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  • Minimum Age of Accepted Residents
  • Activities Onsite
  • Devotional Services Available
  • Indoor Common Areas
  • Meals Provided
  • Nurses on Staff
  • Complimentary Transportation
  • Pets Allowed
  • No Smoking Allowed in Private Areas Indoors
  • No Smoking Allowed in Public Areas Indoors
  • Hospice Available
  • Respite Available
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  • Male Residents Accepted
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Customer Reviews

Brookdale West End Richmond has been a blessing.

Brookdale West End has been a blessing. My father-in-law unexpectedly required the need for assisted living care after completing rehabilitation for an unexpected hip replacement. Needless to say, the overwhelming issues our family focused on was the quality of care and necessary services that go along with his daily well being. There is such a wide range of facilities available in the Richmond area that my husband, brother-in-law and I visited at least ten different locations before making a decision. The decisions was based on a chart comparison between the variety of expectations we had (including cost, location, reputation, and staff) and the services available.

During the last two years, we have been very pleased with the outstanding quality of care, regular family involvement activities, lovely atmosphere and a genuine sense of pride in what and how they do things. Everyone from from housekeeping to kitchen staff to nurses to the administration has been on their toes. The sales director, Ms. [name removed] , discussed all aspects of life at Brookdale and answered all questions. If she did not have an immediate answer, she had one soon after. There was no confusion about expectations.

We are at ease knowing that [name removed] is safe and sound at Brookdale.

Thx for Your Genuine Caring and Compassionate Care!

Caring, compassionate care. This is the care that our 87 year old father with progressive vascular dementia has received from living at Brookdale West End (BWE) for 1 1/2 years now. The Sales Manager was a significant help navigating us with an unplanned move for my father. Her resourcefulness and genuine sincerity was significant in helping with Dad's transition from independent living at his home to assisted living.

The staff, from dining to direct resident care, has been exceptional ESP over the past 6 months!! They all know Dad's routine to keep him safe yet respectfully encourage his independence. Cost does increase, of course, with additional assistance, but BWE is very supportive with helping the resident maintain as much independence SAFELY until it is absolutely necessary for additional assistance. The activities director has been so helpful to insure that Dad is engaged in activities to have a quality life; they remind him and "reel him out" to participate and he has a wonderful time!

We are also blessed to have staff who look after Dad that are experienced and competent. The Medical Assts were able to identify subtle changes in Dad's disposition that resulted in him having to have a pacemaker placed. They also identified new changes in his medication regimen that was concerning to them, notified the family and physicians and prevented what could have been a trip to the ER for Dad.

Overall, we couldn't be happier than having had Dad reside at Brookdale West End. What we appreciate the most is the sincere care they provide to our dad. We trust that he is safe and in good hands in our absence.

The only suggestion we would offer, quite honestly, is faster, effective wi-fi service in the residents' apartments!

Memory care

My father has lived in the memory care at Brookdale West End for over a year. I have been happy with how content he is with being there. All of his meals, medicines, and laundry are included in the pricing. The entire staff is very caring and devoted to him and alway make me feel welcome when I visit. They share any concerns with me and I know that they have his best interests at heart. There are many activities that he has participated in and many local trips that he has enjoyed.

Brookdale West End Richmond.

I have toured just about every Assisted Living in Richmond, Virginia. Most were not elderly friendly when entering the building. Some had the elderly line up in wheel chairs just seating there looking like they were ready to pass on.
Brookdale West is a breath of fresh air. From the moment we arrived it looked like home. Beautiful grounds. The front doors open automatically. That’s a plus for any elderly person. The interior was beautiful and pleasant. We were greeted as we came in. But most important of all, was Brookdale residence looked/were happy. No staging or made up, they were very happy. It was clean, staff was professional, caring and supporting of its residence. The rooms where nice size and clean. Medical staff on site. Plenty of activities for all residence. An awesome walking trail/garden.
I would recommend this facility to me if I was looking and I would most defiantly recommend this facility to all.

Attended Many Community Events

My family and I have attended many events at this community! The Business Marketing Manager is always putting together such great events to involve the residents and their families and friends. My family and I have attended several Easter Egg Hunts, Stuff the Bus, and Trunk or Treats!

This community is always doing something fun, which keeps the residence happy and entertained and giving them something to look forward to!

