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Customer Reviews

it was the best!!!

I already did this review and and gave [name removed] and "the gang" a glowing review.

I really should not have to do it again.

My brother-in-law was there for five days. Thank goodness it was a good experience as he upon our return from up North we found it advantageous to move them both to assisted living. Unfortunately, Season's was not the right fit for them as a couple, but he was not upset about


It was imperative that we find a respite for my brother-in-law as my husband and his sister had to fly to Ohio because their sister was seriously ill.

We looked into at least five different places. When we visited SEASONS and met [name removed], that was it. [Name removed] said..l can stay here.

[Name removed] and the entire staff made [name removed]'s stay wonderful. His room was extra big, his care givers were always there to help. The best news...upon our return from Ohio, we began a search for an ALF for [name removed] and [name removed]. Their need was more than SEASONS had to offer or we would have been there in a heartbeat. Because of his positive experience, [name removed] was willing to go to an ALF.

Thanks, everyone.

[Name removed]

Scheduled a tour through A Place For Mom. When I arrived, no Receptionist on duty and I stood in Reception area for several minutes before anyone spoke to me. Person I met with did not know about my appointment and was unprepared. On the plus side: there's an aviary; the residents of the memory care unit were clean; the nurse on duty was very helpful. The decor is nice.

Great facilitiy for patients

My family was very pleased with the care that our sister [name removed] received over the course of 2 years. [name removed] had severe dementia. The staff took care of her needs everyday.

We wanted to leave when we entered. It was dimly lit throughout. Saw no residents. No garden area. The 2 rooms that we were shown - recently vacated - very strong unpleasant smells. Room was small and disappointing.
They will only offer transportation once a month to Doctor appointments.

There is a homey feeling to this community

The staff at this community were quick to respond and notify me when my loved one fell. They brought her flowers and checked in on her when she was in the hospital. She likes the daily exercise class and they have a movie night a couple nights a week. She has no complaints about the food. The staff are friendly and always have a smile on their face. They have a pond outside with two swans you are able to feed. They offer coffee and snacks during the day. This community feels like a family.

Great care!

I was pleased with every aspect of Seasons Largo. They did everything extremely well and I was comfortable with the care my husband received there. We had to move him because he was on the third floor and that posed issues. I would highly recommend Seasons Largo.

My mother's care

This is a nice community. We like the community for being clean. The menu is appealing. She liked the activities that were offered. This community is very nice. The staff are very kind and caring for her needs. We would recommend this community for other families for the value and care of a loved one.

Very nice residence but I feel it was too large and might be overwhelming for my Mom...however my sister and I were ready to move in. Disappointed they did not have ECC accreditation.

Seasons of Largo is the best!

After visiting several ALF's, we knew we found the best one at Seasons of Largo. Our first impression of cleanliness was important, but we were truly overwhelmed with the warmth and friendliness of all the staff members. The caregivers (nurses) are absolutely wonderful, and very attentive to the needs of the residents. My parents are very happy, and I have peace of mind knowing that they are in great hands.

A good memory care community!!

They offer a floor for memory care at Seasons. The rest of the floors are for assisted living. The staff are good . Mom seems to like it in the memory care unit. She has not complained about the food. The community is clean and I would recommend this community.

Seasons was wonderful.

I toured Seasons Largo for my mother and I was amazed on how beautiful the building looks. it has a real cozy home feel and not like a Nursing Home. The building was very well staff and the staff was very friendly . it was very nice to see that much staff on the floor and they also asked us to stay for lunch and try their Mediterranean diet . It was delicious and served very presentable.
The Seasons smells great , the food tasted great , and looked Great.
I think I Found the Place for my mother and would recommended to go visit the Seasons yourself.

