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Customer Reviews

[Removed] was very accommodating and answered all my questions. She informed me of a benefit Dad could apply for from the VA. Very nice place, however, Dad decided to stay in Oshkosh.

I scheduled my own appointment and visited Menomonee Place on Thursday [Removed] at 2:30 PM. I have no idea why A Place for Mom scheduled an appointment for me for 11:00 AM on Saturday [Removed].

Menomonee Place is a nicely kept facility that has areas of the facility that have undergone recent remodeling and other areas which are planned for updating in the near future. The updated one bedroom apartments I viewed were nicely appointed and had easily accessible floor plans. My main concern was an inability to tell me what the monthly cost would be and the $3500 non-refundable entry fee. I am still waiting for some follow-up information regarding VA assistance the marketing manager said she would email me.

She won't tell you, but my sister is happy here

My sister is here currently and she is adjusting. She can be a bit difficult sometimes, but she’s doing well and enjoying herself. They make sure she gets fed and socializes. It’s really a great place. She had an emergency recently and one of the ladies that sit with her at dinner alerted someone and they really jumped into action to make sure that she was okay. It’s a very nice place and I like the fact that if she does need help, it’s there. The staff is really friendly, maybe sometimes too friendly, if that’s possible. The person that did the tour with my sister and I was really a great person as well. She was very knowledgeable about the facility and she had an answer for every question we could’ve possibly thought of. It was really great to have someone that was so experienced showing us around. The cleanliness of the facility is great too. They come in once a week to clean the apartments and really keep on top of everything and even though my sister keeps her place clean, they’ll come randomly to check and see if she needs help with anything. When I was moving my sister in initially, I had ample time to watch the other residents at lunch time and they all looked like they were having fun. I could see the staff bring them the food and it always looked good. The only negative about the facility that I can think of is that there’s a candy machine in the laundry room so the snacks are sometimes melted. I would definitely recommend it here.

No Issues With This Community, Tour Was Pleasant

I didn't have any problem with my tour of this community. It was a good experience, and this is a nice facility. Everyone was kind to my family, and I. Everything was well maintained, and appeared to be clean. There was many factors that played into where to move my mother to for her needs. I did another community that met our needs better, but I had a friendly tour of this facility.

Does not have memory care. Please remove from list

It Was Good For Him

My dad is doing fine and he is enjoying it. He is still getting adjusted but it is going well. No complaints about the meals and it has a good taste. The staff are very helpful. We picked this community because the atmosphere was the brightest and cheerful.

Mom Loves The Food

Everything is going well with what the community provides for my mom. She enjoys her meals selection and as for the activities, she hasn't gone to much just yet. I like knowing that my mom has staff that are always helpful and great to interact with. I would recommend this place to anyone in need. However, the price is a little much but it she is close and that is convenient.

Perfect Place for Mom

We were looking for a place for Mom and we found this place that is perfect! [Removed] was so very helpful in every step. She is a joy and pleasure to work with and I am not sure I would have rented here but because of her I knew it would be the best place for Mom.

A positive experience!

My mother was at the Menomonee Place for respite care and it was a good place. It worked out for the two weeks that she was there. We would definitely recommend them and use them again for future respite care.

A Smaller Community

I like that this community is smaller and the people are very nice. My mom is doing as well as expected and there is nothing wrong here. They are very good with their care and it looks nice and clean.

A nice place!

Mom loves the staff at Menomonee Place. They offer a meal plan at this community. They keep the community clean. They offer daily activities. I would recommend this community.

You get more than you pay for!!

I can not say enough about this community. They have followed through on everything they offered. The staff are excellent. They offer restaurant style dining and the dining room staff are great. They have nice tables and my mother in law is pleased with the food. They offer daily activities. I would recommend this community to anyone that could afford it. They have nice apartments and you can choose from a variety of apartment styles.

Satisfied With The Care

For my mom the care is going as expected and really happy with the community. The staff are doing a fine job provide the care we need. We are happy with everything from the meals, cleanliness and staff.

We moved here about 4 months ago & are very happy. The food is excellent & the staff are always willing to help my husband & me. There are a lot of activities offered. All staff & other residents are friendly.

Very friendly caring people. House cleaning is great. Good nutrition.
Glad to be able to bring my dog. Nice kitchen in my apartment.

It is quite & everyone is very nice & friendly. I enjoy the food on a daily basis. I can join any activity that I enjoy such as bingo, Happy Hour, special entertainment & daily exercise. I also enjoy going outside & outing when the weather has been nice.

This is our home, one large family. All residents & staff are thoughtful & considerate. It is not an over whelming facility, so it has been easy to make money new friendships.

It is very pleasant & the staff are very accommodating. The food is good. A lot of activities that are available. I like the atmosphere at my fellow residents are fun to be with. When problems with maintenance arise they are easily fixed & taken care of in a timely manner.

