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Customer Reviews

Wonderful Place

My stepmother was in NHC Oak Ridge. We absolutely loved this place!! The staff in all departments treated her and us with respect. Everyone always seemed so friendly!! I watched the interaction with other patients, and was completely impressed with the compassion they showed these people!! Thank You NHC of Oak Ridge for the great care!!

Inadequate care caused setbacks

My mom was there for 11 days. We were told their physical therapy department was great. Thank goodness she was sent to the ER on day 11. It was there we learned she had a terrible bedsore that we were not told about and found 2nd one on her heel. The large one was so bad it required debridement. She developed a skin rash that was extremely painful. The staff had no idea how to handle this.
These issues caused a serious set back in my mom’s progress to recover. Please look elsewhere. Too many residents for the staff.


Upon my initial visit to NHC Oak Ridge, I thought the facility was new, clean and very convenient for our family. My father was taken to this facility for rehab due to a head injury and dememtia and it was a terrible experience. I would not recommend this facility to anyone who has dementia issues of any kind. This facility will tell you that they are equipped to handle patients with these type of issues, THEY ARE NOT!!! I can not stress this strongly enough!!! From the very beginning I was called every day or every other day because the nursing staff wanted me to come down to the facility and sit with my father until he went to sleep, because they couldn't get him to 'cooperate' with them. What they meant by 'cooperate' was in the evening when his 'sundowners' dementia started, they wanted him to sit in a wheelchair at the nurses station so that they could keep an eye on him. Otherwise if he got out of bed or out of a chair in his room, they would have to run down the hall and check on him because he was a a fall risk. My father regularly became agitated and more confused in the afternoon and early evening and rather than dealing with him and these dementia issues they wanted to strap him in a chair and sit him by the nurses station every day. This caused more confusion and agitation for my father and caused a tremendous amount of stress for everyone in our family. This treatment continued until it caused my father to fall and hit his head, bruised his wrist and hip which resulted in a visit to the emergency room. Even though our family had already made the decision to move him to a different facility later that week, the staff at NHC Oak Ridge packed up my father's possessions the next day before they had contacted anyone in our family , Which was insulting to my father and to our famiy, never asked whether or not he was okay or anything. I think with them it's all about the money!! Horrible experience.

Beware stay clear of here!

This is a horrible place and I would suggest that everyone stay away from here. They put the residents locked there chair by the nurses station and don't let them do anything. That is not the way you treat human beings. They are not equipped to take care of people with memory problems. I have told the upper staff and nothing has been done yet.

Nice looking place!

We toured this community while looking into care options for a loved one. I thought this was a very nice looking place, and the staff all seemed very friendly and professional. However, we were searching for a place that provided dementia care, which wasn't their focus here. It is definitely worth a look for those looking into assisted living, however!