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Customer Reviews

This is a really nice place. The people very friendly. The residents that we observed seemed quite content. Should we have to choose a place, it will be this one.

Change is needed before placing your loved ones here!

This place was a a better place before the new ED got there. I can’t say it was the best but it sure was better than this new lady. I’ve never met a person that genuinely doesn’t care about the residents needs. Not to mention staff. They have had the worst turn over I have ever witnessed. And the worst part is the residents have to deal with that and there paying for good service. Right?! Caregivers have had to work up to 2-3 mes carts a shift due to no QMAPS. That’s unsafe and I strongly believe it’s illegal. And if that’s not enough I’ve also have witnessed one person from management pass out medication! They were short so they had this person pass out medication to residents and keep in mind they do NOT have a license to pass any kind of medication! They’ve had quite a few med errors that has sent residents to the hospital. No residents are safe in the hands of these people. And with caregivers working overtime they can be found taking naps throughout the place. I just recently encountered a staff member asleep on a bench tapped her to let her know it was time for my mothers medication. If staff isn’t sleeping they can be found on there phones in the break room. Also they have had an AC problem on the third floor since about June and it has yet to be fixed! They pretty much went all summer without AC in the hallways. And there solution for this in the meantime was to place fans throughout the hallways. Sure that’s safe for residents with there walkers. And in one room the temperature went up to 92 degrees and no maintenance to take care of it. They have had about 14 rooms available in the last couple months that is unbelievable since before new management they have about 2-4 rooms. When there’s that many rooms empty on a place that used to have a waitlist you gotta wonder why that’s happening. These residents deserve more than what there getting. My mom deserved more! I hated visiting and my mom telling me how much more she hates it there. They needed change but the change they got wasn’t the change they needed.

Terrible Experience

My mother lived there for years, so glad we are out. It is nothing like it used to be and the management team and staff has significantly declined.

Go some place else

I have seen the building steadily go down hill since the new director. I am there to visit my mom frequently. I have tried to meet the new director twice, once she was too busy, once I needed an appointment. In 4 months she has not met my family or my mother. The air in the building hasn't worked all summer. The 3rd floor is so hot, they have fans unsafely put everywhere. The staff turn over is higher than ever. They will openly tell you how much things have changed for the worse. They need to get some help and in a big way. Or they will have a lot more open rooms.

A good tour with nice people

My daughters and I had a great tour of Park Regency in Thornton, CO. The facility was clean and well kept. The residents seemed happy and friendly. We also spoke to several aids and also thought that they were friendly, At one time we observed one of the aids helping a lady and she was very kind and patient with her.
I was impressed with the 1 bedroom apt I wanted. It was a good size and had alot of storage. I liked the way it was arranged and the areas available for my furniture.
The dining room was large and attractive.The only problem with this area is that it is closed after every meal leaving only a side area available for drinks and I believe some snacks. Guest meals were available. There was also a family dining room available. You could bring in your own food or your family could eat from the selection in the dining room for a small charge.
I wasn't impressed with the craft/game area or where the big tv was located. Not enough room for these areas to be so close together and not enough area for many craft supplies.
There were alot of services available. You can do your own laundry or have it done.They do regular health assessments. You are allowed pets.
One other thing was that I didn't think that the transportation to culture events was busy enough.
Over all I liked this facility and the people there. We didn't eat a meal at this location, but it was close to lunch time and people were looking forward to it.
You should just call for a tour.

Very accessible staff team

While looking for a place for my parents we originally sought out to look at communities within a 10 miles radius. We found this location that was just about 1 mile away so it made it very convenient, actually pretty too convenient to say the least. The staff team is very accessible. There is always someone around the lobby area, there are nurses in certain sections like the wellness center, and the employee break room is right off the main lobby. So for any reason you can’t get a hold of anyone to help you, you can just knock on the door to get someone to assist you. It is a very busy facility with about a hundred residents so it’s great that the staff team is that easy to get to for assistance. They also do a good job with keeping everything cleaned and organized. One particular comment: the laundry service is amazing. They would bring back your laundry as if they were dry cleaned. My mother is a real knit picker with that and even she was impressed with their service. There are a lot of activities offered as well. They post the things going on their board. They have bingo, a big area to watch football games, movie nights, and crafts a couple times a week. My mother is a bridge player so the staff actually helped to make fliers to let others know if they want to create a meetup of some kind. So far not so successful, but I love how the staff helped out with that. They are so helpful and friendly along with the other residents. I definitely recommend this community to other families.

