Shorthills Villa Retirement Community - Fonthill, ON

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Customer Reviews

Amazing experience at Shorthills

I would like to say this is a small retirement home in fonthill .Nursing department is wonderful always willing to help and lend a ear to listen to anyone with friendly smiles.some staff are long standing in home some are newer but wonderful changes.
Food has changed and is defitnely on the way up
Housekeeping is great clean rooms.
Great place for me and my family dont have to worry

very pleased

I now live in Shorthills Retirement Villa and the review dated June 2018, said a lot of things that I have never seen or had to deal with. The food is great here but made differently than how my wife did it.
House keeping is done by 9:30 AM each day and staff are friendly and do their job.
Care staff are very friendly and very willing to help 24-7. Administration are open to listen to anything I have to say. Any complained I have had have been addressed.
I have noted that many of the residents want this home to be exactly like the home they lived in for years. This is a tough job but they are very willing to try to meet that.
I believe all staff here at Shorthills Retirement Villa go the extra mile to make this home, home for each of us.

Definitely reccomend

I placed my Father in Shorthills Villa at the beginning of 2017, unfortunately he passed away around November of that year. He was always happy with the services that Shorthills offered. The staff is extremely nice and they are always there to help when you need it. My only complaint is the gardens need to be maintained a little better, it looks a bit sad out there but other than that, its a great place.

not good think twice

I placed my mother there based on what we could afford and location. Sadly we (the siblings are not happy with our choice and my mother is in dislike mode. We are presently looking for another location. This has been a huge learning curve for us.)

There is a constant staff change, not too many stay due the working conditions they get stressed out due to demand of management or overwhelmed by the demands of the job. They are severely understaffed

FOOD.. There have been many days the owners have had to cook.. or the server has to cook and serve. The chef come and go , they have reported that the owners oks the menu but will not allow them to order the supplies the for the menu ,

Breakfast is a standard of bacon, eggs, toast, oatmeal .. maybe some fruit. The residents were told they would add pancakes and French toast to menu but that has yet to appear. This was over a month ago.

Lunch is the big meal of the day... there are two choices of meals to pick. SOMETIMES the choice for diner is beans and wieners ... if they have meat pies there is no gravy, no choice of a small salad . If you have a sodium free diet , good luck ... there is no difference between what is offered.

Supper time, yes it is a light meal .. always sandwiches and most likely balony (this was offered 3 times in one week, but this is a standard sandwich which is offered --- owners had to make these due to no staff.... and some sort of soup ...

they have a coffee pot on a rolling cart and maybe some sort of treat on it ... if you can find the cart , hope that it is hot coffee or even being told about it or it location would be helpful.

The activity director is wonderful but is only there 2 1/2 days a week and note she is retiring at the end of year. There are no activities that leave the building , no outside things to do... no day trips to anywhere....

House keeping is doing the best they can with being short staffed. If you bring your own sheets for your bed they will change them if you ask but sheet change time could be at 8 30 pm. My mom goes to bed around that time. Head house keeper works only part time....

Building repair or disrepair... the grass has been a foot high.. there are plaster patches all over the building but not finished , there is a huge gap in the bottom of a door that leads outside , been like that now for months, snow was coming in during winter .... The interior of the building is a depressing green color ,,,, it needs something that is a happy color. I reported a running toilet in my moms suite it took a month to fix and we finally fixed it ourselves.. Sidewalks were not always kept shoveled in the winter time ...

Residents have only two benches that are in the front of the building to sit outside , no gazebo, no covering to sit under to bring your family for visit or an outside picnic with them. No bqu. But then again you have to look at the 1 foot high grass and weeds.. Gardens beds are just some perennials for years ago and big weeks, no lovely flowers.

The doctor at this location is leaving for July [date removed] so far no replacement has been announced as of June 1 2018.
Note doctor is only on location one day a week. If your family member has emergency either you get them to the hospital or they will call an ambulance, If they are being returned from hospital. patient transfer is $200. the hospital that they are being sent to is Welland..

Room color is same depressing color of hallways--- we painted our moms room before she moved .. There is a huge hole in my mothers room , it is covered in red tuck tape, we purchased another carpet to cover in. We were told that the carpet may be replaced this summer....

Be aware of all the extra charges over the room cost.. administration of drugs. laundry.

There is a hair dresser that comes once a week and lady who will do pedis and manis once very 6 weeks.

all in all I would not place my parent there had I knew what to be on the look for. I am wiser and now on a search for someplace where she would be happier at..

Things went well

I was only at Shorthills for a week, but things went well there.