The community is very clean and welcoming and always has smelt very fresh! Every time I am there, it feels like a cozy home. The staff is very polite and helpful. The atmosphere is always upbeat and everyone wears a smile. The food is exceptional too! They have chefs on staff that make fresh food daily like salmon, steak, and even lobster!

Amazing community and staff! Keep up the great work!

Thanks, Brookdale!

From our initial visits to the move in and for the first months of residency, working with Brookdale West End Richmond's excellent staff has made the assisted living transition easy for my mother in law and our family. We have had an absolutely positive experience from the moment we walked through the doors to the lovely main floor living area. The personal attention of [name removed] and her staff in answering questions and assisting with the move has been impressive. The program manager, [name removed], is energetic and knowledgeable and has a real gift for working with older people. Her sense of joy and excitement is contagious. When we visit, we are warmly greeted and feel very welcome. Thanks, Brookdale and your entire staff, for a job well done.

Tour and community was very nice.

He liked it so much he didn’t want to leave!

My husband stayed at Brookdale for respite so I could go to France to meet our new Granddaughter. He had great care by each and every person. I never walked through the lobby without every worker greeting us.The chef made him his favorite food and now he doesn’t like my cooking. He was helped with dressing and bathing and loved each and every activity they provided. I would definitely recommend Brookdale and hope to useit for respite in the future.

Toured Twice Same Issue Kept Coming Up

We did not like this community at all. The community itself was okay it was clean however the room that I was shown had some housekeeping issues the bathroom hadn't been cleaned very well from the prior resident. I had gone back for a second look and took my daughter looked at the same room and it was the same issue but the odor had gotten much worse. So that concerned me as to how the housekeeping was being done.

The Real Story

OK First Off I want to give that there is a overall problem in all Health Care Employment Nation Wide. What ever Brookdale tells you is not always true. I do not know what other assisted living centers say but you need to be aware of the problems that go on. Brookdale at this location number one priority is getting new residence. They will tell people just about anything and say yes we can do it but they won't and on top of all they will increase the bill. They still will not do it on the weekends or off hours 7:00pm to 8:30am in the week.

A tour for care

We toured this community for care. The community was bigger then what we wanted. The staff was helpful in the questions that we had. They had a list of activities. The menu was appealing. We would recommend other families for a tour for a loved one

We enjoyed our tour

We really enjoyed our tour of this community the staff were great they showed us all around and answered all our questions. This really is a beautiful place and has a lot of amenities for their residents. We did feel that the pricing was a concern for us.

Did not like the amount of floors in the building

I have to say I don't remember much about this tour due to take a fall downstairs before the tour. The one thing that really stands out in my mind is that I did not like what so ever that it was a multilevel building. The resident's rooms were located on the second and third floor of the building which would make me worry in case of an emergency how would they get the not ambulatory residents out safely. The staff from what I remember seemed friendly and helpful.

Informative Tour

I toured this community for my mother, and her need. My tour went well, I enjoyed it. The community looked nice from what I was shown. The staff was kind, and helpful. They were also informative, and answered my questions. They provided me with tons of information, and did not pressure me any in way. This is a nice community to recommend.

Good option

My mother-in-law almost moved into Brookdale. The reason she did not chose them is they were more costly than other options in the area. It is a very nice community.

Not Following Through with the Things They Promised

It is still a work in progress for us with this community. I do feel he is safe, but there is room for improvement with the care provide. They have not been good with following through with the things they promised us in the beginning. I'am paying for accommodations that they said they would provide. I hoping that things improve.

Good, Friendly Tour

I toured this community for my mother, and her needs. My tour went well, and everyone was kind. The community looked nice, everything looked good, and clean. The staff I came across was friendly. It was a nice experience, but I did find a community that suited our needs better.

emergency placement

We had just begun making inquiries for a place for my brother who has dementia. After a doctor's visit, it became urgent that the placement take place immediately, rather than in the 6 week period we had planned.

The staff at Brookdale were very professional and very helpful in making this happen. It was a very bumpy ride for everyone involved, but they helped as much as they could.

It is too soon to comment on my brother's care, but I am expecting great things.

They Were A Possible Choice

I liked this community after taking the tour. The person who gave me the tour was on time and very knowledgeable to answer all my questions. It was set at a reasonable price but I felt that they were not small enough for my mom.

