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Customer Reviews

Overall OK

It is a nice building. We have run into a problem getting finger nails and toe nails cut. Nurses and CNAs all seen nice and attentive. I'm a little concerned about the administration. The administrator, business office and director of nurses positions are all filled by "temporary" fill in people right now. I'm told that instability in leadership has a "trickle down" effect. There is high turnover in CNAs. The bus driver lady is wonderful! Love the physical therapy people. I'm there a lot. I want her close to me. This is our best location. It is working for us right now.

Was okay as a nursing home

It was good but it was not nearly as personal as where my father in law is now but it was acceptable. I had a hip replaced and I had rehab here and I liked the place as a nursing home. The only complaint I could really have about it was (I could give a couple ones) I tried on several occasions to get them to trim his toenails and fingernails and they kept assuring me they would but when he left, he could almost use them as spikes to climb a tree. They didn't get him out of bed as frequently as tey should ahve and he developed a sore.