Manorhouse Assisted Living & Memory Care - Richmond, VA

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Customer Reviews

Families Beware

My Mother is a resident at Richmond’s Manorhouse. She was rushed to the Hospital on August 31st with pneumonia in both lungs. I live out of state and had called and talked to my Mom everyday that week. I was so concerned that I would hang up and immediately call the nurse on duty. I was told she would see a Doctor on Tuesday. I was lead to believe on Wednesday that she had seen a Doctor only to find out that actually never happened. No one EVER went in to check on my Mom even though I called EVERYDAY that week expressing how concerned I was. I asked that she see the Doctor when he came in on Thursday. That didn’t happen. When I asked why I was never given an answer. In fact, by Friday None of the nurses had even bothered to go in and check her vitals!

The trained licensed nursing staff wasn’t alarmed by my Mothers respiratory issues as they check on her every 2-3 hours? I was alarmed just by hearing her voice over the telephone!

I expected that a licensed nurses level of training would allow them to spot respiratory distress when they hear/see it.

Your website says;

We’ll give special attention to what you most need, whether it’s an extra pair of hands getting yourself ready each day, or with medications, or keeping an eye on your changing health.

That didn’t happen.

After sharing my concerns with The Manorhouse I have yet to be given any information that I requested. I asked for a copy of the X-ray. Never got it. I asked them for a copy of the Doctors notes.. never got it.

My Mom lost her key WEEKS ago and we can’t even get them to give us a new key!!

Finding a place to take care of your loved one is so difficult. Especially when they are so vulnerable. To date, The Manorhouse has shown very little human decency. They basically told us if we didn’t like the care (or lack-there-of) we could leave. My Mom isn’t luggage!

best deal in town

As a clinician who visits all of the ALFs in the Richmond area, this is the gold standard. It is a beautiful facility with a dedicated staff. Their prices are very reasonable and I would say it is the best deal in town. If any of my patients ask about transitioning into an ALF, this is my recommended first stop. Now that they are filling up, there are plenty of social activities if you choose to do so. The residents that live there are great as well. If shopping around, make sure you go here first. It will set the bar high.

Brand New community

We were very impressed with this community, it is beautiful and bright and the staff did a great job showing us around and answering our questions. We felt that this community might be a good fit but thought that my mother-in-law needed to be around more people than what was there at the time because it is brand new and had only been open a couple of weeks