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Customer Reviews

Don’t move family here

My father was currently in Michigan in a rehab facility and had to undergo some surgery. The sales lady [name removed], really wanted my dad to move in ASAP, but I explained that I wanted him with me for 30 days. I wanted him stronger, and get use to the move given any confusion that would come with such a huge change in his life at 88 and mild dementia. When I believed he was ready, they sent their nurse out to evaluate him from their community. I didn't want to even move him from my home. It was the hardest choice I had to make, but I have a special needs little boy and I couldn't juggle them both. The stress was too great.

Upon move in, we had a few hiccups with the new surroundings, but once he got use to the place, which took 2 weeks he began doing everything! He sang for the staff and residents, he did bible study, movies and bingo! He finally wanted a pair of glasses again so he could do more here! It was his home and he was SO happy! I was happy too because his dementia didn't even seem to be around disturbing his life anymore. He could remember everything he did in his days there when we would speak on the phone.

Reason for the 1 star review: Staff members kept leaving. In just 2 months of him living there they went through many new employees including a director. We noticed medication on his nightstand the next morning that a nurse did not give to him the prior night. I was pretty upset regarding this, but problem was rectified. Next was finding pills on the floor that didn't make it in his mouth. Then came missing doctor orders from the hospital, medication not being filled and causing issues with his CHF. Both this establishment and hospice took credit on this mistake and we sat down to discuss to make sure this didn't happen again. We were unhappy because he put on such a large amount of water in 5 days. He was happy with his home and moving him would only cause more issues given he didn't have many more months to live. He then put on another 5 pounds overnight so at this point we decided to get him in the hospital to see if IV lasix could get more weight off faster (like it did in August & September when he was living here.) That way moving around would be more comfortable and my brother (that was flying in the coming week from San Diego) could spend our last Thanksgiving with him. When the hospital and his doctor released him from the hospital to return back home, Prairie Houses Director [name removed] said he could not come back. The hospital worked hard trying to find a new home for him. Two assistance living places came out to access him. They said he was just fine to move in. They both didn't understand why PH had a problem with him returning home because he met ALL guidelines for assistant living. He just had a lot of swelling but was still able to walk and get around. The director at PH wanted him to go to skilled nursing facility (which his doctor DID NOT BELIEVE HE NEEDED nor did the hospital), so the hospital had to re-admit him and call his doctor to get him to write a order for a skilled nursing facility till we could find him a new home because the hospital records stated PH didn't want him back! [Name removed] however said that wasn't true, and given my father WANTED to go back to PH we completed their request to get him to go back to his home.

The first night at the skilled nursing facility they forced him to go too, my father was scared (keep in mind this was thanksgiving week our last holiday with our father) my father called me crying wanting to go back home. I called [name removed], offered a sitter or hire a nurse to sit with him 24/7 if she was worried. She wanted till Friday. I complied again. Refused my request. This was what she wanted was someone to keep an eye on him, so why send him to another new place to confuse him anymore! On Friday I called and asked if he could return home with a nurse/sitter. Again she needed till Monday. Friday I arrived at the facility, PH forced him to go to. He was in a corner, in a pissed soaked bed, they lost all his clothes, he was in a dirty shirt and had no pants on because they lost them all! He was scared, confused and didn't understand why he couldn't go home! PH set him up to fail! My heart was broken! After speaking with an employee at PH, [name removed] had no intention on letting him back over pride! I wasn't going to sit around and wait till Monday to hear another lie and place my father through more pain! So I moved his belongings to a facility. The nurse already had done his eval when he was in the hospital and actually felt at the point he would be on the lower level of medical care. PH, didn't listen to me, the hospital or his doctor that they believed he was fine to return home.

My father gave up after that! His thrive to live ended in that skilled nursing facility. When I got him out he didn't know why he couldn't go home to PH. On [date removed] a month later after this PH ordeal, he moved to a hospice home to die. On [date removed] he passed away. Not one person showed up from PH to pay their respects! They kept saying how precious of a man he was! Yet no one could come or send a card! What [name removed] did there was frowned on by MANY employees current and past! I have no ill feelings for the people that work there other then this Director. She did not follow state guidelines or the lease agreement. She let her pride run the show. I find what she did evil. I hope she is proud of her actions. She truly hurt my father! He had been through enough! Why 2 other Assistant Living places found him completely suitable, but she was concerned of him coming back there from him being on IV lasixs, yet he did it back in September and returned to PH (now on hospice) with no problems and I even offered a sitter/nurse this time around to stay with him. They need to get stable, professionals here. This director runs the show on emotion not professionalism. My father had such a short time left and he should of been able to live it out where he wanted. She ruined that for him and for that there is NO FORGIVENESS!

