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Customer Reviews

It's a great place!

My mother has Alzheimer's and was living in another assisted living community, which was a pleasant and adequate place, as long as I had my private caregivers working with her each day to bathe her, get her to meals, etc. After my mom had a mild stroke, however, it became apparent that she needed a place with more physical care during the time the private caregivers were not there.

To be honest, I was a little shell shocked by the price at MCNB, but it has turned out to be worth every cent. MCNB is well-staffed, the care is excellent, and (what a pleasant surprise!) the quality of the food is a great improvement over her previous community. The brand new facility is lovely and has an air of spaciousness, with plenty of access to small, intimate, outside sitting areas. Her single room is spacious enough to accommodate the items that were most important for my mom's comfort. With the in-house medical care, my mom doesn't need to go "out" for services anymore, which is so much better now that she is more mobility impaired. I am also very relieved that she can age in place here, and my husband and I will not have to move her (and her stuff) again.

I still use my private caregivers, because of the special relationship that my mom has with them. However, it has been a relief to all of us that the staff at MCNB can (and does) handle anything and everything if my private folks are unable to be there. We no longer have to scramble to find a substitute for the private caregivers. The private caregivers have been impressed, as well, that the staff at MCNB do not wait for them to arrive; they have her up, dressed and at breakfast, just like they would any other client who doesn't have private caregivers.

Needless to say, the staff at the "front" of the house are friendly, attentive, and very helpful with providing the information you need concerning the community, along with helping to smooth the transition to MCNB. If they weren't, you probably wouldn't choose this community. Of course, the essence of the community is what the caregivers do, and I have been very impressed with them. They do treat their clients like individuals.

We Really Love this Community

We really like this community, and everything is working out very well for my mother in law since her move here. This community specializes in memory care. So we know she is being cared for by a staff that really understand how to care for someone with Alzheimer's. They do a great with the cleanliness of the community. There is never a bad odor lingering around the community, everything is well maintained. The staff here is very loving, and caring towards the residents. We really love this community, and I would highly recommend it.

Decent Tour

I had a pretty decent tour of this community. There was construction going on at the moment. So the community was not the best looking at the time, but everything else looked nice. The staff was kind to my family, and myself. It was a good experience.

The sweetest people I have ever met.

I cannot say enough about the wonderful care mom received during her short stay at this community. The entire staff were great with her and the kitchen staff tried to make sure she had food she liked. The community worked well with the hospice team. The caregivers eat with the residents and encourage them to be social. I have already recommended this community.

I am tickled we found this community!!

I can not say anything negative about this community. The staff know my husband by name and they do more than they need to for the residents. They have nurses around the clock. The community and his room are immaculate. He loves the food and they bring it out quickly. We both like this community and we would recommend it.

The best place he could be!!!

This community is kept clean and they take good care of my husband. The staff are attentive and cheerful. They offer daily activities that he likes to participate in. He seems to like the food. The only minor complaint I have is that the common areas seem cold. This community is just wonderful and I would recommend it.

From the Community

Memory Care of New Braunfels provides Alzheimer's and dementia support services in New Braunfels, TX. This community runs a program, which is personalized to each senior, that minimizes danger to residents while helping them maintain the maximum level of independence and engagement in social and functional activities. The primary residence has a colorful decor filled with wide-open spaces that are welcoming to residents. A courtyard with a grand gazebo provides a lovely place for residents to relax. From secure, comfortable living spaces to a restaurant-style dining hall, every room and amenity in this community is designed to make residents feel safe and welcome.