The meals are served promptly, and the food is good. They have good activities to keep your mind and body in shape. My apartment is very comfortable & easy to keep clean.

Just to far!

This was a good place and the community looked nice. The staff was very helpful and understanding. I was able to see some of the residents out doing things. It was just to far for me. I want mom close to us.

I would recommend Menomonee Place!!

The staff are good at checking in on my brother and making sure things are ok. They are helpful and I have good communication with them. They encourage the residents to stay active. The food is pretty good and they are flexible when they are preparing the meals. They watch out for some of the residents food restrictions. The community is clean and well taken care of.

It is very pleasant and the staff are very accommodating.The food is good.A lot of activities that are available.I like the atmosphere as my fellow residents are fun to be with.When problems with maintenance arise ,they are early fixed & taken care of in a timely manner.

The meals are served promptly,and the food is good.They have good activities to keep your mind and body in shape.My apartment is very comfortable and easy to keep clean.

Very friendly caring people.House cleaning 1 x a week is great.Good nutrition.Glad to be able to give my dog.Nice kitchen in my apartment.

It is quiet and everyone is very nice and friendly.I enjoy the food on a daily basis.I can join any activity that I enjoy such as Bingo,Happy Hour;special entertainment and daily exercise.I also enjoy going outside and outing when the weather has been nice

We moved here about 4mts ago and are very happy.The food is excellent and the staff always are always willing to help my husband and I.There a lot of activities offered.All staff and other residents are friendly.

Enjoyable Activities !!

My loved one has really been enjoying the interaction with the other residents. He often plays cards as well as other exciting games. The dinning room experience has been wonderful as well as the delicious food they serve my dad

beautiful apartment!!

I am very pleased with my loved ones apartment that they are currently living in. It is a perfect size for them with lots of convenient space. The staff have been really helpful with my parents and have made the transition into their new home comfortable and peaceful.

Senior living or Assisted Living

Staff is friendly; make you feel welcome and at home. My Father-in-law was not sure at first about moving but they made everyone there made his transition so easy that he is happy with the decision and settled in. Would recommend Menomonee Place to anyone searching for a place for their loved one <3

Great choice in senior living

Staff is friendly, caring, patient & kind- helped make the transition smooth for my father-in-law and for us; love that he will never need to move again!! He is there in senior living but can transition to assisted care when or if he needs it without moving. That gives us great comfort.

Very Welcomed.

Our experience has been very professional and seemless. My parents should be happy and well cared for in this environment. I have great expectations.

A Good Match

My mom is very pleased and happy to be at this community. She is enjoying the place and it is a good match. They offer care to those who may need it. The community is clean and looks good. The meals are normally good for my mom. The experience has been very good and we are happy.

Menomonee Place is very clean and the staff is very friendly. They have plenty of indoor and outdoor activities. My mom enjoys the outdoor activities and field trips they offer. My mom enjoys the good food they offer.

A Wonderful Community

My parents are doing wonderful here at this community. They have a perfect staff here, they have been kind and helpful. The community looks great, they do a good job with making sure everything is nice and well maintained. There are activities offered, my parents have tired a few. We were comfortable with the care, but my parents decided they do not need any extra care. Our experiences is going well. This is a community I would.

Everything Is Going Well

So far our experiences are going okay. My mother seems to like to community. The community is well-kept, they do a pretty good job with keeping everything nice and clean. The head nurse is very responsive. So far I'am comfortable with the care they are providing. She is pleased with the food. They do offer nice activities. This is a community I would recommend.

We moved our Mom into Menomonee Place in May, 2016. We were impressed with the staff but it's too soon for an evaluation.

My Mom has only been there a couple of weeks. She is 91 and takes care of herself. Her only complaint is they serve too many carrots, she fears she may turn into a rabbit! She has made new friends quickly and is adjusting slowly. Any move like this will take time . I like her new home and sleep better knowing she is in a safe place. All the workers are happy! I think that says something about the place!

Wide Variety Of Activities

My father's move into Menomonee Place is going as good as it could possible be going. He is doing fine and adjusting well with the move into the community. The community as far as cleanliness is okay I've had a few concerns regarding that. The staff has been nothing but helpful with everything and very kind to us. The activities they offer here are great there is a wide variety of activities for the residents to choose. The food is good I've been to have dinner with him and I've enjoyed it. Overall it is a good community to consider.

Good Experience

My father is doing great at Menomonee Place we are very pleased with everything. The place looks really nice we have not had any problems with the up keep of things. It has been quite a good experience so far. The only issue we had was the fact he wasn't really introduced to the community I would suggest for them to have some sort of introduction to the place. He has participated in some of the activities and made some new friends with the residents around the community. My father has said the food is okay could be a little better. Over all we have been very happy with everybody they have been helpful and kind to us.

