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  • Certified Dementia Practioner
  • Specializing in Alzheimer
  • Assistance with all aspects of daily living
  • Availability of licensed nursing staff 24-hours per day
  • 24-hour Emergency Call Response
  • Complimentary Transportation
  • Daily Housekeeping
  • Indoor Common Areas
  • Social, cultural and educational life enrichment programs
  • Arts and Crafts Programs
  • Fine dining service for breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Massage Therapy
  • On-site physical therapy

Customer Reviews

We are grateful for Maplewood!

I am very grateful that both of my parents are currently living at Maplewood. It was not an easy decision to move our mother out of our parents' home of 48 years, but it was no longer safe for her to live there due to what appeared to be a rather sudden onset of Alzheimer's. We selected Maplewood because of its structured plan of multi-leveled care, Tides and Currents, as well as the option for hospice services to be involved when that time approached. We were impressed with the facilities on both sides of the building (dining room, kitchen, theater room, planting room, secured outdoor courtyards) and the warmth of the decor. [Name removed], our Maplewood intake consultant assured us that our father could move into Mom's apartment when he was ready to join her, as we had noticed that his memory was beginning to fail and he had lost a lot of weight due to Mom's limited cooking abilities at the time.
In October of 2016, we moved Mom into the Currents side of Maplewood which is secure and offers services for individuals with Alzheimer's or other medical conditions which result in loss of cognitive (mental) functions. Four days after we moved Mom into Maplewood, Dad decided to join her. They shared Mom's apartment for one year, and the staff worked hard to encourage Dad to attend activities on the Tides side of the building which provides programming for individuals with dementia, but without the significant loss of mental skills. As Mom's Alzheimer's progressed, it was no longer helpful for either Mom or Dad to continue to share an apartment. The Maplewood staff moved Dad to the Tides side of the building, and for over a year now, they bring him over to visit with our mother every evening.
The Maplewood nursing staff (Tides and Currents) is exceptional and it's comforting to know that a nurse is available 24/7. [Name removed], the current director of nursing, and the nurses are always willing to answer questions or to collaborate with outside medical personnel.
Regarding Mom, I am impressed with the Currents staff and their ability to keep residents OUT of their apartments and involved with activities. I recognize that Mom is not always involved in an activity, but she is in the circle or at the table and is physically present if she should choose to participate. This takes a great deal of skill and patience that comes from proper training of staff members. Mom knows the staff members and greets them with a smile. She does not handle personal care activities (bathing, brushing teeth) at this stage, so we appreciate the challenges the caregivers face in providing her care,
Regarding Dad, he is respected and happy at Maplewood, and he feels secure there. The Tides staff is also well trained and respectful of the residents. They welcome visitors at all times. Dad enjoys the daily activities in Tides, especially when they are able to go out in the van on "field trips." The daily exercise programs help Dad stay physically active and healthy.
Our family is grateful for [name removed]’s leadership at Maplewood, and she has been at Maplewood since its opening. Her door is always open and she is always willing to meet with us as needed. She has the gift of leading from within as I have observed her functioning in almost every capacity when necessary, and she truly cares for each of her residents.

A Place of Dignity

Placing your loved one in a facility is one of the hardest decisions that you will make as a family. When we walked into Maplewood, we knew we had found the perfect place for our mother. The atmosphere was inviting, the staff was friendly, and the clients were treated with dignity and respect. The facility is designed specifically for dementia and alzheimer patients. There are two units, Tides and Currents, which are decorated exactly the same so that if your loved one must require additional care, they can be moved without much distraction or unfamiliarity. The dining room is set with tablecloths, glassware and serving pieces that resemble an upscale restaurant. The kitchen is on-site and the staff often comes out and asks the residents how their meal is tasting. If a family wishes to eat with loved one, just ask ahead and the kitchen will prepare a meal for you at a minimal price. There is also a family dining area for parties or other celebrations.
Our mother was a resident at Maplewood for 21/2 years until she recently passed right before Christmas. We received so much support and love during those final days at Maplewood. We were there 24/7 and the way the staff worked together as a team during all three shifts, was nothing next to amazing. We were comforted and attended to like a family. We know our mom had excellent care and we thank the entire staff at Maplewood for showing her grace, love and respect.

