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Customer Reviews

Beautiful community with many advantages, spacious, lovely independent living cottages with 2 car garages. A good variety of items on the menu and food was tasty.
Very convenient to shopping. Residents looked happy and the atmosphere was pleasant. [Name removed] gave us the tour and she was wonderful, very personable and attentive.


Very glad my MUM is living there.

More like assisted living than memory care.

We were sadly disappointed with the intake process--very unprofessional and included only a verbal interview with ONE family member. No standardized evaluation was every done by anyone at the facility, nor did a medical professional at the facility lay eyes on the resident. It was all questionnaire based. Hence, the questionnaire offered options about ambulation--does resident use a walker (no), does resident use a wheelchair (no). We were not able to share that she'd had side by side support for walking. So she had a fall within the first week.
During one visit, our mom could not be located for a few minutes, only to find that she'd been left in her room seated in her wheelchair without the wheels locked.
While the activities were engaging and very energetic, they seemed highly inappropriate for the advanced dementia patients--way too overstimulating and confusing.

Great Community

We fell in love with everything about Ponte Palmero when we toured. We are still working out a few kinks after move-in, but the community has been excellent overall, and we are pleased so far. The staff are great, and they seem to really care about the residents. I will say that they seem to need more staff in the dining room, as it often takes a very long time to get served at mealtimes. Otherwise, the food is very good, and the chef seems really interested in what residents and families have to say. They seem to have plenty of activities going on, and I like that the community is very secure. My loved one is able to walk around by himself, but at the same time, the community is gated, so there is no way he can leave. I feel at peace knowing he is safe and secure and that he is receiving the care he needs.

Nice place to live

I was looking for a full service assisted living place for my mom and was referred to Ponte Palmer by a geriatric nurse practitioner. Overall its been good for her. The staff is generally helpful and they have lots of activities for folks including regular outings. Her apartment is always clean and tidy, the menu has a lot of variety and she has made new friends. All in all its pretty good.

Forget this place-elderly treated like a bad movie-nightmarish

I saw patients in this place and was told many negative things by the residents. One resident said that housekeeping was never there'd, and I believe her once I saw the filthy toilet that wasn't cleaned week after week although she was charged for it. The carpeting had severe stains that she was told would be cleaned or replaced. For 8 months that carpeting remained disgusting like the bathroom toilet with nothing cleaned whatsoever. One client needed max assist with bathing and dressing, I found her in the same filthy dress every time I visited, apparently she was sleeping in these clothes as well. I reported this problem stating she needed dressing every morning and evening, the administration agreed but never did anything about it. The whole place was disgusting, dirty and the residents all appeared [Removed]. The residents I saw monthly were all loosing weight complaining about the food, when they did get their meals the food was grossly lacking in nutrition, volume and presentation I wouldn't give it to my dog!

Really nice property!!

My dad and mom are both living in this community now and I am very pleased with how things are going for them so far. They seem to have no complaints about the food and are slowly starting to get involved with many of the activities they have available throughout the week. I thought the prices are very reasonable and the staff does a great job at keeping the facility clean and well maintained.

Upscale Care

I toured this nice community f or care for my father. This was a very upscale community with a lot. The staff was not as friendly and that is not what we were looking for. There is a nice variety of meals. There would have been nice activities. I suggest that other families tour this community to see if it would be a good fit for a family member.

Do not move your loved one here

Please do yourself a favor, and skip this place. My sister and I put our mother here and we have regretted it. We were billed for services they never did. They charged us so much money in fees for things they never did. They would walk into my mom's apartment and ask her if she needs help dressing - when she said no, they left. We got charged for it. They billed and billed us for all kinds of things. My mom has Altzheimers and is very functional but is in denial about her limitations. She would say no to any kind of help. She would fall, and would lay there for hours. She laid in her own urine. She was rushed to the hospital and their cleaning service never came in and cleaned it up. Blood, urine - still there when we brought mom back from the hospital.

Staff is friendly, but they often ar seen talking amongst themselves.

Don't get me started with the pendant - pushed it an no one came. Finally the Med distribution lady came and that was 30 minutes later.

My mom has fallen and pushed the pendant like we trained her to, and no one came. Ponte is not safe for elderly people in their assisted living.

Saw her doctor and his staff said they constantly hear bad things about Ponte.

Ran into one of their staff offsite, and she said the place is a hell [Removed]. There is massive turn over and they treat their employees poorly.

The food is horrible. Beyond bad. My mom went to visit one of the resident sin memory care - and the food they serve is disgusting. Cold, and very small portions.

