Saint Therese of Woodbury - Woodbury, MN has yet not published prices.

Customer Reviews

My mom has had a cough for 4 weeks and they have done nothing. I watch employees talk on there phones and ignore lights on for assistance for everyone. I’ve heard lady scream for 15 minutes and when employee saw me they put down there cell phone and went in. A lot of other issues I’ve noticed. Now I’m believing the horror stories you hear from senior care facilities and not impressed with care being supplied for $10500 per month . There are some really good and nice employees but they make up the smallest percentage.

Avoid at all costs

My mom lived at St Therese for one year and it was terrible. We paid close to $4000/mo for a small one-bed apt with a pull cord in the bathroom (that called up an aide who never could help our mom, they still called 911 both times she fell), and two terrible meals a day that took too long to come to the table. There was no one in charge. No worker who ever knew my mom’s name stayed very long. This is a money-making machine that seems to care nothing for the residents or the employees. I never got the same person on the phone twice. They failwd in their daily safety check and my mom was down for 24 hours kn e and could have died. Beautiful facility is wasted by terrible, greedy, uncaring management or owner.

Horrible organization

St. Therese is poorly run and is a terrible organization. Their corporate leadership is inept, unprofessional, and downright mean. My parents were at this facility and I got to know many of the staff. A few were nice but told me many times that it's a horrible organization that cares nothing of the staff or the residents. Staff disappeared all the time, especially management. Some walked off, but most were fired. Horrible organization.

Could be five stars

My Dad has been a resident in assisted living since mid November. It is a beautiful facility with friendly staff. Their pricing is difficult to understand as they are trying to move away from a point system that most other facilities use. There are plenty of activities which are impressive for a community of this size. My Dad uses a walker and everything is easily accessible which would have not been the case with a larger facility where he would have joined scooterville. I would give St. Therese an overall 5 star rating if it were not for the lousy food service. It looks bad and tastes even worse. On his first night he was served pancakes and sausage. Sauerkraut seems to be a staple. Ordering off the menu produces even worse results, These residents represent the greatest generation and women who defined what a homemaker is. They deserve better. So please, prepare meals that you or your own parents would eat.

Gorgeous facility

I toured here when looking for a place for my dad and this place was gorgeous. I was trying to find someplace that was more centrally located so we didn’t choose this one because of that. The whole facility was very open and the sizes of the rooms were large. I thought they were very suitable. They were just coming back from an outing when I took a tour and there seemed to be a lot of interaction between the staff and the residents. You really felt at home. I would’ve preferred to have my dad here if it had been a better location.

Private Pay Only

I had a pretty nice tour here, the staff showed me around and they answered my questions. Everything looked nice and the staff was friendly I just did not feel this would work for my mother and they are a private pay.


Terrible place to work!! They do not care about there employees. I feel very sorry for the residents. They are very short staffed because everyone is either quitting or walking out. The worst management I have ever seen. If I had a relative there I would take them out ASAP.

A tour the care of family.

We like the tour at this community. We found the staff to be very attentive to answer the questions we had on the care that is offered. The community was clean and it had a nice environment. The menu was appealing and the list of activities would have been helpful. We would recommend that families tour this community for the care of a loved one.

Overall Parents are Well

For the most part everything is working out well for my parents with their move to this community. They are doing well, and I do feel comfortable with their move here. Thing only thing I would recommend is that they have some type of orientation to the community. They dumped a lot of information on my parents, and it was overwhelming. Other than that issue this is a nice community. They have a helpful, friendly staff. They do a good job with the cleanliness. They provide nice meals, and good activities. I would recommend this community, and also they have an orientation when someone moves into the community.

Still adjusting..

My mother is still adjusting since her move to Saint Therese. She got a cold when she moved in so she ahs not been able to enjoy any activities yet, but they are available for when she is ready. The meals are excellent. I have eaten there with her and the food is very good. I would recommend this community because we are having a good experience so far.

I feel we were deceived

I am not impressed with this community as I do not feel they are living up to what we thought it would be. They seem to be understaffed. The staff that is there is nice. The food is not always hot or consistent. The community is clean and beautiful. I would suggest making sure you are going to get the care and services you are paying for. Do not pay more for the same services you would receive at another community.

A good community!

Things are going well for my parents at this community. The staff they have are nice and friendly. I think they could use more staff as well as more activities. The food is good and the community is beautiful. I would recommend this community.