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They sent aides that were not professional or caring to our mom. We were very disappointed. We even gave them 2 chances.

They did a good job and were reliable for us.

They did a good job and were reliable for us. They can have a good score.

Would not recommend

We had contracted an aide for my Mom for 6 days and only used 3. We have been trying to get our unused payment back for 5 months now. They do not return phone calls, answer emails or letters.

The aide they sent was okay, but did not encourage my mother to get up or move around at all. She sat next to her and read most of the time. Would not recommend.

Waist of money

I am very disappointed with both the aide they sent and the lack of communication on their side. Regardless of my specific instructions, I've had to micro manage daily tasks and appointments. We hired an aide to be our eyes and ears and she is almost as much work for us as if she wasn't there. We can not trust our instructions are being followed and I have to check up constantly. We are getting a new aide for Monday, hopefully she will be better.

Lack of Consistency

I would not recommend SARA Companions for home companion services. The agency had difficulty providing consistency with the schedule of the live-in companions. Over 8 weeks, SARA sent 8 different companions. It was frustrating having attendants drop the case after deciding this assignment was not to their liking. The first attendant did not like working where a spouse was present. “They didn’t tell me the husband would be here.” That was a deal-breaker. On another occasion it was reported to me by SARA that one companion had no sleep overnight due to “6-8 trips to assist” my step-mom in the bathroom. This was not true and proved to be an effective ruse to dump the case and find one with less demanding. At which point, SARA Companions contacted me to discontinue the live-in service and convert the care plan to hourly resulting in a 130% increase. I slept through the night for three consecutive nights after SARA Companions left without any calls for an assist from my step-mom.
My step-mom is very frail and needs assistance with transfer and toileting. She uses a walker and is a fall risk. I understand this is no small job. One attendant was watching as mom fell striking her head on the floor, for which she needed stitches in the ER.
The live-in arrangement we agreed to, the attendant was to assist with transferring, dressing, showering, and toileting. Also, the caregiver provided some assistance with meal preparation, laundry and light housekeeping.
Many attendants arrived and did not ask one question about the case. A few limited their personal interaction as much as possible. One companion suggested that a TV be provided for the bedroom in which she stayed. The living room had a TV but my Dad bought a TV for the home attendant’s bedroom.
Positive: The staffing office managed to keep up with the high turnover but the quality of the caregivers was low.
We found a live-in caregiver privately and received ten times the services without the attitude.

Mom isn't the happiest camper but they've been great!

My experience with Sara Companion Services has been great! They are very accommodating although my Mom isn't very happy with having someone come into her home. We have managed to make it work and I am very happy with their services and their willingness to care for Mom. I would recommend!

The caregiver we have is very caring and respectful! He is great with my parents! They have different needs and he helps them with everything they need! Sara Companions did a great job when they chose him for us!

They've been great!

Although we have had a hard time as a family since my Dad doesn't want services they have been great. They do everything we ask them to do and the caregiver is very friendly! I appreciate the services they provide.

A Decent Company

A bit disorganized but they try hard and mean well. I would recommend them to anyone seeking to contract home health aides.

SARA Companion Services

SARA Companion Services has been a good fit for my mom who needed some assistance in the home. Her primary caregiver is very attentive to her needs and mom enjoys her company. When the primary caregiver cannot be there, SARA has found a suitable replacement each time so mom was not left without care. There was an initial problem with their billing system in that they were sending out bills prior to reconciling the aide vouchers with the actual amount due but they did correct the bills as instructed and recently instituted a new billing system so hopefully the bills will now accurately reflect the aide hours worked. Overall, no real complaints.

Not a good experience

We did not have a good experience with Sara Companion Services. We used them twice, the first time the caregiver was late and was also ill, and the second time the caregiver failed to show up at all. We did not continue to use the service after that.

Excellent home help service

We had a good experience overall with Sara Companion Services. The moment I got in touch with them they were right on top of things, they had someone out the same day I called them. The people I worked with were sympathetic, helpful, and found someone who got along great with our loved one.

Was not very happy with. P...

Was not very happy with. People who trained were then not available for the real needed hours. Were late, did not call, did not seem to want to do their job. One women was very good, replacement not very good at all.

Took time to find the right fit

I thought they were very, very nice, I ended up only hiring weekend help through them only because it came down to whoever could get me the best people. The issue that I found and I don't know that it's them, I think it's just where we are but it was hard to necessarily find people that were appropriate for our situation. my mother in law has short term memory loss but that was her only issue, she doesn't require hands on care, she needs someone that can truly be a companion as opposed to a care taker or a watcher which is a different kind of person and those are hard to come by. She lives alone so it's not like we were hiring someone to come in while there are other people in the house, they have to be sharp enough to help her with the every day stuff, it's a different kind of job description. As a result it was hard and the only thing I would say and its really every agency, I wish they would truly pre screen the people before I go over and see them because the people that were coming in, it was obvious within minutes that it wasn't an appropriate candidate, other than that, dealing with them was a pleasure.

$240/daily 4 days on 3 d...

$240/daily 4 days on 3 days off

From the Provider

Do You Have A SARA? (Skilled Attentive Reliable Assistant). SARA Companion Services is proud to be the trusted provider of choice for the in-home care & safeguarding of NYC & Long Island seniors.

Our Certified SARAs (Skilled Attentive Reliable Assistants) are specially trained in the care of the elderly & disabled as well as those who are living with Alzheimer's, Dementia, Diabetes, & other diseases. They must successfully pass through a rigorous interview process (including competency exams), background & reference checks, & a full panel drug screening. For every 100 resumes we receive (from mostly CNAs, PCAs & HHAs), we interview an average of just 20 caregivers, certifying just one SARA.

Experience the SARA Difference!

After a complimentary in-home consultation and safety check, our staffing specialist will select the perfect SARA companion for the client, one that will enthusiastically & proactively attend to their daily living needs, as well as providing socialization and companionship.

We also help our clients with the time-consuming process of submitting Long Term Care Insurance paperwork.

SARA Companion Services passionately promotes and facilitates safe, independent living for local seniors in the privacy & comfort of their own home. We are bonded and insured.

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