I went over to visit the resident in the lighthouse and I saw the same thing. We were told it was the same food. It's not. One chicken finger and some old frozen green beans - disgusting.

i am happy to answer any questions you have, I will tell you what we have experienced and you judge for yourself.

The facility is nice, spacious apartment was a selling point. But this is not a place for anyone who needs ANY amount of assistance or care.

Go somewhere else. If you love your loved ones, scrutinize the bills, examine the food, do surprise visits, and see the lack of cleaning the cleaning staff does. This facility has issues much bigger than what they can handle. Management is making money off families not taking the time to monitor the services provided. Your loved ones definitely deserve better.

My Choice!

I loved this place and it was actually the place I wanted for my father to move into. It is more independent living, which is what I think he needs. The doors into the apartments are on the exterior, so it feels more independent. They have full kitchens in the apartments too. Overall, this place was amazing.

My Father's Care

My father was very happy here. The staff took very good care of him. The community was always clean when I would visit. The activities were good that were offered to him. I would suggest this community to other families.

I Think They Are One Of The Best

The meals are not what I would like but the cook tries. We had a meeting about a vegetarian diet and she asked me to give her suggestions. However, the community is clean, quite beautiful, and I get housekeeping for my apartment. Activities are available and they are a bit childish and suitable for us. I moved in to be social and it is going well. I have realized there is not much diversity and most residents are from this area. They are all nice and I think it's the best place I have looked at.

Overall excellent choice

The folks at Ponte Palmero have exceeded our expectations about assisted living. The accommodations are lovely, one-of-a-kind, and the staff has been very helpful. Efforts are made to help new residents feel welcome and to meet other residents. The early- evening dining hours are somewhat limited, but everything else, including the on-the-spot assistance has been quality. Evaluated several communities and we are pleased with our choice.

They do a great job

I think Ponte Palmero is an excellent option for a care facility. They try to accommodate their residents and are very friendly.

Suportive and loveing

We moved my loved one in to this community a year ago. She is an extremely independent who had to come into assisted living kicking and screaming. She is a woman who wants things the way she wants them and has no problems telling you if and when you get it wrong. After living 90 years on her own we were worried about how she would take to living in an assisted living community. We toured many places. This is the only one where a senior can have not only a car but a full kitchen in assisted living. Their homes are more like high end condos then the little hotel rooms most places have. We moved her into a 2 bedroom 2 bath.

The staff, all a way around, has been amazing! They have taken the time to create a relationship with our love one. She loves Carmon one of her favorite care givers and she thinks the maintenance crew walks on water. When her sewing machine table broke the maintenance crew not only fixed but they went above and beyond to go and get the proper screws to do the job right. It sounds like a small thing. But that is what they do; they excel at the millions of small things we as her family have not been able to do. She loves it there. Something we never thought would happen.

When she started showing changes in her memory and abilities, the change was so sudden and shocking. The staff rallied around our family with support not only to our loved one- but us as well. They walked us through what the next steps were and supported us all the way through it. They offered us solutions, helped with contacts. They were honest and direct with us, while at the same time they would not let us jump the gun and kept us thinking positively. They were focused on what would keep her not only safe- but happy and the most comfortable. They knew her enough to know that she would be happiest in her home, and they worked with us on ways to keep her there for as long as possible. (because they were thinking about HER wants and needs not just what was easiest on them) When we had to move her to the Lighthouse, Angela the community nurse and Barbra the director of memory care were so supportive and helpful and kind. They helped make a horrible time for our family easier. They really took care of everything. All we needed to do, was be there for our loved one. What touched me the most was how the people who cared for her in her old apartment made a point to come by and say good bye and the real emotion they had about not getting to be her caregivers any more.

I know that sometimes people talk about the tricky-tacky things like not liking the way the dinner is cooked or the waiters were too slow one night or to complain about that this or that was not exactly right. It is easy to get fixated on those small details. Lord knows our loved one did. But now after going through what we just did, we realize that what really matter in the end was the overall care and experience not just one bad plate or night. The night the waiter was slower than normal, maybe was the same night the same waiter took an extra moment to ask us how we were doing- and really wanting to know the answer. It was the time she took an extra moment to get to know our loved one and tried to make her day just a little brighter. They Day it takes the nurse a few hours to return you call may have been the day we spent crying in her office, because she let them go to voicemail, while she stayed focused on us and making sure we understood what was happening and how we, as a team were going to move forward.

