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Customer Reviews

Don't put your elderly relative in the facility!

My mother-in-law is presently in this facility. The care is subpar in almost every way. The nursing staff is unfriendly, does not inform the patient of change of treatment. It took 6 days to get the change of antibiotics for her UTI. I could go on...

Examples of care:
-left in bathroom with no help for 25 minutes
-help getting into bathroom-waited 20 minutes
-CNA handled her very roughly
-Doctor comes in very early, patient is sleeping, therefore no opportunity to talk with him
-weekly care plan meetings, do not happen

If the overall care was adequate, I could overlook the appearance of the rooms--wallpaper peeling off, hole patched and not painted.

This is what was determined after visiting twice. We are going to do our best to get her out of this facility, unfortunately we do not live close by and will need to do most of this remotely.