Excellent facility! Nice and compassionate staff. The neat thing about Brookdale West End is their ability to priovide continuum of care at different life stages. For example, the "cross over community" located on campus is great should your love one develop early stage dementia at a point in their stay and need more hands on care to perform normal activities of daily living. Instead of having to move your family member to a new facility to accommodate their needs, you would simply move them to another area/apartment on campus with staff and amenities to meet your loved ones needs. Should your loved one need total memory care help, this facility can accommodate those needs as well. Impressive! The population is a more senior scene in age, I would guess that many of the residents are in their 80s or 90s but still pretty active. A lot of activities are planned for the residents if they choose to participate. You don't have to be a social butterfly to fit in here. Very laid back community with a warm, fuzzy, friendly environment from both staff and residents alike. I would recommend this facility to family and friends!

One of Many Tours

This was good for me. They seemed to answer my questions on the tour. They were nice to meet with. It seemed like the other communities and not as homey as we would like.

I am very pleased with Brookdale!!

They do not currently offer a large variety of activities, however they are working on changing this. The food is good most of the time. The community is clean and I would recommend it. The staff are extremely helpful.

A Positive Experience for My Mother

My mother is 91 years old and was living on her own until a few months ago when she suffered a stress fracture in her leg which severely limited her mobility. I contacted a Place for Mom and was provided a specific list of assisted living facilities near her home. I visited each of them and quite frankly had a positive experience visiting each of them. Given my mom's condition it was imperative that we quickly find a suitable place that could address her physical needs as well a place where she would be content. Brookdale West End was the place we selected. In fact, I took my mother there to visit before making the final decision. The team was great and worked closely with us to move the process along as quickly as possible including completing all of the necessary forms and even suggesting a moving company. To make my mom feel even more comfortable, they paired her with one of the residents so that she was not left feeling alone and isolated. To date, her experience has been quite positive and she has found the staff responsive. I now sleep much better knowing that she is in a place that provides for her needs and a place where she feels secure and accepted. She has enjoyed the activities, the proximity of the beauty salon and the company of the other residents.

A Good Respite Stay

I used the community for a one week respite for my husband. They staff made him feel comfortable and welcomed during the short time. I never heard any complaints about the meals he ate. We were please with all the assistance and I would recommend them and come back again for respite.

My Mom Is Wonderful

My mom's encounter has been going just fine. The staff and caregivers interact with my mom in a nice way and it has been easy for me to get into contact with anyone here. I believe the meals are good for my mom because she has not complained yet. I would recommend this community to family and friends.

It Is The Best For Mom

I am very happy with the care and my mom is too. She is in the memory care and I like the way everyone treats my mom and I. It's a wonderful place and it is kept clean. I have had lunch and i thought it was wonderful and I was impressed. My mom is able to do gardening in the garden house in the memory care. Kevin, a guest, sings for the residents and they truly enjoy the show. I absolutely would recommend them and move-in myself when the time comes.

So much is offered to assist their clients. A happy and comfortable home like setting.

Working Out Very Well

My mother is doing great at this community, everyone here is very nice. The community is very well maintained, everything is very nice and clean. They have a great staff, they are caring for my mother very well. We've had some billing issues, but other than that everything is working out good. This is a community I would recommend.

Brookdale West End Richmond is a great place.

I am happy to take the time to write in praise of the facilities and staff at Brookdale West End Richmond where my husband has lived since Jan. 19.

Everything about this place rates 5 stars, from the welcoming entrance, the residents engaged with each other and in activities whenever one enters, The activities are not always staff directed. One sees them working together on puzzles, drawing, coloring, feeding the birds, helping to po- lish the cutlery and fold the cloth napkins, Without exception, the staff has been super nice, considerate, helpful. The size of the place is relatively small, and it feels like family.

Loved the faciliry. Outside of budget.

It's okay. We don't have any major complaints.

It's okay. We don't have any major complaints. The staff has been pretty friendly and helpful. When they first got there the food was good. They were most reasonable of all the places we looked at. The only thing I didn't like was the billing, it was very confusing.

The many sides of aging

While our mother has only been there for a short time, we knew that Brookdale understood the care needed for her. While some days our mom is the mom we always have known, other days it is a bit tougher. Brookdale understands the needs for our mom who still needs her independence on her good days but might need a little extra help or redirection on her tougher days. We feel like we have found a place where our mother will be part of the community.

Staff is very friendly

The facility isn't as new as others but the staff is very friendly. Overall, we have had a great experience at the Brookdale West End Richmond. Everything has been going good. My loved one is comfortable here.