It's the fact that when the chips were down and our world was changing- they were there not only to help pick up the big pieces, but because they knew us, because they knew her, they were able to grab all the little one we never thought to look at and as a result were able to put us back together again. (To the best of their abilities) It was care for us as a whole, not just going through the motions.

They hide their bad service in a pretty package

If I could give this place no stars I would. My mother lived here in the memory care section for about a year. I came in every day to see her and though the staff was nice to me, they overlooked many things. There was definitely not enough staff for the amount of residents. The woman in charge, Leah never really poked her head out of her office which I found to be a little insensitive that someone in charge of care of my mother didn't even know her.
The food was often cold and inedible, the meat red and hard to cut. If you wanted something specific, you simply couldn't get it. The kitchen didn't seem to see the memory care residents as people.
Don't even get me started on the safety hazards. Since the staff was busy running around like chickens with their heads cut off, they didn't witness many things I got to see and could have prevented dozens of falls and ER trips.
For the quality of care, they sure nickle and dimed you for care costs. I paid for things that were regularly not done to my mother such as brushed teeth or cleaned dentures.
At the end of my mothers life, I greatly appreciated the staff, but the management and conditions in the facility drove me to wishing I had made a better choice.

it was very lovely, but more independent.

They aren't really geared for assisted care, and you had to walk outside to get from place to place, which seemed lonely for people that aren't mobile. It just would not work. My mother-in-law actually lived there, it was very lovely. The assisted care is really independent, even though they may help you with a few things.

Reviewing the food situation

One of the reasons I selected Ponte Palmero is because they offered Duet Cottages and all your meals. On my recent trip, I stopped to talk to a person who lives in a cottage, She was very happy with the cottage and said all the people she knew loved the cottages. But there was one thing they all complained about and that was the food, which is one of the reasons I wanted to live there. It seems in the last year they have changed Chefs, and no one is satisfied, but everyone is afraid to say anythiing, which I do not understand. I noticed after reading other reviews, and looking at the year written, it does seem in the last year the meal situation has changed. It is a shame the people can't get together and take this complaint to the people who can change things. If they don't know they can't help.

Mixed Feelings

I recently moved my elderly mother into Ponte Palmero. We love the location in the foothills and the apartment is beautifully detailed with granite counters, high ceilings, and lots of room and windows. Every unit comes with a one-car garage which some people use as an additional room or for storage. (Makes the "downsizing" a little easier.)
The staff is very friendly and the food servers are very efficient and friendly. The food is only okay except for the omelets (excellent!) and mimosas at Sunday brunch. (We may be biased because the food at her previous retirement community was consistently excellent.) However, it is wonderful that the kitchen is open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. because my mother likes to sleep in.
Our main complaint with this company is with the assisted care service and billing. They bill on a "point" system and I have never seen a more confusing and opaque billing system in my life. They bill in advance of providing the services and we've been told they can't itemize the services we're being charged for. My mother moved in mid-month and they tried to charge us for a full 31 days of service and for bathing assistance even for the time when no one came or called my mother to let her know or apologize. We originally asked for pet care (cleaning the cat box once daily) but when it didn't seem to be done well or regularly and we found we were being charged $273/month, we cancelled that. If my mother can't handle that chore we'll buy a sophisticated self-cleaning litter box that will pay for itself in less than 2 months.
In summary, we like the facility and the staff very much but prefer getting the necessary in-home assistance through an outside company.

Great setup, more like reso...

Great setup, more like resort living. Very clean.

Very Impressed

One of the things I’m impressed with is their attendant care, their medtec care. I’m really impressed with that and their friendliness of their staff. The food is really excellent. Their activities are fantastic. They have a swimming pool for therapy.

So far there have been some ups and downs.

So far there have been some ups and downs. The food is absolutely terrible, and that was the big selling point. They prepare the food in the assisted living section, and bring it over to the lighthouse, the food is consistently cold and hard, and has been overcooked in a microwave. It's pretty bad. The director Leah, is new, and can be a little short, and seems a little insensitive at times. The caregivers, are all super nice, but they don't pay attention to some of the little details, like what the residents are dressed in, and if things match. It's a beautiful facility, the overall presentation is really nice. The main reason we chose them though was the food. They told us that in the memory care, they would get two options, show them two plates of food and let them choose, that has never happened.