Nice tour

Park Regency was a nice community. The staff was friendly and provided information regarding the care my mom would receive. It seemed like a clean and well-kept community. We chose another community that would allow pets and was close to our home so that we could visit often.

Enjoyable environment!!

I had recently taken a tour of this community for my mother and I was pleased with the presentation that we had received. The staff where kind and where patient with all of our questions. They had a spacious dinning room as well common area spaces. I thought they had a nice floor plan and a lot of great amenities for the residents it was just not the right fit in the end decision for her.

We toured the facility and it seems very nice. The level of care that we may require would not be sufficient for us at this residence at this time

I'm Pretty Well Pleased

My brother is doing well living at this community. They give him all his medication and he gets physical therapy too. He goes down for 2 meals and I noticed they have special programs available on certain days. I go with him to try to get him involved.

Care and attention

I like the care at this community. The staff is very and helpful. The food is appealing with a nice variety. She is offered activities to stay active. We would suggest that families tour this community for the great care and value for a loved one.

Comfort for mom!

The staff is taking very good care of my mother. The place is kept up ver well, the room my mother is in is clean. The food is alright, it is not the best but it is also not the worse. We are satisfied with how things are going so far.

Lots of wonderful residents!!

Since my mother has made the move into this community she has made a lot of improvements including her social skills. She has involved her self with all of the great activities they have to offer throughout the week and really enjoys the company of the other residents. All of the staff make you feel like an extended family. They all know my name and make sure to keep in good contact with me about any updates or concerns of my mom. Overall I am very pleased with her experience so far.

Fantastic facility!! Great staff and amenities. Beautifully decorated, bright, and cheerful. They truly seem to care about all residents acknowledging them all by name. I would recommend the Park Regency to anyone needing to make this sometimes difficult decision. The value for the money is fantastic, there isn't any nickle and dimming on charges as with some of the other facilities I considered. All inclusive pricing makes life easier for residents and families.

Careful where you tread.

All I can say is this: don't believe everything you read. The place is beautiful on the surface, but start talking to some of the helpers, the staff. Not the management, but the regular "joe's", you will find that they were taken away all overtime, even though this place has only been open 1 1 and a half years, they have already gone through 3 or 4 administrators, the kitchen and dining room staff is a revolving door, the administration will LIE to get what they need and want, especially out of you (the resident). The residents move in and out of there so fast you can hardly make friends, and there are NUMEROUS medication errors. Like I said, it's beautiful there, and that is what gets you in the door, plus they know how to play the game, but a bit of a warning, look between the outer layers. Oh, one other thing, they have only been open a year or two, but the elevators hardly ever work, the place leaks and floods, and there are many things wrong with the place. The BIGGEST thing wrong with the place is that they UNDERBID everything when they were building the place. Imagine a fire alarm going off, you don't have access to stairs (they are locked), and there are two elevators, and you get stuck on one as it quits working?? Don't believe it? It happened to me,........twice!~! I am very happy where I live now, no problems, no complaints, so I don't think it's me......???

Wonderful place!

They do a wonderful job at Park Regency, I've been very impressed with their services across the board! It's a very clean, friendly place, and it just has a very comfortable home-like atmosphere. I really like how dedicated and organized they are when it comes to keeping the residents active and engaged. The friendliness and flexibility of the staff is unparalleled! I really can't praise them highly enough, I highly recommend them!

Going pretty good

Things are going good. Right now she is saying it's a temporary thing, but hopefully she will start viewing it as permanent. The only thing she complains about is the food. Everything is going pretty good.

Nothing To Improve On

There is not much that they can improve on. Everything they have done is good. The place is spotless. The staff is friendly and trained. The menu is good and the food is good, they have a variety of options. This has got to be the best place in the area. Everything has been really, really good.

very committed to making sure there is a good team

Park Regency Thornton is a really nice facility, my folks like it. The food is very good. The executive director, Ed is very committed to making sure there is a good team to provide the different levels of care needed. They have been very good at figuring out what level of care my parents both need. It has been a really good experience overall.