorry if you went through an unpleasant experience. We strive to have excellent customer service. At your convenience please contact Brandi at the community.

Great care

We're very pleased with the care here, I'd give them 5s across the board. It's a very nice looking facility, and they keep it very clean. The staff are all very friendly, and provide great care and activities for the residents. They're very caring and compassionate, and I really like the way they treat my loved one.

Great looking place, one of our top choices

We toured this location when we were looking for options for our loved one. I was really impressed with this one, it wasn't what we chose in the end but it was near the top of the list. This was a brand new facility, and everything looked great.

Nice but not a good locatio...

Nice but not a good location for us.

magnolia heights

So far, so good. Clean, friendly, caring.

Brand New and Gorgeous

They've been great. My dad got in on the ground floor there and the staff has been extremely nice. My understanding is the activates are good. He doesn't do a lot but they do keep trying to get him to go. I think his favorite one is happy hour on Wednesdays. The residents love it! It's a gorgeous place, very pretty place because it's brand new. I had noticed that one lady had a room with a patio. Dad has a studio room and it's big compared to what he had before. There is a kitchen, sink, refrigerator, microwave. It's so nice and clean because it's brand new. It just opened in June.

A new home for Mom

We moved in shortly after the facility received their license. They were most helpful and went out of their way to make our whole family feel welcome.

Brand new and I would highly recommend them

It's very good, it just opened so there's basically only about 8 people there so she's getting really good individual attention. It's newer and a lot closer to my house, plus there are a lot of aids that are working here from where she was before so she's comfortable with them and it's closer to her doctors and the hospital. It's easier on everybody being close like that, it's a little cheaper, probably a big thing too. The room she's in is twice the size for a little bit less than she was paying before. They have a much more straightforward billing system and during meals they check on her to see if she can't eat somethign that day and they'll make something else. If she would have to go to memory care there it's probably 10 times bigger than where she was before and it's really geared to the levels of memory care.

From the Community

Spring Creek Village Senior Living offers Assisted Living & Memory Care. It is located in beautiful Spring Texas on Holzwarth Road. We pride ourselves on being nominated Finalist with SeniorHomes.com best senior living for 2013. Choosing an assisted living facility for your loved one may be a difficult decision for you and your family. We offer superior service in assisted living! Our services include care for individuals with Alzheimer's and dementia, and assisted living for senior citizens due to illness or injury. Spring Creek Village Assisted Living & Memory Care offers comprehensive support and programs to help those that are affected with memory loss regain their ability in their functions. We offer short term and long term programs for senior care. We offer a variety of options to cater to each individual's needs. In our memory care neighborhood you will find comfortable community space, outdoor walkways and gardens, and a supportive staff. We offer special programs and daily activities so each resident can enjoy time with their loved ones. Our amenities include daily cooked meals, transportation, scheduled events, housekeeping, laundry center, chapel, and even a theatre. Our nurses are on staff 24/7 to ensure the best safety and care for our residents. Each room is especially furnished with spacious closets, kitchenette, and all utilities except telephone. Spring Creek Village Senior Living Assisted Living & Memory Care welcomes you to our family.

Spring Creek Village is located in the beautiful area of Spring, Texas, in the Spring-Cypress-Woodless area, and residents here have so many reasons to call Spring home. Known for its affordable lifestyle and excellent weather, Spring is a diverse location teeming with activities, culture and beauty.

With movie theaters, TGR Exotics Wildlife Club, golf courses, dance halls and unique restaurants, Spring has an ample selection of activities for seniors and families alike, all immersed in the warm hospitality that has helped make Texas famous.

City Info

Spring, Texas is a semi-small town of around 55,000 people.

- Average Age: The median age for Spring is 32.

- Weather: Like the majority of Texas, Spring has hot, humid summers and mild to chilly winters. May through September are the hottest months for Spring, with temperatures near 90 degrees Fahrenheit. November through February are the coldest months, with temperatures in the mid-40s range.

- Senior Housing Facilities: There are around 15 senior housing facilities, with Spring Creek Village being the closest to the center of town. With a walk score of 42, Spring Creek Village is a short distance to numerous restaurants, grocery stores and shopping centers.


Spring has excellent public transportation, with at least 10 highly rated transport services, including bus services, trains and taxis.

