Peregrine Senior Living at Colonie - Colonie, NY

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Customer Reviews

Son of a Patient at Peregrine Colonie

This is a great place for anyone struggling with dementia. The staff are warm and friendly and its a brand new place and clean every time my wife and I visit. The past 6 months have been great for my Mom and she is much happier now. I would recommend this place to anyone looking for care of a family member.

Mom is in good hands!

My mother has been living at Peregrine since the end of September (~3 mos when posting this review). In this time, I have found the staff to be a caring and patient group of people that give my mom the attention she needs, and treat her as they would their own family. My mother has always been a "foodie" and she praises the dining experience! The food is sincerely top notch. The medical staff is responsive and will call with concerns and information promptly. The facility is very clean with a nice layout, secure outside areas, and beautiful birds in an indoor living area to watch at your leisure. Overall, my mom and I are both quite happy where she is, and I would highly recommend Peregrine in Colonie to anyone looking for a place for their loved ones to reside with peace of mind.

Friend and Power of Attorney

My friend [name removed] has been at Peregrine Since Oct. 2018..In this short time I have seen such a positive change in her..Between the staff...meals... and weekly stimulation
activities ... have all added to her improvement .Because
of the good care given her I no longer worry about her on a daily basis anymore...I would recommend Peregrine to anyone who is suffering with Memory loss ..The staff fully
is engaged with caring for their residents with this problem.

You're lived one will be safe

My mom had been there for 3 months & we couldn't be more pleased. Sure, there are some things that could improve, but all profit facilities have their flaws.
I feel as though the activities could use a majoroverhaul. The activities girl is sweet, but I feel like a great deal of the clients appear bored. Every time I come to visit, especially on the weekends all there is is puzzles and coloring. My mom personally loves the bus trips, and music entertainment but I dont think puzzles are something she has ever done.
The care staff for the most part is top notch. The nurses and medication people are knowledgable, and if I have a question or concern. The response is prompt. Some of the clients are more confused than others and the staff has patience of saints. They handle each client with individuality and such csre.
Is it perfect? As I said, not always. However, the peace of mind you receive knowing your loved one is safe is worth seeing past the flaws. I recommend peregrine to anyone going through the process of watching someone you love, fade away.

Peregrine Review

I am surprised at the negative reviews because we have had a good experience so far. My mother in law has been at Peregrine for 3 months. We haven't had any issues. Everytime I go there the staff is friendly and the place is clean.

I find it hard to believe that someone would keep a family member in a place for 7 months without being showered. That sounds more like a disgruntled employee to me.

Major Disappointment

Overall a disappointment.

My father has been there for 7 months.

They do not have the experience to maintain these people. They can not and do not get him in the shower or get him to brush his teeth or anything from personal maintenance.

We get in there and have to change his clothes ourselves, These people can't even get him to change his shirt. You would think every couple of days they would change the clothes of everyone as well as check to make sure they have not soiled themselves. A few times we have got there to find him an absolute mess.

They have the potential for a great place but they are 100% hands off in many important areas.

Positive Experience

My mother has been at Peregrine since April. In spite of other bad reviews, I am very satisfied with the care she receives. Nice people work there and it is always clean and bright. Plenty of activities.

Not a good place

We had a loved one here. Not a good facility. Staff isn’t consistent and most aren’t familiar with how to care for elderly with memory care issues.
They are having their current employees post positive “reviews.”

Just awful

Sadly this place is not what it seems. It is a shiny new facility that doesn't give a damn about the people entrusted to their care. Their staffing ratios are not what is advertised, or safe or legal. Swing by unannounced on weekend and you will see this for yourself. At times they have no idea how many resident are currently in the facility, which obviously begs the question how do you know everyone is accounted for? (Spoiler alert - they don't). And good luck finding any staff member at night, even one! This on top of unclean conditions, lack of attention, apparent lack of knowledge and experience concerning memory care needs and poor communication make for a subpar facility.

Do not entrust the care of a loved one to this pplace

Nothing good about our experience here! Unsafe, unclean and the staff is deceitful.
My mom was here only a few weeks and it was terrible from the beginning. Do not leave a loved one here.

I was impressed by the facility. We are considering this center.

Excellent, I Can't Enough Good Things

I absolutely love Peregrine assisted living. My father-in-law lives there and I can’t say enough good things about our experience there. The staff is excellent. Whenever I go for a visit, everyone there is so happy, friendly, and caring. They really do treat the residents like they’re family. The food smells delicious, and the dining staff work very hard to accommodate my father in law, who can be picky. They have a lot of activities including outings, live entertainment, and games. They also have a pot belly pig, two bunnies, and an aviary that the residents can visit. My father loves to visit Wilber the pig. The community is nicely decorated and clean. I have yet to notice any smells. My father-in-law’s room is always tidy, and his laundry is always neatly hung or folded. I would absolutely recommend this community to others. It is excellent.