Facility is clean and staff try hard, however could benefit from additional staff to assist residents. More flexibility for residents will help with a resident centered care approach. In addition, more outings and robust activities would help residents. Overall an ok place to live, however with a little effort could be excellent.

The staff was very helpful, knowledgable and friendly. It was a hard decision that the staff made easier.

good in dealing with a difficult older gentleman

I would say that they have done a very good job in dealing with an older gentleman who is not so easy to deal with. My one challenge is that when I call there it's difficult to get a hold of people, especially when calling on a weekend.

Facility was overall clean,...

Facility was overall clean, I liked the fact that they had a separate shower from the apartment to assist the resident. There was a bit of an odor and there was a water leak issue which they were repairing. Seemed a bit institutionalized versus 'homey' feeling.

overall everything was positive and good

overall everything was positive and good

I visited here and liked it...

I visited here and liked it, but it is further away than I would like. The staff were very nice.

Very accommodating

From first contact (on a weekend!) to move-in, the staff at Emeritus at Deep Run has been extremely helpful and responsive.

Residents seem happy and co...

Residents seem happy and connected

May be too big

My mother had been here before when she sold her house. It was a big place, it was nice, they had a beautiful dining room and it would have been okay but it was so big I didn't think she would get much personal care.

Finding a Home for Mom

I loved Emeritus from the first day we pulled into the parking lot. There seemed to be a lot of happy people walking around and the interior was very clean, bright, well-decorated, and welcoming. I also can't say enough good things about the staff from the directors to the dining staff and care givers. Everyone who works there goes out of their way to be kind and helpful. Everyone smiles a lot and treats the residents and guests with respect and courtesy. My family and I are very pleased with Mom's accommodations in a companion suite. The room is spacious, bright and just what she needs. I am also delighted that their are so many activities available for the residents. My mom has been at Emeritus for approximately 3 weeks and I can tell already that she really likes it and is enjoying all the socialization opportunities. P.S. We loved the good food and the great dining experience. Residents and guests are given choices and treated as if they were in a fine dining restaurant. We are really glad that we found Emeritus through the agency called A Place For Mom.

Liked this one a lot. Room available...

Liked this one a lot. Room available is well located towards the center of community, there is plenty of visitation spaces available, the food is good, all residents were out in the common areas doing a sing-a-long during my visit, liked the single hallway with no turns. The only problem noted was no showers in the rooms, but instead had a step in tub with water jets in both sides of the hallway. The one I was shown appeared to be moldy and not as clean as I would have hoped. Question what their cleaning processes are between patients.

small rooms, too "cruise-shippy" for ...

small rooms, too "cruise-shippy" for G and G

Got a cursory tour...nothing wrong wi...

Got a cursory tour...nothing wrong with the place, but probably too lavish at this time.

excellent well thought out facility.

excellent well thought out facility.

Liked this one a lot. Room available...

Liked this one a lot. Room available is well located towards the center of community, there is plenty of visitation spaces available, the food is good, all residents were out in the common areas doing a sing-a-long during my visit, liked the single hallway with no turns. The only problem noted was no showers in the rooms, but instead had a step in tub with water jets in both sides of the hallway. The one I was shown appeared to be moldy and not as clean as I would have hoped. Question what their cleaning processes are between patients. Initial pricing seems within our desired range, but was unable to give definitive pricing without doing an evaluation. Lunch and tour for Mom and evaluation scheduled for Friday at 12:30. In the top two, but do want to look further into cleanliness in shower rooms.

Good location for off site shopping. ...

Good location for off site shopping. Director was great, supplied a lot of information. The first floor set up was nice and welcoming. The 2nd and 3rd floor hallways felt a little "close", but had a hotel look which is nice.

From the Community

We offer a home like setting and cheerful smiles from our professional staff who greet you everyday.
Our caring staff offers the assistance you need while respecting your independence.

Our peaceful setting, restaurant style dining experience, activities and beautiful setting combine
to create a wonderful living environment everyday. Our genuine caring staff, home style meals, daily
activities add to our residents' experience. They will tell you they appreciate all the options while
living at an Brookdale Senior Living community.

The sense of community is all around you when you become part of the Brookdale family. Through special
events, activities, clubs and ongoing cultural enrichment programs, we offer unlimited opportunities
for you to get to know other residents and us. Call to set up an appointment for a tour because we
delight in showing you our home.

Our Family is Committed to Yours.