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Customer Reviews

At Home with Mom

I love this Home Health agency I have coming for my mother. They are taking very good care of her. They help her 5 days a week. And would take her out of the home before but now she can't go out any longer but I would recommend this for any family for the independence their loved ones want.

Companion Care

The service was professional and empathetic. We were very pleased with the support and efficiency of the services. We would recommend Right at Home for anyone requiring companion care on a regular or irregular basis.

Services Not Received.

I was not happy with the care that we would suppose to get from the in home caretaker. We told the service what we needed. We did not find someone who wanted to do what was needed. We did not get a follow up on services if needed. We want someone who is willing to do what is required for the care for my mom.

Tom Arnold

Local Representative

I am so sorry to hear about your unfortunate experience with Right at Home. We try to take every precaution possible to ensure every client is satisfied. We also pride ourselves on being able to provide a wide range of care and rarely turn down a potential client. I would invite you to contact the VP of Operations to voice your concerns and we would love to see how we may be able fix this situation.

Based On The Tines We Used Their Help

We had Right at Home of Wake County a few times for the care over my dad. The caregiver was on time on and ready to help. They assisted her with what she needed and followed the instructions very well. the caregiver's personality matched with my dad's personality. All went well for this times that we used them.

Compassion and Competence with a smile.

I am very grateful for the care my husband received while I was in the hospital. Care was given. Errands were run. Conversations were had to brighten his day. I would recommend the folks with Right At Home to anyone looking for competent, compassionate care for your loved one or yourself.

Right at Home of Wake County - Raleigh, NC

"Right at home" is a 5 star care agency. We have 3 top aides for my husband, C.A. We would highly recommend "Right at Home" for anyone who needs help in their home. Without the service they supply we would not be able to stay in our home - C.A. is 91 - Mildred is 88

Good staff!

The staff has been great with mom. She likes the lady that they sent and they get along well. The staff is able to get everything done and to accommodate us if we end up having any changes in the service.

All of the drivers who were appointed to my transportation were courteous, careful, and experienced. My trip with [removed] was the first time I had used this type of transportation, and he was most helpful which relieves my anxiety about the new experience.

Flexible scheduling, pleasant & helpful staff

It has been an excellent experience to have someone come to our home. Mom has liked each one of the caregivers Great knowing someone is there

Been living in this community for over 50 years. I love it.

Changing caregivers so frequently is difficult on my husband. However, response from staff have been very positive.

Excellent service, very happy.

They do a really good job.

Right at Home excellent care giver (current) for about a year.
Office personal are easy to contact.

Professional. On time. Work for me as client. These words describe Right at Home of Wake Country.
Especially grateful for continuity of care giver – explaining over & over take time & energy.
Helpful. Understanding.

Caring service and professionalism

We've had an excellent experience with Right at Home since 2015 as my mother has had worsening dementia, heart disease and frequent hospitalizations. Right at Home has provided her at-home and in-hospital care (as needed). The agency has sent excellent aides to care for my mother. Most of the aides are kind, patient, and skilled, and when the personality fit wasn't quite right, they've made every effort to accommodate my mother's needs and schedule her favorite aides. During a difficult period following a stroke when my mother was fighting for more independence, the agency worked with us as we sorted out a better support schedule.

I trust the agency's commitment to service and professionalism.

Nice Home Care

We had a pretty decent experience with this home care agency. We used them for a short time, but everything went pretty well. The care givers were very helpful and kind. They helped with cooking, cleaning, and some personal care. This is a good home care agency.

Love this place!

I found Right at Home searching the internet. We needed in home care for one of our clients. The staff there is excellent in providing what was needed and did so in a timely manner. Jordan, Jessica and Danielle are great! The caregivers are great as well. This is a great company and will continue to use them!

Quick response, excellent care

My step-brother was in hospice care at home and we needed nursing care during his last few days because his roommate was not equipped to care for him. I called Right At Home on a Friday evening and they had a nurse there for a 12-hour shift beginning at 9PM that night, as well as the next 2 days scheduled. When we decided not to have a nurse during the day on Sunday, they were fine with that. I felt the staff they provided were excellent and I felt very supported by the coordinators I spoke with on the phone. They just knew exactly how to be of service in a way that made me feel that they cared.

Very friendly caregivers

Overall our experience with Right at Home has been a good one. I've got nothing but good things to say about the caregivers they send, each person we've worked with has been knowledgeable, professional, and friendly! I do think that their administrative staff could be a bit more responsive, sometimes it takes them a while to get back to you which has caused some scheduling issues.

