Symphony Manor of Richmond - Richmond, VA

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  • Minimum Age of Accepted Residents
  • Activities Onsite
  • Devotional Services Available
  • Indoor Common Areas
  • Meals Provided
  • Complimentary Transportation
  • Pets Allowed
  • No Smoking Allowed in Private Areas Indoors
  • No Smoking Allowed in Public Areas Indoors
  • Hospice Available
  • Respite Available

Customer Reviews

Cheap at 1st then watch out later

Symphony Manor is a typical assisted living place where turn over of management is never ending, as well as the nursing staff. You may have a great nurse one day then she is gone 3 weeks later. Management comes and goes like the wind. You get one thing figured out then you have to go thru the same thing with the next "Director" and I use that term loosely. Your bill is never itemized to show exactly what you owe. I have had to bring in records to show them what has occurred because they are constantly dealing a new accounting system or some other excuse. They place looks presentable to the average person but your rates will start out one amount and soon will be double. It may be different (up or down) from month to month. All of these places have issues and they all work the same way. If you do not come on a daily basis you will get ripped off or else your loved one will whomever is paying the bill. They will even tell you one price on phone then tell you another when you get there and then charge yet another when you get the bill.
You also can never speak to management, they are always "on another line" or otherwise not available. If you show up their door is closed. But I am not proudest on this place because Sunrise is the same way and some of the higher ones are also so might as well get the best deal for as long as possible. You will move then eventually just to start it over again.

Wonderful Amenities!!

My mother has recently made the move into this community and I could not have picked a better place for her to go. The staff are all lovely people and I am comfortable with the care they have been providing her. She is no longer lonely and is involved in many activities with the other residents. She was able to have her dog and has even been helping plant different plants throughout the building which she loves to do. Overall this was the perfect fit and I would defiantly recommend it to anyone.

Kind Community, Good Tour

This is a nice community, and my tour of it went very well. Everything looked great from what I saw. The staff was courteous, and friendly. It was a nice experience, everyone was very kind to my family, and myself.

People very nice here. It is clean. I didn't particularly care for a shared bathroom between rooms. There were other options I know. It is an older facility for those who need this lower monthly price range.

Better than we thought

My Father In Law is more than thrilled and it is better than we thought it would be. Things are going very well.
We have absolutely no complaints with Symphony Manor. A Place For Mom has been a great help too.

Starts out cheaper then quickly rises!!

My mother has been at Symphony Manor, The Lynmoore, Sanmar Realty (all same place different billing names). The care is ok, nothing exceptional but adequate but that is not my issue. My issue is the total erratic and ever changing billing that I have been thru over time. They constantly increase the fee (more than once per calendar year in some cases. Now they are charging $5:00 a day meal try service when I know they are not taking her a try on a daily basis. They come up with more fees that you have ever heard off. Yes the initial daily rate sounds ok but then over time you start getting billed for everything in the world. Pull-ups and incontinence briefs (what's the difference?) $20.00 for a box of rubber gloves, $150.00 a month for diabetes supplies after your insurance is already being charged. Then when you challenge them and you have billing statements they are like uuhhmm oh well we this and that and try to make you look and sound like you have the problem because your loved one is getting cheated out of every last dollar they have. Buyer beware, the entry price wont stay in effect but maybe 6 month's. They charge different people different rates for the same service. They actually have different bill sheets they will show you or they forget what they have showed you. Get every item in writing!!!! Over all you will pay as much as many other better facilities.

A God-Send For My Mother

My mother came to Symphony Manor several months ago as we could no longer afford the facility where she had been living. I had low expectations regarding the care she would receive as the monthly expense was significantly less. However, I have been very impressed and so thankful to all the staff at Symphony. Mom is in the memory care area and is receiving very good care and I believe is well looked after there. I have given this facility a "good" rating as they do a very good job. The only "fair" rating I have given is for activities but that's only because I understand there are limited activities you can do with memory impaired residents; although it would be nice to see the residents involved in more basic activities. I hope Mom can continue to live at Symphony and be cared for by such a capable staff. I am very grateful to them all.

We liked the Lynmoore, it was less expensive than the other ones we saw

We liked the Lynmoore, it was less expensive than the other ones we saw, but when you add in the level of care, we didn't really know what the end result was going to be. It was two floors, but the one thing we didn't like was that she would have had to share a bathroom. There was a room that had a sink in the studio, so that she only had to share the toilet and the bathtub, but the tub had a cutout in the side and she would have a step up to get in.

I visited this facility and...

I visited this facility and liked it a lot and the staff was very nice. The cost was in my price range but it was further away than I wanted. This was one I was definitely considering.

My mother said the food was horrible,...

My mother said the food was horrible, they didn't wash her hair, they washed it the day before I came back. She didn't like it there, of course she wouldn't like it anywhere except her own room at my house with me waiting on her hand and foot but she wasn't over joyed with this place. I wouldn't voluntarily take my mother back to this place, I might have to eventually but I would find somewhere else.
There was a nurse there that handled the medicine, I think she was excellent, I really really liked her and I liked the girl going in but since this issue they won't respond to me. The way I see it is they're taking advantage of an old woman.

Had a good tour. A little ...

Had a good tour. A little more expensive than Chestnut Grove. This is probably a good second option as they do offer a larger room option and was definitely better than Emeritus. Our preference is still with Chestnut Grove and this second.

I like this place because I believe i...

I like this place because I believe it can alter it's care for her according to her needs...

From the Community

Symphony Manor of Richmond is an assisted living and memory care provider located in a lovely residential neighborhood in West End of Richmond. We're proud to offer you the very finest care, led by our Certified Senior Advisor. Our beautifully landscaped community in Richmond, VA offers the perfect mix of personal care and hospitality, tailored to meet the individual needs of residents. At Symphony Manor, we believe in giving residents control over their lives and encouraging independence and socialization, all while providing exceptional care. You'll love how our friendly and relaxed atmosphere makes it easy to meet new friends and fill your day with a number of fun and engaging activities.