Park Manor of Cypress Station - Houston, TX

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Customer Reviews

Park Manor

Great place with friendly workers. Been there to visit my grandmother on several occasions, and she seems to like it.

Going down hill fast

Ever since the company was sold this facility has gone down hill. If I had an alternative for my mother I would move her.

The basic care is there, but non-essentials like changing soiled undergarments is not done quickly enough. They have evidently cut corners on everything except basic care.

!#! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!

This place is my family's worse nightmare!
Department: Physical rehab. The physical therapist was ok. The medical care was hideous!
There should be a rating of 0.

Smells so bad!

Oh my God, my dad was just taken into this place for rehab, it smells so bad. I was only able to bear the stench of urine for a few minutes. If it wasnt so late I would have taken my dad out of there. I will be checking for a substitute tomorrow. How can this even be allowed? How can the employees bear the stench or is it that they are used to it. What a lack of cleanliness. Totally disgusting!

Bad vibe

I am this facility now and a patient fell right before my eyes. I was only coming in to tour the building the facility was having some type of party lights were going off the resident who fell on the floor was down for like three minutes and nobody came to her rescue until I saw a lady go and get someone and inform them that someone had fallen out the wheel chair. The receptionist was answering the phone and she told someone that the everyone was in a meeting but in reality it's a party going on poor customer service and I still wasn't able to tour the facility and I'm actually glad I wasn't this place should be closed.

Old people storage facility

My Mother is now in this facility. I am so very unhappy with what I have seen so far. I tried to care for her at home but was impossible. I am 73 and she is total care. I had no choice this was the only home that would take her pending Medicaid funding.
I asked the nurse in charge of her care a week ago to discontinue a particular drug, It is having a negative response on my mother. There are different drugs they can use for the same problem. The nurse said she would I was willing to call the assigned doctor I was told there was no need. At the same time I explained she needed to be on a antibiotic for long term, I also explained I could call the doctor and have him call , she responded she would take care of that too.
Well here it is a week and none of that was done.
There are no bed rails on the bed. My mom is 91 she had a broken hip and was repaired but due to poor care in other facilities after surgery (5) months she can no longer move for herself. Without rails there is danger of her falling again, she can't move herself in any way she has nothing to hold on to, tell me is this the care you want for your mother?

Mixed Experience

We were living that nursing home nightmare. I didn't really have a life anymore because I felt like I had to be there all the time to make sure she was taken care of. To be totally honest, in general, I would say if you compare it to other nursing homes, it wasn't a bad place. Some of the nurses and LPN's there were fabulous, but not all of them. There was one on the later shift that was especially gruff with my mother. Some were more attentive. Sometimes she had to wait 30 minutes for help, but the bottom line is that they are understaffed. When you interview, they tell you you have X number of LPN's and CNA's but it doesn't always pan out that way. Those women are really scrambling and working hard trying to take care of everybody but there's more work than they can do. The rehab staff we loved. It wasn't bad care, but the other thing is, she was in the rehab the whole time she was there, not long term care. I don't know what would have happened once she was expected to be there permanently. There was an incident that never got resolution that confirmed that we made the right decision to pull her out. There was a day that they got her up and took her to rehab and had her sit up for awhile. Her roommate wasn't there so she was by herself in the room. My cousin got there after 4 and my mother was still sitting up; she had been left in the chair all day long. They had the wheelchair locked so she couldn't wheel it out into the hall, and she couldn't reach her cord to get help. She wasn't on her feeding tube and hadn't be changed. We talked to the director about it and he said he would get back but we never got any answer or response or follow up. To me warrants a phone call. Most of the girls were pretty nice people, but when shift changed around 9 we would see six CNA's all sitting in the lobby. She was supposed to get her meds by 7 and sometimes it would be 8:30 or 9. At the time she was there her mind was totally sound and out there you would have everyone - people screaming, or in a vegetative state. There was no area for people of sound minds to be on their own. She wouldn't come out of her room because she didn't want to be around all those people, but I guess they can't help that kind of situation.

Not Very Happy

I wasn't really happy with this community. She went here after her surgery. It seemed like the took their time in seeing to her needs. They weren't attentive enough. The rehab was good and it was a single room, so that was nice.