Friendly, personable aides!

Overall our experience with Right at Home has been a good one! The aide has been personable and friendly, and Dad seems very comfortable with her. She's been able to handle all of the care needs we were concerned about! Sometimes the care tasks don't take the entire two hours and I think it would be nice if she found a few more little chores to do to fill the time, but she never leaves early unless Dad tells her to. Overall we're very pleased with the experience!

Definitely worth it

Danielle was great to work with, very sensitive to our needs.
Changes made during the week were accomplished effortlessly.

Great Place

Proactive staff. Wonderful place. We are very happy. My Mom enjoys her new friends and loves the activities and games. they love it. great place

They have done pretty well.

They have done pretty well. We have never had any problems with them. They are reliable, and the billing has been fine, no issues there. I would give them a five.

They have been good so far.

They have been good so far. Pretty easy to get set up, and reliable. Billing has been smooth and easy. I don't have any complaints so far.

Three Stars

There were three different caregivers in two months from Right at Home of Wake County that came out to help and assist my loved one. The reason we stopped using them is because they just were not a good fit.

Good Service

I decided to get home care to relieve my wife until I can get better. Since getting home care things have been great! My wife gets her break and I get the help that I need for the time being. Although we have had a few minor issues it wasn't a big enough issue to bash the agency. The caregiver has been great although sometimes I don't think she knows her own strength. Other than that they are very accommodating and very friendly. I would recommend them!

Unexpected great results

Mr Darryl is a regular, on time person. He does not push behaviors or activities on my husband. He looks for ways to be helpful and my husband has adjusted to having a companion.

Probably the most significant advantage is to me. Knowing that I will have certain days when I can pursue my activities helps me be more patient and calm when I am the caregiver.

They were a real blessing.

They only worked with us for about two or three weeks at the most. They were doing great for the amount of time we had them. Q did a fabulous job for us, he was very proactive about doing things without having to be asked. He not only helped with an emergency but also took us to the hospital, and stayed with us the whole time. They were a real blessing.

Good service overall

I helped some friends locate Right at Home to take care of a loved one, and overall things seem to have gone well for them. There have been a few instances of caregivers not being able to be scheduled, or not showing up on time, but 90% of the time things have been fine. The caregivers are always very friendly and professional when they do arrive.

I'm very satisfied with Right at home...

I'm very satisfied with Right at home at wake county. I'm satisfied with the staff, cleanliness of the facility, care provided, and activities offered.

Reliable, helpful and wonderful

It's been absolutely phenomenal. My mother died of breast cancer and my father is in a wheelchair, he attempts to be independent, but he is paralyzed on one entire site. Fortunately, before my mother passed away she had the house totally blown away to make it wheelchair accessible and he has long term insurance so he never has to leave his home. I had 2 private CNA's coming since 1981, my evening CNA was in a terrible car accident so she had to quit, but that was my opportunity to talk to dad. A place for mom helped me find right at home and the owner was over there the very next day, I told her he would be a little hesitant, but she won him over like butter on bread. I still have my day CNA because she's been with my dad since 1981, but the evening CNA's with right at home are so consistent, there's never any subbing out. I'm free to call them, they call me, we have a really good rapport, they've gone out of their way. Dad was out of his meds one day and he couldn't tell me but she just went out and got them on her own. They just care and he really likes them. I have two evening CNA's, one during the week and one on the weekends and I've never met them, I've had neighbors go in and they say they're really nice, but I've never felt the necessity to go. They're cooking and doing everything and I couldn't be happier.

Very nice caregivers

They were very friendly, very. I thought they provided very good care, we used Right at Home two or three times and each time it was a different care giver and each one was very nice. We ended up moving her to a community because she needed more care.

From the Provider

Right at Home of Wake County is locally owned and part of a nationally renowned company in business since 1995 specializing in home care and assistance for seniors and disabled adults. We service Wake County and the surrounding area. We provide companion and personal care to individuals and couples in their home environment including a private residence or facilities such as Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Independent and Assisted Living Facilities, Continuing Care Retirement Communities and Hospice, among others. Our mission is to assist the elderly and disabled toward improving the Quality of Life by Living Independently, Securely and Joyfully. Our strategy simple. We get to know each client and create a no cost specialized care plan based on individual needs. Our caregivers provide kindness, commitment and consistency. After a through screening process caregivers are supported with specialized training through our Right at Home CERT and RAH University Programs. All employees are supervised and professionally monitored.