Moving in

We are very happy with the Ponte Palmero Retirement community. We used their moving expert which was a great help, however, you should plan on bringing your own tools and hanging supplies as theirs were not what we wanted to use.
We do advise to move in early in the week. We moved our mom in on a Friday and the support staff is scarce on weekends. Moving on a Mon-Wed would have been easier.
Plan on phone service earlier than later-took a week to get service from move-in day. Had scheduled two weeks out but AT&T was horrible.
Plan on being near your loved one as much as possible in the first few days to help in the apartment and to activities.
Activities are fewer on weekends so plan to spend time with your family on weekends.
Overall, everyone was as helpful as they could be. The other residents were quick to involve our mom. The place was immaculate and ready to move-in.
We ate many meals throughout the weekend, all comped, and enjoyed every bite.
Plenty of storage space, great arrangement in the Assisted Living apartments.
Hair salon are very accommodating and gave our mom the best haircut and set she's had in years.
Bus service to church went well.
Whenever we had a concern or problem the staff tried all they could do to help.

Unique setting for a retire...

Unique setting for a retirement community. Has all levels from Independent to Memory Care. Independent and Assisted Living are in apartments that open to the outside like a regular apartment complex. Each unit is very upscale with stainless steel appliances, granite countertops and very large. Most are twice the size of other communities for the same price. Residents are very engaged in the community and create a country-club feel to the place. The Memory Care area is a separate building with two large interior atriums that are outside each room. Continues the upscale surroundings in the rooms and common areas. Staff is warm and upbeat, obviously happy to be there. Our mom is a reluctant transfer and just loved the place when we took her back to lunch.

Ponte Palmero Lighthouse

Although the PP Lighthouse is expensive ($4900/mo rent plus approx. $1000/mo care) it is the best place we could find for our mother who is physically and mentally impaired after a hip fracture. The managerial staff are very professional and care about both the resident and the family. The caregivers are gentle, special people.

Great choice

We love the size of the apartment and grandma is happy, which is what matters, right?

A Close Second

I didn't like that all the rooms were on an outside corridor. I was worried about that with the weather because it does get pretty cold up there. The man who was giving me a tour was very evasive about letting me tour the memory care which is what I was most interested in for my mom so I didn't like that. Everything else about the place was excellent. It was my very very close second choice.

Seems Good

It's kind of early to tell but so far it seems good. My mother doesn't require care yet so I'm not sure how the care is. The first day the girl didn't show up for housekeeping because she was sick so that didn't work. The meals are very good. My mom has only been there two weeks so we'll see how it goes.

Everyone is Friendly and Mom is Comfortable

My brother is living with my mother in Ponte Palermo because she needs full time assistance so he's worked something out with them so that he can live there and help her out. They're comfortable down there. They're treated well and the food is good. The process was smooth, getting her in there. Everyone was friendly from the get go and they continue to be. It's not like they put on a face to get you in the door and then turn into ogres.

Really good match for mom

i noticed weeds in the garden and things that I wouldn't do in my home but as far as my moms apartment and the dining room goes the cleanliness is fine, I'm not concerned with it at all. The staff is A+++++++, we've been in a couple places before and we've never experienced anything like this. Everyone is so friendly, right on the ball when you call them, they're non invasive, the don't tell you what to do, they ask and they're very helpful. That's the thing we're most impressed with. They have a sliding scale depending on your needs so that's really nice, we have a nicer apartment, better care services, it's still expensive, the level of care and the quality is so much better. She has the freedom to go where she wants, it's newer so the design for assisted living is vastly better, brilliantly set up. We wouldn't have chosen it in the beginning when she was more independent but for where she is now, its great.

2700 - $3000/mo private room.

2700 - $3000/mo private room.

Beautiful place. the apts are lovely ...

Beautiful place. the apts are lovely with full kitchens although there are 3 meals a day provided. A little too far from our Drs, etc. though.

This was my mom's favorite place when...

This was my mom's favorite place when we visited and had lunch. She is not ready to move yet but we feel this might be the place she'll go to when she is ready.

From the Community

Ponte Palmero Retirement Community is the premier Retirement Living Community in Cameron Park, California and is also near the communities of Sacramento, Roseville, Folsom and Auburn. Ponte Palmero is a full-service, resort style solar retirement community that allows you to invest your retirement in making new memories, free from maintenance, routine chores and meal preparation. Enjoy all you need within reach including dedicated memory care for those with Alzheimer’s or dementia, assisted living, shopping and Marshall Medical right down the hill. With our exceptionally trained staff and an energetic social calendar we provide a supportive and unique lifestyle. In short, you'll receive the hospitality you'd expect from an all-inclusive resort, all tailored to your individual needs.

The beauty of living at Ponte Palmero is that you never have to do it alone. You've spent decades perfecting the art of living; here's your chance to enjoy it. At Ponte Palmero we've created a special senior living community designed to help you make the most of your vitality and independence...together.