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Right at Home of Wake County is locally owned and part of a nationally renowned company in business since 1995 specializing in home care and assistance for seniors and disabled adults. We service Wake County and the surrounding area. We provide companion and personal care to individuals and couples in their home environment including a private residence or facilities such as Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Independent and Assisted Living Facilities, Continuing Care Retirement Communities and Hospice, among others. Our mission is to assist the elderly and disabled toward improving the Quality of Life by Living Independently, Securely and Joyfully. Our strategy simple. We get to know each client and create a no cost specialized care plan based on individual needs. Our caregivers provide kindness, commitment and consistency. After a through screening process caregivers are supported with specialized training through our Right at Home CERT and RAH University Programs. All employees are supervised and professionally monitored.

If you like taking it easy and living a life of leisure, Raleigh, North Carolina, is the place for you. You can spend literally days exploring the historic sites that date back as far as the Civil War. The numerous lakes will keep nature lovers and water sports enthusiasts enjoying the outdoors. Drive a few hours away from Raleigh and enjoy a day at the beach. The Atlantic Ocean can be breathtaking. Life will never be boring living in Raleigh.

City Information

Raleigh is the capital and the second largest city in North Carolina. The 2015 Census information lists the population as 451,066. Raleigh is a city of equal opportunity, as the population of men to women is just about equal.

- Walkability score: 30. Taking a scenic, leisurely walk in Raleigh, North Carolina may just be next to impossible. To run errands, including going to the grocery store or bank, having access to a car or some form of transportation is close to a necessity. You will definitely need some form of transportation to get to the beach, as the nearest shore of the Atlantic is two and a half to three hours away.

- Average age of the population: 32. Raleigh may seem like a city geared towards the young, with an average age of 32. Most might also think of Raleigh as one of the most popular places for Spring Break, giving its proximity to the ocean and other vacation areas. Of course, Raleigh is also a large collegiate area. However, that does not mean that seniors cannot lead a very active life living in Raleigh.

- Number of senior living communities in Raleigh: 146

- Veterans' facilities: Veterans will find VFW posts in close proximity to Raleigh, so they will be able to get together with their service buddies and remember their time of service. Memorial Day and Veterans Day are special times in Raleigh. Veterans can choose to attend a large number of ceremonies and parades marking each special day.

- Weather: Raleigh, North Carolina experiences all four seasons, but unlike most places in the Northeast, it is a little bit warmer with a humid, subtropical climate. Winters are short and cool. Most storms consist of freezing rain and sleet because the average winter temperature is about 41 degrees. Summers are hot and humid. Spring and fall tend to be mild with lots of rain. People who do not enjoy cold temperatures will love the weather in Raleigh.


Living in Raleigh, North Carolina is more convenient if you own your own vehicle, as then you have the freedom to explore whatever you would like any day. However, if you do not own your own vehicle, that does not mean you cannot live in Raleigh. There are other modes of transportation to get you from Point A to Point B.

- Buses: If you are looking to visit the 11 major shopping areas of Raleigh or travel across town to your doctor's appointment, the GoRaleigh Transit system will get you there. Choose the route that best suits your needs and you will never again have to worry about getting a ride to where you need to go.

- Airport: If you are a senior on the go and love to travel, the Raleigh-Durham International Airport will get you the connecting flights you need to get to your vacation destination. Enjoy local, chain, or fine dining while you wait. Shop in stores that provide local or national goods.

- Other: Seniors who are technologically advanced will be happy to know that both Uber and Lyft are available for transportation by just logging on to each app.

Hospitals and Health Care

Residents of Raleigh, North Carolina in need of excellent health care will not have to travel far to find it. Raleigh has some of the best hospitals in the country, and most are affiliated with collegiate organizations, including Duke University Hospital, University of North Carolina Hospitals, UNC Rex Healthcare-Raleigh, and WakeMed Health and Hospitals.

Sports and Leisure

Sports lovers will enjoy the National Hockey League's Carolina Hurricanes and the variety of collegiate sports available, as Raleigh is home to many colleges and universities. Whether it is a football tailgate party or the sound of sneakers on the hardwood, you can bet there is a big game being played in Raleigh.

Nature lovers will enjoy the large number of public parks. Whether they are looking for picnic shelters, dog parks, baseball diamonds, soccer fields, or playgrounds, leisure lovers will find something to enjoy in Raleigh's parks.

Entertainment and Attractions

Raleigh might have the reputation of being a college city, but that does not mean all the entertainment and attractions are catered to the college crowd. Whether you are a fan of music and the arts, food, festivals, or shopping, Raleigh, North Carolina, has everything an active senior is looking for.

- Museums: Who says a visit to a museum has to be stuffy and boring? At the North Carolina Museum of Art, you will find both historic and contemporary artworks. The North Carolina Museum of Art History gives you an excellent timeline of how art has evolved through the years. Science lovers will enjoy a walk through the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences.

- Restaurants: Barbecue lovers will be right at home living in Raleigh. Pork is king when it comes to Carolina barbecue, and grillmasters tend to smoke the whole hog. If barbecue is not your cup of tea, you will find the national chain restaurants, including Burger King, McDonald's, Wendy's, Red Lobster, and more. There are also local favorites that specialize in pizza, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, deli, seafood, steaks, and coffee and desserts.

- Theaters: If you enjoy movies, Raleigh has a number of movie theaters playing the latest movies, and maybe even the classics, if you look hard enough. The North Carolina Symphony calls Raleigh its home, and you will even find opera. Music is everywhere you look in Raleigh. Just about every month features several concerts from several genres of music.