Maplewood is a Blessing, Excellent Care for our Loved One

We moved my father-in-Law (80’s) to Maplewood of Twinsburg approximately two months ago. His needs included assistance with all activities of daily living. He resides in the assisted living section called Tides. We toured many facilities in the area and also have friends with relatives in other facilities. There are many pros to Maplewood, and the tone for excellence is set by the Director, [name removed]. [Name removed] is responsive to questions and follows through on requests. Some of the highlights of the facility include: 1. Excellent medical care. The nursing staff, under the direction of Registered Nurse [name removed], is excellent. [Name removed] is a dedicated geriatric nurse. Maplewood has a great relationship with outside physicians' offices and the coordination of care is good. The nurses aides are compassionate caregivers, hardworking, yet always cheerful. Your loved one is treated with dignity by professional caregivers. 2. The facility is top-notch. The building is fairly new and decorated in an upbeat, fresh style. Grounds are well-maintained. The maintenance staff, including [name removed], very responsive to resident requests, including help with the cable television when necessary. The Barber shop/Beauty shop is a wonderful space. The facility has big televisions that families and friends can view. There are even computers and little meeting rooms. 3. The meals are freshly-prepared. Our father-in-law says the meals are tasty, and he has a choice of different entrees. Usually there are two choices for dinners, such as beef or fish. The soups are made from scratch and a favorite. Most of the residents dine in the beautiful dining room. The residents are friendly and enjoy each other’s company. It was important to us that not only was the Staff excellent, but the fellow residents were happy and cordial companions. 4. Activities are amazing. The Maplewood activities director [name removed] plans a variety of daily activities. Because [name removed] is a naturally upbeat person, she encourages the residents in amazing ways. The activities focus on the development of many areas, including: physical, spiritual, creative, intellectual, and musical. Also, field trips are planned, such as an outing to see the Fall leaves, attend a church supper, or enjoy a hot cocoa at a doughnut shop. My father-in-Law especially enjoyed the Veterans presentation, wherein Veterans were honored with a certificate. Because many of the male residents served as Veterans, Maplewood provides special programming. My family attended a community presentation with an expert speaker at Maplewood to learn about Veterans' benefits. 5. Friendly Staff and Residents. We visit my father-in-Law quite often (live 5 minutes away) and the employees and residents share a smile. The staff at Maplewood encourages the resident's family members to visit, with wonderful programming. There are movie nights, holiday dinners, wherein family members of all ages are comfortable and welcome. In summary, Maplewood is a blessing and wonderful alternative for a loved one that is no longer able to live safely at home.

Thank you Maplewood

My mother has been a resident at Maplewood Twinsburg for the last year and a half due to dementia- it's been heartbreaking to see her condition deteriorate over the years, but I'm very appreciative that there are places with good people like at Maplewood to care for her.
Like many, I had no real experience with caring for someone with memory loss, and from my first visit, the people and facilities at Maplewood have been great. From helping us to transition my mom from her home, letting me know what behaviors to expect as she went from a medium stage to later stages of the disease, and just being there when I have questions, the director [name removed] and the staff are terrific. Visitors come and go all during the day, so you can easily assess the level of care. It's an extremely difficult job, with residents in all kinds of stages, and all places like this have turnover.
The food is very good, and the people there go out of their way to accommodate my mother's eating habits.
She has reached the point of becoming difficult to take care of, but the staff always seem kind to her, and in good humor for what they deal with on a day to day basis. The facility itself is first rate, very clean, with lots of activities for residents in the earlier stages of care.


Beware! My mother was a resident for 1.5 years, and then my family had no choice BUT to remove her just before 2019. The Environment was Unbearable. I felt Maplewood in Twinsburg was unable to give great care due to management issues. Management was No Support other than words. The staff was nice and helpful BUT there were NEVER enough aides. The quality of nursing was great & Horrible; My mother’s medicines were NOT given appropriately too many times. And when we asked for an official medical write-up for doctors on how mom was doing, the Executive Director gave either hand-written Note-Papers -OR- a typed sheet with no date or signature. When the Executive Director was not there, many times I did not know who was in charge. My family did not see improvement and before exiting, three wall pictures were stolen from our mother’s room and since management said, due to ceiling monitors not seeing anything (which I was not shown what could be seen), Maplewood let it go with No write-up given to my family. I didn't want to remove mom BUT with continuing situations, we left Unhappy and viewed the value of Maplewood Twinsburg poor!