If you like taking it easy and living a life of leisure, Raleigh, North Carolina, is the place for you. You can spend literally days exploring the historic sites that date back as far as the Civil War. The numerous lakes will keep nature lovers and water sports enthusiasts enjoying the outdoors. Drive a few hours away from Raleigh and enjoy a day at the beach. The Atlantic Ocean can be breathtaking. Life will never be boring living in Raleigh.

City Information

Raleigh is the capital and the second largest city in North Carolina. The 2015 Census information lists the population as 451,066. Raleigh is a city of equal opportunity, as the population of men to women is just about equal.

- Walkability score: 30. Taking a scenic, leisurely walk in Raleigh, North Carolina may just be next to impossible. To run errands, including going to the grocery store or bank, having access to a car or some form of transportation is close to a necessity. You will definitely need some form of transportation to get to the beach, as the nearest shore of the Atlantic is two and a half to three hours away.

- Average age of the population: 32. Raleigh may seem like a city geared towards the young, with an average age of 32. Most might also think of Raleigh as one of the most popular places for Spring Break, giving its proximity to the ocean and other vacation areas. Of course, Raleigh is also a large collegiate area. However, that does not mean that seniors cannot lead a very active life living in Raleigh.

- Number of senior living communities in Raleigh: 146

- Veterans' facilities: Veterans will find VFW posts in close proximity to Raleigh, so they will be able to get together with their service buddies and remember their time of service. Memorial Day and Veterans Day are special times in Raleigh. Veterans can choose to attend a large number of ceremonies and parades marking each special day.

- Weather: Raleigh, North Carolina experiences all four seasons, but unlike most places in the Northeast, it is a little bit warmer with a humid, subtropical climate. Winters are short and cool. Most storms consist of freezing rain and sleet because the average winter temperature is about 41 degrees. Summers are hot and humid. Spring and fall tend to be mild with lots of rain. People who do not enjoy cold temperatures will love the weather in Raleigh.


Living in Raleigh, North Carolina is more convenient if you own your own vehicle, as then you have the freedom to explore whatever you would like any day. However, if you do not own your own vehicle, that does not mean you cannot live in Raleigh. There are other modes of transportation to get you from Point A to Point B.

- Buses: If you are looking to visit the 11 major shopping areas of Raleigh or travel across town to your doctor's appointment, the GoRaleigh Transit system will get you there. Choose the route that best suits your needs and you will never again have to worry about getting a ride to where you need to go.

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- Other: Seniors who are technologically advanced will be happy to know that both Uber and Lyft are available for transportation by just logging on to each app.

Hospitals and Health Care

Residents of Raleigh, North Carolina in need of excellent health care will not have to travel far to find it. Raleigh has some of the best hospitals in the country, and most are affiliated with collegiate organizations, including Duke University Hospital, University of North Carolina Hospitals, UNC Rex Healthcare-Raleigh, and WakeMed Health and Hospitals.

Sports and Leisure

Sports lovers will enjoy the National Hockey League's Carolina Hurricanes and the variety of collegiate sports available, as Raleigh is home to many colleges and universities. Whether it is a football tailgate party or the sound of sneakers on the hardwood, you can bet there is a big game being played in Raleigh.

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Entertainment and Attractions

Raleigh might have the reputation of being a college city, but that does not mean all the entertainment and attractions are catered to the college crowd. Whether you are a fan of music and the arts, food, festivals, or shopping, Raleigh, North Carolina, has everything an active senior is looking for.

- Museums: Who says a visit to a museum has to be stuffy and boring? At the North Carolina Museum of Art, you will find both historic and contemporary artworks. The North Carolina Museum of Art History gives you an excellent timeline of how art has evolved through the years. Science lovers will enjoy a walk through the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences.

- Restaurants: Barbecue lovers will be right at home living in Raleigh. Pork is king when it comes to Carolina barbecue, and grillmasters tend to smoke the whole hog. If barbecue is not your cup of tea, you will find the national chain restaurants, including Burger King, McDonald's, Wendy's, Red Lobster, and more. There are also local favorites that specialize in pizza, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, deli, seafood, steaks, and coffee and desserts.

- Theaters: If you enjoy movies, Raleigh has a number of movie theaters playing the latest movies, and maybe even the classics, if you look hard enough. The North Carolina Symphony calls Raleigh its home, and you will even find opera. Music is everywhere you look in Raleigh. Just about every month features several concerts from several genres of music.