Looks CAN be deceiving

Came in for a tour. I was very impressed how beautiful the place looks like, it is very much different from the ones I have been too. While I was waiting for the lady who was going to give me a tour, I was seated beside this elderly lady and we chatted a little. I asked her how it is living here, she answered me "oh its fine, the staff used to be nice and fun but now they seem different. They don't seem happy as they used to and." and then I asked how the food was, "they have their days, but mostly it isn't good. Food always late same as meds are, late."
then she whispers "new management that's why." I was a little bit shocked upon hearing this. Whle we were talking, I saw this big man at the corner of my eye and he was wearing shorts and slippers. I asked who he was and the lady said he works in the kitchen. I was in disbelief, because how can a place like this have employees come to work looking like that. Very unprofessional. I knew from then that this place was not going to work out for my mother. But I still continued on doing the tour. Driving 2 hours away that's the least I could do. When the lady came and gave me the tour, we went to the 2nd floor, she also showed me 3rd floor which was for memory care. I asked what if there was a fire, or a disaster. How will they evacuate the residents on the 3rd floor when all elevators will be stopped. Most residents I saw were in wheel chairs, walkers. they couldn't possibly walk down the stairs by themselves and mind you there were only 4 nurses upstairs out of 20+ residents? I questioned the safety of that. And also the care that each and every one is receiving up there. Because I see nurses just sitting down and on the phone, and thislady smells a lot like urine. 2nd floor was empty but it had a nice man cave. Aquarium was dissapointingly dirty. Aftert the tour, I waited for my husband to come pick me up. I saw some of the nurses just gossiping in the hall I had hopes that this was the one home I can leave my mother in. The price they demand should be the same care and love they should deliver. But I'm guessing that's not going to happen. Very disappointed.

You are not getting what you pay for

I came in for a tour about 2 weeks ago and all of the residents were just sitting around bored. The staff was gossiping in the corner while not paying attention and one resident was consistently asking for help to the bathroom. I heard a staff member respond with "You're really annoying me, go back to your seat". This was clearly a dementia resident. It turned me off right away but I continued with my tour. As I walked around I noticed that the building is pretty clean, but a few things I was concerned with. The food looked terrible. I asked a resident how she liked the food and also the activities and she told me the food was cooked by a couple kids and it had no flavor. She also said the activities were low budget and repetitive. I found this all to be a turn off considering this place is EXPENSIVE! They could do a lot more here. I ended up placing my mother at the Lake House. It's beautiful and not to mention has a better staff to resident ratio. Seasons biggest problem is that it seems under staffed.

Lots of activities... Little to NO care!

I placed my father in this ALF because it was very reasonable at the time and at first sight we absolutely fell in love with the place! They have a little library on the second floor and a bird sanctuary on the third floor. They have also just recently put in a man cave with a pool table, darts, puzzles and card games. I believe they still play Bingo every other night and sometimes they will round everyone up on the bus to take them out to dinner or fishing. My dad loved it until recently they changed management. Rent went up and now dad isn't getting ANY care... its as if they completely ignore him. I went there to visit him after 6pm and it was like no nurses to be found! I suppose maybe they are caring for those on the second and third floors but my dad is not a happy camper and when he complains they call me like I am suppose to be able to fix it. I pay nearly $2900 a month and they cant even give him his meds! Oh but they used to include all that (No additional charge) and now they want an additional $300 for that. Ummm NO!!! Wherever the old management went is where we will follow. It is literally like having a happy family and now NOTHING!!! Dad even has to wait nearly 30min-1hour for his meals from the time he sits down. Again it is like being ignored and don't get me started with the turn-around. They used to have good/caring nurses but now they turn him away when he comes in for his drops and meds. He has no companionship, no care, and just recently someone is coming in and unplugging refrigerators! I don't know about this place anymore. I had high high hopes until recently. Dad is already wanting to move and I don't blame him. The only thing good we got from this was his doctors and a set of high standards to look for in future ALFs.

An amazing ALF!!

An amazing & awesome place! My mom had been to quite a few ALFs but none could amount to Seasons in Seminole! It was extremely tough for my mom leaving her home (living there since 1968) so she became withdrawn not wanting to leave her room (at other ALFs). But she started coming out for the many, different events Seasons provides. Unfortunately we didn't find them sooner because I do believe my mom would have lived longer. We all need to enjoy where we live & even more so with the elderly. Every staff member I met was amazing & really seemed to enjoy what they do. They are the ONLY ALF that my mom was at that I can say that for! It is such a difficult time to watch our parents get old but makes it so much easier when they are well taken care of! Thank you Seasons ALF!!

Carrie Tatro

Local Representative

Thank you for the kind words. It is our pleasure to be able to provide our residents with the quality of life that they deserve.

Couldn't be happier

My Mom moved to Seasons in January. Absolutely could not be happier. They are the real deal. Very caring and attentive to our needs.

Robert Ross

Local Representative

We're so pleased that your happy. We love taking care of your Mom.

Review of Seasons Largo-Clearwater, Fl

Love this place! They are warm and welcoming. Small rooms but absolutely lovely. Nicest people I have met!

Carrie Tatro

Local Representative

Thank you for your kindness. It is positive responses like yours that makes it easy for us to spread the cheer.


