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Customer Reviews

Outstanding Care from Oakmont Sterling !

the Oakmont Sterling staff provided my father with incredible care and attention, around the clock this past Summer & Fall. I had reviewed ( 4 ) other facilities prior to selecting Oakmont Sterling. [Name removed] and the staff absolutely exceeded my families expectations, we wanted 5 star attention & care for my father and we got that and more from Oakmont Sterling. The food, accommodations, care and outings were wonderful.

Not the best choice for Memory Care

My Mom did well in the assisted living, not so well in memory care. My Mom liked having her own apartment, with a dining area, two windows, full bathroom with accessible shower and the ability to sit outside.
The memory care unit takes up half of the second floor and is a locked unit. It includes little old ladies pushing walkers who are confused and delusional living among individuals who have severe dementia who are physically aggressive and those with profound dementia who yowl and scream. My Mom was attacked a few times by an aggressive resident. My Mom complained about noise on the unit.
During the year and a half my Mom lived here there was much staff turnover, including in the leadership: there were three Nursing Directors; three Assistant Directors; two Executive Directors; three House Doctors; two Chefs; at least two Maintenance men; at least two Activities Directors and a mass exodus of staff every four to five months. There was confusion about my Mom's medications and even that she was diabetic, during these mass staff turnovers.
There were personal touches by individual staff who seemed to like my Mom. But the quality of care did not seem consistent from shift to shift.
The dark side of this level of care was evident when I decided to move her to another memory care. I was told that Oakmont would not assist with having the House Doctor complete medical documentation needed to transfer my Mom, even though he was my Mom's primary care physician. This resulted in almost sabotaging my Mom's transfer on time. The other Memory Care facility staff had to track down the doctor to get the documents completed. There were staff that told me things I hadn't known before: that my Mom was left outside because staff forgot she was out there and that staff on the Midnight shift were eating her food.
My Mom had two wounds that did not seem to be cared for well. After moving to the other Memory Care facility my Mom required an ER visit, multiple doctor visits and a three day hospital stay to care for the wounds. My Mom's medical needs were not cared for as well as I expected.
I don't know if it is the attitude of the Administration of this company: Huntington Management or the attitude of the leadership of this particular building, but they leave a feeling that they don't appreciate that they are running, not just a for profit business, but a business that deals with human beings and that they are dealing with people's lives.