Painted a Rosy Picture

I agree that at first everything seemed really good at first Then as my mom needed more care, the problems began. The laundry was not done on the day promised. The care givers were slow to respond to pendant calls. The meals varied in quality from a hard boiled egg for breakfast and poorly cooked fish and dry chicken to stuffed peppers and roast pork which were cooked to my mom's satisfaction. It also took an hour for the caregivers to call an ambulance which was verified by the ambulance dispatch. We believed that a nurse was onsite 24 hours a day which was not true. We could call a nurse 24 hours a day, but there was only one onsite during the day and some days she was off site for training.

Excellent independent living

Menomonee Place wasn't the first choice for us when we went searching for an independent living home for my mother but upon investigating them further, I was pleasantly surprised. It was a beautiful environment that offered everything my mother would need. From activities to dining choices, everything was clean and well organized.
As the daughter, helping my mom I was super impressed with the management of Menomonee Place. The staff was courteous, kind and understanding. I would highly recommend taking a look at Menomonee Place for quality independent living.

It was very clean. The staff was very friendly. They kept the facility up very well. My mom was in independent living and anything she needed they got it for her instantly. The activities were great there as well.

Excellent respite care option!

We placed our loved one here for a brief respite stay, and I thought they did an excellent job overall! The staff were friendly and welcoming, and very accommodating to any needs or requests that she had. Our loved one was well taken care of, and she seemed to enjoy her stay!

They are very nice when I talk to them about my mom and dad and what's going on. However it is very difficult to get a return phone call when I have a question about something that the gal at the front desk cannot answer.


In the beginning thought this was the best place. Then there was continuous turnover, no accountability, zero real management. All administration has changed again. [removed] is huge issue: rooms not cleaned; food not for diabetics; laundry sits; workers throw garbage on floors of resident apartments. I do NOT recommend this facility.

Nice new home mom

The staff is very friendly and professional. The transfer into Menomonee Place was a very easy transition for my mom. The residents are friendly and welcoming. The rooms are well cared for and equipped. The nice thing that there are nice options available so you are not paying for things that you don't need. My mom sometimes complains about the food but this is a common complaint in assisted living facilities. They are in the process of getting a new cook and are hopeful that this area will get better. Overall we as a family are happy with the choice of Menomonee Place. We have peace of mind that mom is in a good and safe place. By the way she is a pretty big fan of the wendsday night free happy hour before supper. :)

Our family experience at Menomonee Place

When my sister and I realized our mother needed a senior community, I was unsure of knowing how to begin. I typed in just some basic information and David from Seniors for called me back just as I entered the last keystroke! He immediately gave me "A Place for Mom" website. Ms Gayle Birdwell and other staff members walked me through the whole process answering all of my questions graciously and giving me all the information I needed. We toured four facilities and weighing the pros and cons, settled on Menomonee Place. Our mother has been there for two weeks and the change in her is remarkable. She is happy and has taken to life in this senior community like a duck to water. She looks forward to mealtime and has made friends already. Mom has participated in activities and just has a better attitude on life. The staff is friendly and helpful. Our family is new to this experience, but the staff is very patient with us and always upbeat.

The facility is lovely and has the feel of a up to date apartment building. Mom's apartment is open and airy. Even her grandchildren thought it would be something they would like to live in!! The appliances are new and the shower is convenient to step in and out of. One of the features she really enjoys is that she has a full-sized washer and dryer in her apartment. Menomonee Place also has a comfortable laundry room on each floor. The apartments are built such that they have a courtyard the residents can linger in as they wish. The activities room is equipped with a large full kitchen, tables and a big screen tv.

So far, we feel confident we have made the right choice.

"My sincere thanks to all of you for ...

"My sincere thanks to all of you for the loving care you gave to my mother. It comforted me to know that you were there for her when I wasn't. I don't think I could have picked a better place for her final days." - Janese

Good Place until Mom Needed More Care

It’s a senior living/assisted living place. My mom loved it there and she did really well until she started falling. They don't have the staff to watch her. They wanted me to hire someone 24/7 to watch her. There are lots of activities available. They do bus tours, bingo, ice cream socials - a lot of things. There was always got something going on. There were a lot of dementia patients there too. Mom was one of them and she was there for three years but once she started falling and needing more supervision, they couldn’t do that.

From the Community

Our senior living community in Menomonee Falls, WI, is a warm, lively environment where our residents get compassionate care and help with their daily routine. We develop individual care plans to meet the needs of each resident, and a full-time registered nurse is available 24 hours a day to provide clinical oversight and coordination of care. Residents in our pet-friendly community can keep up with hobbies or discover new ones; we offer a variety of activities, such as chair exercise, bingo, card and board games, prayer services, live entertainment, and baking classes. We also offer transportation for shopping, monthly lunch outings, and invigorating drives in the country. Schedule a visit at our Menomonee Falls assisted living community to experience the environment first hand.