Royal Park Rehabilitation & Health Center of Matthews, NC

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Customer Reviews

WENT BACK ON THEIR PROMISE- extremely sad for their lack of values

his facility's marketing director misled my elderly parents. They were told, "Sure, we'd love to have you move here! Just call us whenever you're ready to move in, and let us know and we'll be ready to have you come live here!" So my parents waited till a month before their anticipated move, called the place, and were told, "Oh, no, you can't live here. You need to look for another place." (No explanation, whatsoever.)

Not an easy thing to find a different place at the last minute when you're both in wheelchairs and will be going on Medicaid in the near future. Very disappointed in broken promises and the lack of professionalism displayed to them. A breach of trust, betrayal of faith, went back on their word. BEWARE this place! Their word is NOT their bond! If they make any promises to you, GET IT IN WRITING. Just not fair to do this to an elderly couple with disabilties. I understand the facility was new and just wanted to fill itself up with residents. But to hoodwink a frail married couple all in the name of profits - very not cool. Very sad and disgusting, TBH. Despicable dealings with honorable elderly people who have lived lives of service to others. I just still cannot believe it. Am fuming over here on behalf of my wonderful, beautiful parents whose trust in this marketing director was so childlike and so sweet and vulnerable.

Worst place ever

The nursing staff is terrible. Twice they gave me the wrong medicine that set me back. Their dietary department is less to be desirable. Am diabetic and was given high carb and high fat meals. They never looked at my meal request. Husband met with the dietitian and still nothing was done. Had my meals brought in. Wouldn't recommend to a dog.