I will state that they still owe me money from the day they said he couldn't return! Still waiting on the check for the 10 days he wasn't allowed home that I already paid for.

Another beware! Beware of their pharmacy.

My only complaint is that it is very costly, however, the facility in wonderful

We love Prairie House and they have been so caring. Extremely happy with them overall. Good food, plenty of entertainment, crafts available daily, puzzle area with lots of choices of puzzles, loving spirit and very available to family when we need information. Nursing staff is kind and helpful. We are thankful for Prairie House.

I absolutely love this amazing house. I appreciate and trust in [name removed], she is caring, compassionate,great & her heart is truly in her job/extended family at prairie house. I look forward to taking mom for lunch Friday.

No odd smells! Very nice facility. Very good ration of staff to residents in memory care. Very professional presentation

Very attentive and accommodating staff

This facility was better that I expected. It’s such a beautiful place and all of the staff members were very caring. When my Mother needed help, there was always a nurse on call for her. They were so supportive of her condition and accommodating. The staff was very attentive and made sure she was comfortable. Everyone was just great and it’s a really nice facility. My mother really loved the food as well. It’s more of a restaurant style didn’t and she loved everything that they served. In the beginning the transition was really iffy, but they had a lot of new residents moving in at once. I would definitely recommend this community.

New Community

This community is very nice only a year old so everything is still new and looks great. You just get a sense of being at home when you walk in there. It is on the small side of other communities we looked at. I think mom is doing very well being here and having that one on one attention helps. In time I think she will start to socialize more and interact with more of the residents. She likes the food when she is up to eating and going to the dining hall. The staff is wonderful if mom doesn't feel up to going to the dining room but wants to eat they will bring her meal to the room. The staff is wonderful very attentive and friendly.

Room to grow

This is a brand new community and they are still working out some kinks. They have an extensive menu, however they have had a turnover with the chefs so sometimes the food is not as good. The staff seem tired as they are still trying to learn. The people that work here are very friendly. Mom has made friends and we are hoping things will improve as more residents move into the community.

Pleasant Tour of This Community

My tour of this community went very well. It is a nice facility with kind people. The community looked good for what I saw. The staff I came across was polite, and friendly. The experience was a pleasant one overall, but I did find another community that suited our needs better.

The community looks super nice and I did not pick them because they were quite a bit more money per month. I had a good tour from the representative. I thought it was the nicest place and it is brand new, they just open. The people were friendly.

When I Was Searching For the Right One

I had two main factor to find; location and staff. On the tour at this community, I found that this didn't have what I was looking for. The tour was good, I got to see the whole community and the representative was on time for our appointment. This just was not the place for us, nothing was wrong the community.

Unprofessional Management

This facility looks great and they promise the best of everything but once they close the deal the story changes. The nurses and aids are not supposed to do anything but patient care but We have seen them serving in the dining room and doing laundry. Management is unorganized, hard to find when you need them and fail to provide critical information to family/guardians. We've repeatedly asked for keys and codes that after 3 months we still do not have. Manager tells us it's someone else's job or that she didn't know we wanted them. Very frustrating. It all comes down to management. We're considering moving our family member out if something doesn't change. Management is placating and condescending. For the price there just have to be better choices.

Very Unprofessional Staff!!

I would never recommend this place to anyone it has been an absolute nightmare dealing with the administration at this community. They are very unprofessional and unorganized especially in the billing department. I have been waiting on a correct billing report for them for two months and every time I call and try to speak to someone they are very rude and disrespectful to me. Also the nurses that work there even told me that the website lies they have no special training that is provided to them before working. I will say the aids and nurses are the only thing good about this place the rest is awful.

Great quality of care!!

I could not be more pleased with the amount of care my mother has been receiving from this community. My mom has been participating in many of the memory care activities they do throughout the week including puzzles and coloring crafts. She seems to really be enjoying the company of the other residents and has genuinely been happier since she made the move into this home. Every time I go to visit they always have a great meal being prepared that smells wonderful and taste delicious. I would highly recommend this new assisted living home to anyone.