Nottingham Health and Rehabilitation - Olathe, KS

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Customer Reviews

Do not put your loved one here

My mother stayed here, she fell and the night staff did not answer her calls for help for an HOUR. This place is understaffed and the people are under-qualified incompetent people.


Very understaffed and not adequate care. The only shining spot was Therapy which is outside contracted. They CANNOT and DO NOT deliver on what they advertise.

Look for another place

My father had to be here for some rehab after a hospital stay. Looks like a nice place but overall suggest look elsewhere. Lakeview Village was much better! This place staff were very disconnected. Seemed put out at times when asked them for help in his care. Saw a women in dining area repeatedly ask to be taken to bathroom and staff ignoring her until she was in tears saying it was too late. Medication was left at his bedside instead of given to him as required. He was supposed to be using a special hand brace and hand therapy and constantly had to ask them to do this. We couldn't wait to get him out of this place.Would never recommend!

Wonderful Experience

Beautiful place, the director of nursing was very caring and attentive. She listened to my mother's story and showed a sincere caring attitude. The therapy department and nursing staff were wonderful. Everyone in the building from the receptionist to the aides were so friendly and caring. Highly recommend.

Wonderful Place

My mother required rehabilitation after her hospital stay. We chose this nursing home because of it's location. We were pleasantly surprised of how wonderful her care was and is. My mother did not want to go to a nursing home but really needed therapy. The therapy staff was amazing. Nursing staff are always very nice and helpful. By the end of my mothers stay she actually wanted to stay long term. She has a very nice private room, friends, staff that cares about her. I'm so thankful for finding this place.

My father was brought to Nottingham for about two week as he was transitioning into long term care from a recent battle with cancer. The facility was state of the art. The food was prepared fresh daily right in front of the residents in the dining room. The staff were always friendly, helpful and willing to go the extra mile for Dad's needs. My Dad was extremely demanding and at times could be very rude but, he was always met with a smile and positive attitude. would definitely bring him back when needed.

Great place for Long Term Care

My loved one is in Morton House at Nottingham. We have been very pleased with the care. The nurses are caring, attentive, and take the time to get to know all of their residents. The day nurse always has a smile, is very welcoming, and wants to do her best to accommodate everyone as best she can. The CNAs have been great, we sometimes have to wait a few minutes for assistance but they are busy people and get to us as soon as they can. The facility is clean, house keeping is great, and there are separate bathrooms in each house for guests. The food is prepared fresh in an open kitchen, the residents can watch the cooks prepare their meal. The one area they definitely need to work on is the activities. I think there could be more for the residents to do. I believe they are trying to improve with activities. Over all, I would definitely recommend this facility.


Horrible. Very neglectful place, also very sad place. When you tour you will see residents just sitting staring into space. Horrible feeling to be there. On two occasions we heard people yelling for help, staff just ignored it. I cried in my car after I toured there.

Should have read the reviews. This place is horrible. Horrible staff. Go spend an hour there before you decide, the problems will be obvious.

****Bad Experience****

DO NOT place a loved one at this facility. Although it is new and clean, the facility is terribly understaffed. Half of the staff that are employed there are extremely lazy and slow moving. The owners and operating staff seem very nice and welcoming until there is a problem. Then they become very abrupt and uncaring with the resident's/families concerns.

Our family will never place another loved one at this facility; nor would we even come close to recommending it to anyone else.


If you care for your loved ones at all please DO NOT put them in this facility! My grandmother is currently staying here and it has been nothing but a tramatic nightmare for her. She has broken her leg and is there for rehab. She also has COPD. And a heart condition. She needs help getting to the rest room. Not only have her calls for help gone unanswered for more then 30 minutes, once they finally help her they proceed to leave her there on the toilet for upwards of 30 minutes. One time she had to scream bloody murder for someone, anyone to come and help her. On another occassion, due to the [removed] of a nurse, she fell in the nurses presence. Her calls in the middle of the night go unanswered resulting in her having to wet the bed and lay in her own urine and feces for hours at a time. She's had nurses try to force her to take meds that were not prescribed to her only to find out that they belonged to the patient in the room next door. She's had to wait until 8 o'clock at night to receive her dinner, hours after the other patients, simply because she ordered a hamburger and the cook didn't like to have to use the grill. She is greeted with bad attitudes and heartless indifference. She's lucky if she even gets someone who speaks English or has any grasp of the English language. This place is a madhouse. Upon receiving our complaints and concerns, we are once again met with indifference and defiance. Please, please do not trust or spend your hard earned money on this place. Your loved ones deserve so much more.

Just say NO to Nottingham

My mom went to Nottingham after a mild stroke. We will never go there again if the need arises for another rehab stay. She fell twice and had to get herself up because no one came in the room despite her yelling for help. The lady in the room next her constantly was calling for help and the resident across the hall one evening had to yell for pain medicine because her call light was never answered. My sister had to go to the nurse and let her know that the lady was in pain. My mom was there 9 days and linens were changed once and she got only one bath. She was suppose to stay longer but I was afraid to let her be there any longer. I will be filing a formal complaint with Medicare since they paid for the stay and they need to know about how poor the care was. Very stark atmosphere and the "gourmet" food was microwaved by a 16 year old girl. The "chef" only worked during the day I guess? Absolutely awful experience

Caring Community

My mother is a long-term care resident at Nottingham. Her main comment is always that the staff treats her very nicely. The building is lovely and new, with features being added over time. The kitchen and dining room are set up with a homey feel, so that the residents can watch the staff prepare meals. The rooms are arranged so that there are no long corridors, so it definitely does not feel like a hospital or institutional setting. My mom has received a lot of personalized attention from the staff, including the chef bringing cookies right to her room for her and one-on-one activities with the Activity Director. The RNs and CNAs are very attentive and check on her frequently. We wanted a place where Mom would be comfortable and that would not seem like a nursing home. We found it at Nottingham. Also, we are so pleased that they accept Medicaid.

It felt very clinical, almost hospital like.

It's a very nice facility, it was pretty new and clean. The rehab personnel were wonderful. However it was very stark, and it just doesn't have that homey feel. It felt very clinical, almost hospital like. The rooms were laid out in a very inconvenient way. The t.v. was on the other side of the room as the bed, so it was difficult to lie in bed and watch t.v. It wasn't that pleasant to be in, I wouldn't choose to use them again.