- Buses: Sawdust Park & Ride and Woodlands Express provide comfortable, convenient bus service and transport service in Spring. Spring Park and Ride has earned praise from locals for its convenient coach style transportation.

- Trains: Spring is close to an Amtrak station, which offers a variety of services. The local Amtrak has a ticket office, offering discounted rates for seniors. It is also fully wheelchair accessible with an enclosed waiting area. Seniors can also enjoy clean public restrooms, payphones, vending machines, free short- and long-term parking, a taxi stand and convenient public transit connections.

Health and Safety

There are seven hospitals in or near Spring, including the Texas Medical Center, ranked the largest medical center in the world. This system is also the largest hospital for children and cancer patients. The center has over 100,000 employees and delivers around 25,000 babies per year. There are the other medical facilities near Spring as well:

- Covenant Grace (1003 Pine Walk Trail)
- Green Valley House (5202 Alamosa Ln)
- Meadowhill Community Home (21710 Meadowhill Dr)
- Passion House (19110 Candletrail Drive)
- Shenandoah House (28902 Enchanted Drive)
- Spring Group Home (17403 Deer Creek)
- Verdecove Community Home (21023 Verdecove Lane)

- Crime Statistics: Spring has relatively low crime. With a national index rating of 38, residents are twice as likely to be victims of property crime in Spring compared with the state. The same goes for violent crime.

Sports and Leisure

The warm, mild climate of Spring makes it the perfect destination for any golf enthusiast.

- Golf Courses: With more than 10 golf courses, residents can enjoy well-maintained facilities. Willow Creek Golf Club is known for having very fast greens. Augusta Pines Golf Club offers an adult guest pass for the weekday for about $70. The junior pass is $25.

- Tennis Clubs/Courts: Options for tennis in the area provide opportunities to take classes to brush up on skills or for players to take their expertise directly to the court. The Spring Tennis Academy and Grand Sports Club are two popular local sites.

- Gyms: Seniors can take on yoga or pilates in Spring. The area has much to offer prospective health-conscious residents. Local aerobics, yoga or pilates groups cater to a wide range of interests. Spring even has an Anytime Fitness, open around the clock and accommodating any schedule.

Breathe Pilates Studio offers sessions year-round in private, semi-private and group classes. The rates at Breathe Studio fluctuate depending on the type of class, but a single private session runs $75, single semi-private $55 and group classes are $35.

- Cooking Classes: Of course, a good health plan also includes good meals, some that you can prepare on your own. Perhaps you just want to learn new recipes? Meal Masters is just one of the many locations offering cooking classes for blended age groups.

Shopping and Entertainment

- Restaurants: Like the rest of the state, Spring has its own renowned barbecue, Tex-Mex and Mexican cuisine, hamburgers, steaks and pork chops. However, Spring offerings remind residents that there are menus off the beaten path. Italian, French, Chinese, Japanese and Indian restaurants broaden residents' choices. CorkScrew BBQ offers braised ribs in an outdoor environment, and La Presa Mexican Restaurant has some of the best tacos in the area. The dining choices available in Spring are a pleasant surprise to those who want to keep trying something new.

- Shopping: With numerous boutiques, shopping centers and malls, Spring is quite the hub for shopping. There are the customary supermarket stores like Kroger and Walmart, but local businesses like H-E-B grocery ensure shoppers can imbibe the local culture.

There is one Luby's located in Houston, just a 10-minute drive along I-45.

- Movies and Entertainment: There is an AMC Spring 10 movie theater located right near I-45 and a Cinemark slightly west of the town. Spring also has comedy venues, dancing spots and the Comanche Trail Amphitheater. The ever-popular Comanche offers many city events throughout the year such as the Country Music and Crawfish Music Festivals.

- Museums: Spring is home to the new Pearl Fincher Museum of Fine Arts and is a short drive from the museum district located in Houston. The district features 18 museums, many of which offer free admission.

Religious Facilities

- Religious Services: Keeping with the spirit of Texas, Spring is home to over 15 churches. These worship and faith centers offer services for diverse beliefs, including Lutheran, Baptist, Episcopal and Anglican denominations. Spring First Church is popular and well-known for its live, professional singing.

Overall, Spring is known for being a diversified, friendly town that rarely sees cold, snowy weather. It is close to major metropolitan areas of Texas like Dallas, San Antonio and Austin.