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Customer Reviews

Sandy Springs Place-PC is a beautiful place, bright and clean. The rooms are sizable and comfortable. The accomadations and amenities are plentiful. The staff I saw were pleasant and courteous and assured residents readily. All the residents were dressed, neat and clean. I was very pleased with my visit.

Mixed reviews

The nurses seem to spend a lot of time on their phones. Sometimes you get a really good person. But a lot of times they just seem like they don't want to be bothered. Sometimes it's hard to find staff members. I went to visit my dad and didn't see a staff member for about 30 minutes.

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We are saddened to see this, as the care of our residents is always our top priority. We will certainly use this feedback constructively, and don't hesitate to reach out to community leadership directly if you have any concerns. Thank you.

Clean and friendly. Nice facility. Responsive to concerns.

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Thanks for your feedback!

Disappointing experience for my mother

Disappointing experience. Food is really poor to the point it makes my mother ill. Laundry and room cleaning are inconsistent. I have had to clean it myself and take her laundry to be cleaned. She has pushed her call button for assistance and it can take hours for them to respond. On top of that they raised her rates 9% in less than one year and acted like they were doing me a favor. My mother has lived there less than a year and I believe we are on the fourth director. It’s a revolving door of staff. We are looking to leave (as are others). Would not recommend.

Not a Good Place for Loved Ones

Enlivant’s Sandy Springs Place is a horrible place for a loved one. My family member has been there for several years, and the place has consistently deteriorated. Last year, there were three – yes, three -- rent increases, and the services are increasingly getting worse.

Food is a major issue. It is barely palatable and certainly not nutritious. Residents complain, their families complain, but nothing changes. Vegetables are few and far between. Salads consist of iceberg lettuce, the cheapest, least nutritional lettuce. For $4,000-plus per month, a resident should not need to purchase food on their own so that they do not go to bed hungry.

When I complained to a kitchen worker about the portion given to my family member -- a portion which would not have satisfied a five-year-old child -- the worker said she was trying to have enough to go around. I have complained to directors on numerous occasions about the food, but they are never around long enough to implement any worthwhile changes.

The facility can’t seem to keep their staff. I have lost count on the number of directors that have come and gone in the past three years. Turnover is even higher among kitchen and other support staff. Staff members [Name removed] and [Name removed] have been there longer than anyone, and they are great.

The facility was bought by Enlivant a couple of years ago, and great changes were promised. Changes were made, but they were hardly improvements.

Residents must now line up outside the dining room and wait to enter, whereas in the past, the dining room was always open, and they could simply walk in and have a seat. Meal orders are taken in advance, but that doesn’t speed up the serving process.

I have witnessed residents wait 40-50 minutes to be served. During one particular lunch, a wheelchair-bound resident asked servers numerous times when he would receive his meal. I watched another resident wait more than 50 minutes for her food. She is one of the long-term residents, and I went to her table to speak. She barely acknowledged me because her attention was focused on the kitchen. One of her table mates said meekly, “I won’t leave. I will just wait.” It is simply heartbreaking to see how the elderly are mistreated at this facility.

Enlivant’s tagline is “Where Senior Living Thrives.” That’s a lie. The only ones thriving are Enlivant as they head to the bank each month.

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Cameron - we are so sorry to hear about your experience with us. Indeed, taking over a community comes with its challenges and I'm sorry that hasn't been seamless for you and your mother. We certainly appreciate the feedback and will be sure to relay that to the management team. In the meantime, please feel free to contact our Enlivant Cares Resident Line to discuss this further.

Great at Sandy place

Really enjoy working here. Great fun and I would highly recommend it for any seniors or anyone in the field looking for a job.

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Thanks Challah - we appreciate all that you do.

Fantastic Food

The food is fantastic! Mom has been here since [date removed] and I eat dinner or lunch with her several times a week. I am totally impressed with the food and the many options available. Unlike so many other facilities, the food is never bland, always the right amount of seasonings. I always look forward to eating with mom.

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Thanks Glenn! Our Nutrition & Dining teams work hard to provide well-balanced meals that will please our residents and visitors. Glad you are enjoying!

Very impressed. [Name removed] was very informative and gave us a good idea of how to go forward in our search. SSP was very clean and inviting and the staff friendly. And the location convenient.

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Thanks for the feedback! Let us know if you have any more questions.