My father moved from another "top rated" community. Since the move my Father said it has made all the difference! His room is spacious, clean and bright. The food is fresh and delicious and the staff is happy and well trained according to Byrd Institute standards. I finally have piece of mind as does my Mom and family alike! Fantastic!

Kerri McCabe

Local Representative

We want to thank you for taking the time out to rate Seasons. We all love the Seasons residents and it is a pleasure to be able to help them remain safe and happy in their home at Seasons. We are also very lucky to have such wonderful families of our residents! Thank you again from all of our staff!!

Seasons of Largo - I rate an "A"

So far so good. My father moved here from a brooksdale community where he was receiving terrible care. Seasons of Largo seems to " get it" and everything is going well the first week. The staff all seem to enjoy working there which is a change from the place he came from which had constant employee turnover. I highly recommend using a professional service such as a Place For Mom. They were extremely helpful and did not give up until I found the right fit for my father.

Kerri McCabe

Local Representative

Thanks so much for your kind review. We think A Place for Mom is great too!

The Best Assisted Living and Memory Care Facility

Both my parents have been part of the Seasons family for one year now. I am only able to visit twice per year (I live in California) but I have total peace of mind that my parents are not only well cared for, but really loved. The staff treats everyone like family and it is not just a cliche. We chose this facility after a very bad experience and I was very concerned that they would never adjust to assisted living. They could not be happier and I could not be more at peace. The location is immaculate, the food is fresh and healthy and the staff is amazing. Dad is in the memory care unit, but that does not keep him from going fishing, or on other outings which he loves. Mom has made many new friends that are now her family. When mom was in the hospital recently, the staff went by to visit.. on their own time. In short... I would not have my parents anywhere else! I can not say enough good things about them.

Kerri McCabe

Local Representative

Thanks so much Anna for your review. We do our best to take care of our residents and we love fishing as well!

peace of mind

My mother has been at Seasons Largo for just over a month and her experience there has been very good as compared to other places that we have experienced in the past. Because the place is smaller and the staff really knows what they are doing, they have been able to give her the sort of care and attention that she needs. I have the peace of mind knowing that she is in a safe place and is being very well cared for.

Kerri McCabe

Local Representative

Thank you so much for your kind words. Our residents are our number one priority and it is wonderful to hear from families who recognize that and appreciate all we do to help their loved ones live a happy and safe life. Please let us know if there is anything additional we can do to make her life with us even better.
Katie Levinson
Marketing Director

I love this place! The best facility for loved ones with Alzheimer's.

I researched many of the memory care facilities in central and south Pinellas County and Seasons Largo was superior in all categories. It is a newer facility and the design is amazing. They have implimented the latest research on Alzheimer's into the design and layout of the halls and rooms. They have features that no other memory care facility I visited had. The staff are so friendly and loving to the residents. Delores, the move-in specialist, was so helpful and she definitely made this whole process much easier for me. She is like a dear friend now and she truly loves the residents and watches out for them.

My mother has now been at Seasons Largo for almost a month and loves it! She has not been this happy for a long time and I am so thankful for Seasons Largo and all they do to care and love on my mother. They also have an aviary on the memory care floor with 25 lovebirds, which is fabulous as my mother loves to watch birds! This place is amazing and worth every penny of the cost. It does cost a little more than some of the other facilities, but it is worth it to get all that my mother receives at Seasons. I know that I made the right choice by placing my mother there and have peace of mind knowing that she is well cared for.

Kerri McCabe

Local Representative

Wow! Thank you Sheila for such a wonderful, flattering review! We are blessed to have wonderful families like yours be a part of our community. Thank you!
Katie Levinson

Tour Seasons of Largo before you make a decision.

Seasons of Largo offers a memory care facility in addition to an ALF care facility. It is highly secured. The staff is available to speak with at any time. Resolutions and recommendations are handled immediately. My family member suddenly declined with dimentia and the confusion was difficult to observe. It is only 3 months opened. USF Byrd Alzheimer's Institute assisted in designing and training the facility and staff. The staff has helped our family to understand the difficulties our loved one is experiencing. The activities, food and cost are beyond compare. I highly recommend Seasons of Largo, or their other new facility, Seasons of Belleair to anyone looking for an ALF or Memory Care facility. Seasons of Largo have given our family a level of relief which is nearly impossible during this difficult time for our loved one. Thank you to all at Seasons of Largo.

Kerri McCabe

Local Representative

This has been a long time coming but Thank You Jean!

From the Community

Seasons offers state-of-the-art communities specially designed for those with assisted living needs and memory impairments, such as Alzheimer’s, Dementia and Parkinson’s.