Great outcome for reluctant change

We moved Dad to Maplewood at Twinsburg nearly a year ago. His dementia has progressed and for his safety he was unable to be alone. A respite stay progressed to accommodating him to living at Maplewood. Their focus on programs for dementia care has truly allowed Dad to adjust and feel comfortable. I am amazed at how quickly he adapted to his surroundings and fully participated in daily programs with enthusiasm. The staff is very caring and Dad so often tells me how genuine they are in talking with him and helping with his needs.
Being familiar with various facilities in the area as other family required varying levels of care previously, Maplewood at Twinsburg was a great choice for Dad. At times some issues have surfaced regarding levels of care needed or medication adjustments but timely communications with staff have allowed some resolution. Overall this facility is top notch and Dad is thriving!

Happy with my choice of Maplewood at Twinsburg

My wife has been living at Maplewood for year and half now. She was diagnosed with rare form of Alzheimer's about 5 years ago and after few years of home care and Day Care we got to the point that she needed to be under specialty care, needed help with all functioning.
I scouted number of facilities in the area.
Maplewood at Twinsburg certainly stood out on ambience, environment, design of facility and amenities. Private rooms with convenient access to the shower, everything was brand new. I was impressed by open kitchen design, two enclosed courtyards.
Over the time my wife being there staff was always accommodating to her needs, reacting properly on her unfortunately slowly deteriorating condition. I am visiting her almost every day and established good understanding and cooperation with the medical staff and activities personnel.
Staff turnover is unfortunate, The other improvement may be needed is in data sharing and general communication between personnel to be upgraded to more modern, electronic ways. I believe that they are working toward that.
Overall I am happy that chose this facility for my wife.

We brought my mother to Maplewood a little over a year ago and have nothing but high praise for the facility and it’s staff and administration. While my mother is unaware of where she is, she still responds to the kindness and attention she receives here. She is treated with dignity and gentleness and she is happy. We feel wonderful having her here. We found Maplewood through the very high recommendation of another resident’s family and we were sold almost as soon as we walked in the front door. It is a beautiful, clean, welcoming place that (important to us based on past experience) smells really good!
Because we live very near the facility, we are there almost daily and see first hand how the facility functions and if we have any concerns, they are addressed immediately. Administration is very helpful, staff become dear friends, and other residents and their families become as one’s own family.
This has become a very special place for our family and I would happily recommend it to anyone looking for a wonderful place for a loved one needing full care.

While we tried to keep our family member in his home as long as possible after his Lewy Body Dementia diagnosis, we knew in early '17 that this was no longer an option. It was no longer safe for him.

After a fall resulting in a hospital stay, we needed to make a fairly quick decision on the best facility for him, as he was not able to go back home.

Over the course of just a few days, we visited several facilities in the area. Many were very nice. Maplewood was our last stop and we immediately knew this was the right place for him. We came in unannounced and without an appointment. We were greeted with warm, friendly smiles. The staff took the time to answer any and all questions we had and took us on a tour of the facility. As mentioned, this visit was unannounced. There was no time for staging, cleaning, getting residents dressed nicely, etc. The facility was spotless, organized activities were underway and residents seemed content and happy.

After a meeting with the director the following day, our decision was made. They helped with the arrangements to move him in the following day. At that point, we didnt know if this was going to be temporary or permanent. We took things day by day.

Unfortunately, this cruel disease didn't turn back and the best we could do was to make sure he was in a safe, clean environment, well fed, comfortable, happy and treated with dignity and respect. From day one, the staff has been absolutely wonderful. They treat their residents with kindness, respect and dignity. We visited often and got to know other residents and their families. The level of care was always high caliber.

Unfortunately, after 19 months at Maplewood, our loved one passed away. We were always comforted knowing he was safe and loved in his home at Maplewood. We are grateful every day for the love and care he received.