Feeling of comfort.

Once again the staff at Sandy Springs place were able to recognize my mom needed medical assistance and get it for her in a timely manner before it became a more serious situation. The staff definitely know their residents and when they are not “quite right.” The employees are very observant and in tune with the residents which provides the families comfort in knowing their family is being well taken care of. [Name removed] knew immediately when my mom refused breakfast that something was wrong and got on it. We were able to get mom to the doctor before the situation became more serious. I can not begin to express how much Sandy Springs Place and it’s employees mean to us!

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Kelly - thanks for entrusting us with your mom's care. It is a pleasure to have her in the community!

Immediately responsive and accommodating upon first contact. Friendly, welcoming atmosphere; very clean; many touches to make this feel like a community as well as a home for residents. Staff was universally friendly, attentive and sincere. Devoted extensive time to answer and ask questions. A true willingness to help and work with potential residents, regardless of whether this is your facility of choice. I would have no reservations about placing a loved one here. The only reason this may not be the facility we choose is distance/convenience to the area for visitors from other parts of the city.

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Thanks for your feedback. I'm glad we could meet your expectations at every step of the way.

this was the second place I toured and learned a lot from the community contact about facilities in general. Very much appreciate the honesty and information I learned. Memory Care residents are separated from non-memory care residents into two separate buildings. Contact said they would work with us on pricing depending on evaluation of the family member who I was shopping on behalf of.

Sandy Springs Transformation to Great

We visited Sandy Springs Place in August after Enlivant took over the management. We went because of the value and the recommendation of the community relations director. They have transformed a good value to a wonderful home for seniors. My mom's room was totally redone allowing her to have a brand new apartment for the first time in her life,
The transformation has continued. The entrance inside and out are completely new. The Hallways have new carpet.
They have up-to-date technology to call for help if needed. The thing to remember is that with all the newness they have a loving and responsive staff. My only comment is that the dining procedures could use a little tweeking but I still give it all 5 stars. Thanks to all the staff

Fantastic staff; sincere, genuine, and very competent. Amazing job of drawing out what a parent needs through the adult child! Have done lots of research and I truly feel this is the best place for mom. Also, this manager you have [Removed], is an absolute gem looking forward to working with him and you all!

We're working on making good changes

My dad is still adjusting to his move here, and the staff is working really hard to help him. He likes exploring his new surroundings , there is a great courtyard with a coe pond and they have remodeled the front so he likes going out there as well and he really enjoys the Sunday church service. Dad likes going down early for his meals because he likes visiting with the residents as they come in the dining area. We have had some issues in the beginning and they are being addressed. The staff has been great they do respond quickly when he uses his call button and they explain why it might have taken them a bit longer as they were helping others so that he understands.

Wonderful community

Everyone has been very nice. It's a good sized place that's very positive and bright. I've been to several other senior communities and I felt Sandy Springs was the best option for my mother.

Care and compassion

This is a excellent community and I am that she tell me she is happy being there. My mom is liking the menu and the staff are always attentive to here needs. The activities are good for her and she is pleased with being involved with the community. We would recommend this community for the good value and care for other families

Friendly Tour

I had a pretty nice tour of this community. Everything went very well, this is a nice place. The staff was very informative, and kind. The community appeared to be well-kept. The grounds looked very well maintained. It was a pleasant experience. This is a nice community.

Keep busy!

The staff here has been great to me and my loved one. They are doing a good job with trying to help her transition. They do offer plenty of activities for the residents to participate in. The community is clean except for the stains that they have in the hallway. The food can use some improvement.

From the Community

At Sandy Springs Place, our pet friendly senior living community, we deliver compassionate care while helping our residents with their daily routine. We develop individual care plans to meet the needs of each resident, and a full-time licensed nurse is available 24 hours a day to provide clinical oversight and coordination of care. Our adjacent community provides high quality memory care to seniors with Alzheimer's and Dementia. Having this continuum of care provides peace of mind and comfort to residents by knowing they can stay in a familiar environment if the need arises. Our residents engage in a variety of community activities, such as Friday Happy Hour, daily exercise classes, Bingo, and devotional services, along with plenty of shopping, dining and scenic excursions. The beautifully landscaped grounds provide a picturesque backdrop to the well maintained community. Contact us to learn more about our senior living community today.