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Pristine of Oxford Review 2017

I was a resident at Pristine - Oxford from March to July 2017. I was there for wound care due to Calciphylaxis and Physical and Occupational Therapy. Part of me wants to give 5 stars and part of me wants to give 1 star so I will rate it between the two.
Cleanliness is a 4 - Room was cleaned regularly, though not every day and the other places I saw were also clean.
Food is a 3 - Not terrible but not the best either. They serve LOTS of carbs and, in my opinion, not enough protein. But when I asked for more eggs for breakfast the happily obliged.
Nurses is a 4 - They were all great. They were knowledgeable, kind and friendly.
STNA's is a 5 - These folks put up with so much and do so with great care and dignity. They were always able to do what I needed. They were all very personable and made my being there a much better experience than other places I had been.
PT & OT is a 3 - Having had therapy at other places I knew going in what I was in for. What I was not prepared for was the small amount if time I was given each day to meet the goals they had set for me. I also got push back when I asked for things to be explained. I was told I was taking to much time asking questions and not just doing what they needed me to do. As for me, I need to understand the process and not just do the work. It helps me overall, in the long run.
Management and Administration is a 1 - This is were they are lacking mightily. As with most people in management, they tend to tell you what they think you want to hear, instead of the truth. There are times where the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing. I often had the feeling that if they weren't getting paid for me to be there, they could care less.
Staffing is a zero - The employees on the front line...nurses and STNA's, were expected to do so much, with so little. Often times they were short staffed and there were long wait times for care. Let me stress, the care I got was very good, but the wait time for them was sometimes a very long time. I know State was there twice, that I know of. And according to US News "Best Nursing Homes" review they rate a 2.4 out of 5, based on info they get from ratings in health inspections, nurse staffing, and measures of medical quality of care.
Bottom line is do your homework, visit them, take everything they say with a grain of salt. Good luck and God bless.

Better than expected

Pristine Oxford has been a huge relief in taking care of my stepmother. After her fall in the last nursing home, we thought we wouldn't find affordable, quality care near our home, but Pristine has truly exceeded our expectations!

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Easy transition

Pristine Senior Living and Post-Acute Care of Oxford has been a very helpful resource for my grandfather. We were worried that he would have a hard time adjusting to the senior living facility, but they have done everything they can to make his experience enjoyable and the transition easy. Thanks, Pristine!

Pristine Senior Living

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Thanks for the awesome review! We're happy to have helped your grandfather; thanks for choosing Pristine Senior Living.