Staffing an issue

The one thing I would change is consistent staff. The turnover is staggering. Call offs and people quitting is daily. I have been through 3 Directors of Nursing and several chefs and I can't count the amount of nurse aides. This has brought the staff who try to work down in moral. Make us sad to see the staff in turmoil.

Maplewood of Twinsburg

My wife was diagnosed with early Alzheimer's about 5 years ago. For the first 3 1/2 years of that period I was her caregiver and we lived together at home. The disease eventually accelerated and she became delusional to the point I couldn't leave her alone for 5 minutes for fear she would wander off or hurt herself. Her psychiatrist/neurologist, and his social worker. Finally convinced me to place her in a residential dementia community for her own good. The N.E. Ohio division of the Alzheimer's Association was very helpful in suggesting a number of places to consider. I visited a number of them spending at least several hours at each. In the end I decided on Maplewood of Twinsburg. To this day a year and a half later I am still convinced this is the best place for her. While sad I know now that I couldn't have possibly provided the care and safety for her at home as they do at Maplewood. The facility is state of the art, modern and clean. The management staff is absolutely the best of the numerous I interviewed. Likewise the activities staff has been terrific at keeping her engaged. There nursing staff is very attentive and on premise 24/7. The caregivers, ( a very hard job ) have been terrific. The maintenance and environmental director and his staff are on top of everything so the place always seems to run smoothly. The chefs are first rate. I eat lunch or dinner with her often there. Farm to table food, open kitchen design, table linens, stemware, etc. No one complains about the food. Finally the administration staff are friendly and courteous. I sincerely feel they all really like my wife and have her best interest at heart while she journeys through this very cruel disease. Her individual quarters are modern, as large as any I saw and attended to regularly. I'm there to visit 4-7 times per week so I've had plenty of opportunities to observe all this and therefore am confident in the consistency of what I've described.

Maplewood of Twinsburg more than any other facility I'm aware of hosts a continuing series of short seminars open to the public for free. These deal with various topics relating to the disease. They are often times attended by family members of residents as well as the general public. The format of these is informal and very good. There is no pressure to do anything as they fully understand that most people wish and hope they never have to get to this point with their loved one but just want you to be informed as a caregiver of what to expect as the disease progresses and give tips on how to deal with it. I encourage you to call and attend if you are a caregiver for a family member now. Make an appointment to have a private discussion with the director and other key professional there to discuss your specific situation. The main number is: [removed].

If you've read this far I'd just like to say I'm genuinely sorry for what you are going through. Sadly modern medicine doesn't offer any current cure for your loved one's disease. It only gets worse over time. The speed at which this occurs is different and unpredictable for every affected individual.
I wish you and your loved one the best.

Dad is doing well

There were a few glitches when we first moved my father-in-law here but those were quickly addressed and He likes being here, the staff has been great with him and he is active and making friends, he enjoys going to the dining room and likes the food too. there is a nice courtyard that is well secured so that the residents can go outside. This is a newer community and very nice.

Blessed by Maplewood Twinsburg

I wanted to share my experience with those who are looking for 'the' perfect memory care facility for their parent.

God bless the staff at Maplewood, specifically Managing Director, [removed], who for one year prior to moving my mom to Maplewood, stayed close and counseled me. She understood my concern and heartbreak of relocating my mom to a memory care facility, which was critical as my mom was beginning to attempt leaving in the middle of the night from her prior facility. It was, by far, the best decision I've made yet in her healthcare. Maplewood Twinsburg is truly state-of-the-art in their thinking, decor, diet, health and activities. The ratio of aids to residences is lower than any other facility I know. I visit my mother at various times, unannounced, and I have observed the love and care my mother receives from a staff member when they think no one is watching. I've gotten to know the staff members and routinely they tell me it's the best facility they have ever worked. It's not rocket science, if your staff is happy it is passed onto our loved ones. I have visited many facilities where the staff appeared miserable and I KNEW I would NEVER move my mother to place where the atmosphere wasn't engaging and pleasant. If it exists, it will be felt the moment you enter the building. It's also not just my mom that is cared for, the staff understands first hand the pain families suffer as well and they extend their compassion and care to us as well. [removed] leads an amazing ALZ support group at Maplewood and her smile and laughter radiate whenever she is around, and it's contagious! This disease is awful and it's a thief ~ robbing our loved ones of their most treasured memories. If your family member is suffering from this disease, do your homework and get to know a facility intimately. I can honestly say that my mother is more than comfortable and loved upon everyday by the staff at Maplewood Twinsburg. I will forever be grateful to [removed], [removed] and the entire staff for being there for me through the most difficult journey of my mom's lifetime. We are eternally grateful and blessed.

