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Customer Reviews

disappointment in service and attitude and provision

my expericnce was negative. The workers changee every
day almost never being told who would come nor my
primany person telling me she would not be back. she
said she would see me again . she is angry that I complained.
My policy paid fof 24 hr care and I only got 7 hours of
meal preparation and chores. I did not even get to see a
nursse for my wounds. or pain.

They used only 1/3 of my daily hourss and used up all the
days I had alloted wihout seeing I was left secure and well
protected. there are no railings on my stairs or my bathtub
or protection or monitor put in place for my computer or
towel bar up.
there was no provision made for transportation the
day before last to my therapy appointment and I had
not notice to cancel it. a problem.
there was no telling me my car registration was not paid
and car could not be drivine evne through they knew.

I was not kept up on how to fill my pill case.
I was left without money for food or repairs needed
or bill paying help by social services or anyone.

they left on labor day weekend and I could reach no one.
they left without doing more than 7 hrs for me daily
when my policy called for 24 and my doctor stated
24 was needed. I had no nursing care.

My policy was a supreme policy that paid for all these
things and they only did chores for me and companionship and some light cleaning.

The mailbox of the the owner was full the last days and
I could not leave my concerns. My primary care taker
never ssaid she would not return.
she is angry at me for being disappointed and for not
knowing I had a car registration bill i was not shown.
I can't drive even if I could for my care needs to be paid.

I am left with no protection devices or repairs to my house to make it usablable to me and they said they
would not leave me helpless they added 1/2 day to
their time.

That is not adaquate for the extreme amoung daily they
were paid and could have received more if they gave
me more help than they did.

Their workders have problemss that prevent their
working and there is on continuity to the helpers.

Yu cannot contact them and they don't respond and when they do they defend themselves.

If you have a good policy don't waste it on the few\
choress they do for you but us it for a an agency that\
provides the care your policy calls for.

From the Provider

Our Family At Elite Care One we are a family oriented Home Care Agency that believes in keeping families together. We believe that people work hard to get a good place to call home so we do everything we can to help you or your loved ones to stay in your home and maintain some independence. Our well trained staff includes Registered Nurse, Caregivers, Certified Nursing Assistants, Companions and Sitters. We require that all employees maintain high standards of professionalism.

We provide assistance with Bathing, Dressing, Grooming, Personal Hygiene, Ambulation Meal Preparation, Diet Monitoring Medication reminders Laundry, Light housekeeping, Errands Activities, Senior Center Visits, Doctor's appointments Pet Care Live In Companions Let our family take care of yours.