So happy we made this difficult decision.

It was a very difficult decision to move my dad into this facility from another. But, we couldn't be happier with the outcome. His Alzheimer's has progressed at a steady rate and we are surrounded, at Maplewood, by people who truly understand this disease and all that comes with it. He is no longer stared at, shunned, or expected to behave within confines he is no longer able to understand. Additionally, everyone there has been helpful and loving with the confused and lost family members left behind. I highly recommend the Maplewood Twinsburg facility.

Confident in Care

I have been more than happy with all aspects of Maplewood. The day to day meals and the care are provided with much attentiveness. The staff is very visable and available for conversation or questions. I am quite happy with the communication when medical situations arise. I am confident that if I do have a concern, I would be very comfortable addressing it. I have participated in family programs which were quite beneficial. My ultimate goal has been met, which is the ability to drive away and feel my parent is in the best situation possible.

Andrea Ellen Keigan

Local Representative

So happy you wrote a review on this website. Thank you for sharing your story. It's so important to share your experiences with other families going through similar circumstances. Please continue to stay close with our Administration, whether you have a suggestion or a concern or compliment. It is so important to keep the lines of communication open. We are always here for you, and your parent.

Excellent Caring Staff at Maplewood

Finding Maplewood was a true blessing for our mother. The staff is so caring- Mom can be very difficult but they treat her with kindness and respect. She is always clean, clothed appropriately and usually has a cozy blanket on. The staff includes her in all activities in house, even if she sleeps thru much of them. Mom is a picky eater but has maintained her weight with their excellent food and an encouraging staff. Our family has had a very negative experience with another care facility and are so grateful to see our mother so content at Maplewood.

Andrea Ellen Keigan

Local Representative

Thank you for your review today. We appreciate your feedback as it is so helpful for others to read about our residents' families and friends own experiences. Please continue to connect w Rebecca and other management in the future, including if you have any challenges or suggestions. We are pleased you are satisfied with your mother's care and so appreciate you taking the time to share with others.

The Maplewood Experience

I would highly recommend Maplewood at Twinsburg to anyone who needs assisted living. They were very helpful in making the transition for my dad easy. Their food and dining environment is top notch. The facility itself is well designed, clean, open and always smells fresh. The doctor and nurses kept me well informed of dad's medical care and I could call anytime. I never had to worry about him getting his medication. I especially appreciated the personal interest they took in his individual likes and provided him music, movies and activities that he found enjoyable. Activities were superior...from volleyball, bean bag toss, walking a dog, reading the newspaper, outdoor events, frosting cupcakes...the things they do with their residents are creative, challenging and fun. I also appreciated the frequent email pictures and video clips I received of my dad participating in these events. Their security precautions for my dad were effective - I always felt he was safe. From the initial tour to working with the staff & administration, they were very caring, considerate and professional. The Maplewood Experience made his stay positive and rewarding. For this I am truly grateful.

From the Community

Maplewood at Twinsburg is an assisted living and memory care community located in Summit County. Everything at Maplewood at Twinsburg, from our deluxe and beautifully appointed studio apartments to our fresh and healthful farm-to-table dining, has been designed with resident well-being in mind.

Maplewood at Twinsburg delivers the perfect combination for those needing assisted living or those affected by Alzheimer’s disease and dementia – and the families who care about them.

Here, seniors find the support and respect they need to keep learning, growing, and enjoying life to the fullest. From our sprawling outdoor gardens, patios, and terraces, to our open-display kitchen and dining room, we’ve thought of everything your loved one needs to live a comfortable life. We even offer a luxurious spa and beauty salon.

Contact us today to schedule your welcome visit.