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Customer Reviews

This place was dark and not particularly inviting. Also when I called to set up the tour initially the person I spoke with had no professionalism on the phone, said that the contact person wasn't there and had NO IDEA when she be back. That makes me really nervous.

A dreary place -- small rooms, no garden or greenery, one room too hot to be used in the summer.

They take good care of her...

The home is run by a phillipino woman and she also staffed it with phillipino women. They are all very nice but my concern is that they are very small and I worry they won't be able to counter balance my mom falling. Other than that, my mom is always clean, smiling and well fed when I visit. They serve home cooked meals. She is no longer walking and I'm not sure if that has to do with the move or her health. I like that the owner, [Removed], is very involved in changes and keeps me updated.

A nice care home

This care home is very clean and they are constantly working to keep it this way. I love the owner and the caregivers are great. The food smells good and they cater to mom's special diet. They take the residents outside and they have exercise equipment available to the residents. I would recommend this care home.

Not impressed with what I had seen!!

I was not impressed with what I had seen at this house during our tour. I understand that every client is different and some may need more attention then others but there should never be anyone getting ignored. When I was visiting there was a resident who would constantly call for help from the staff while he was in the bath for assistance and nobody came to help him the entire time I was there and that did not sit very well with me.

Manila Manor is very nice. The rooms are quite cheerful and the other residents looked quite well cared for and content. The environment is welcoming. This one is at the top of my list at this time.

I will always be grateful to the caregivers at Manila Manor.

My mother lived at Manila Manor for almost three years after she became unable to care for herself due to dementia. Two months ago, she went into hospice and was taken care of at Manila Manor. She passed away March 28 in her sleep, at 92 years of age.

Our family's experience was excellent. There are four of us siblings and we shared the cost. The value to us was immense because my mother was cared for with so much love and kindness.

Every family has their own idea of how they want their parent cared for. Some want an impressive environment; others want a range of services and activities. We wanted our mother to be hugged, fed well, provided several daily medications, and given personal grooming. And we needed this all to be done at a cost we could afford, as we all have families and financial obligations.

Manila Manor gave us what my mother and her offspring needed. It is not a grand place. But it is a house very like the one in which we were raised in the Valley. My mother, in spite of her dementia, could have located anything in that house and felt at home there.

The owner, Jasmine, and her caregivers, Rita and Maura, were lovely. They genuinely liked my mother and treated her so lovingly, it was a wonderful feeling. Me and my sibs dropped in all the time, unscheduled and unexpected.

My mother's room was always picked up and the laundry done and placed back in her drawers. She had her own room. Nothing was ever taken from her belongings. (This contrasts with the institutional facility where my grandmother lived out her days, which my opinion...a horrible place.)

My mom was not a person who would have liked an institutional setting. She came to love her caregivers and had a sunny outlook. They kept her nails polished and hair cut and styled. They dressed her in her outfits when we let them know we were taking her to Sunday dinner or a family occasion. She played the electronic piano in her room and sometimes the standard piano in the office for the other residents.

The owner, Jasmine, was often at the house. She is a lovely woman, kind, thoughtful, and spiritual. She is also quite efficient and manages the residence with care and attention.

My mother's dementia eventually ruled out activity other than watching television. She couldn't remember to swallow food, so Rita or Maura hand-fed her every meal in the last months of her life.

I visited my mom every week or two. I always asked how she was doing, if she was happy there. She always said she was. I checked her for bruises and looked over her belongings - everything was always taken care of and she looked and acted happy and secure.

A day before Mom died, Jasmine sat with me for several hours and let me talk about my mom as it became clear she would pass away soon. The evening Mom died, my brother and his son visited. Soon after they left, Maura hugged Mom for more than an hour. In the middle of the night our mother left us.

I could not ask for more love and kindness than my mother and our family received from the caregivers at Manila Manor. I will always be grateful to them.

Helpful to my mother

The caregivers were kind and caring to my mother. I was lucky that I had many conversations with the caregivers on how we could treat and care for my mother, so that she could be comfortable and ease any distress she had. These were always beneficial conversations. They were very charitable in allowing me to spend as much time with my mother as I wanted. I have always thought this was very favorable to my mother's well being. We paid $2,800.00 a month for a solo room. I believe prices have gone up since my mother was there. They do not have shifts for their staff, but I understand those kind of Board and Cares cost more. I hope this review was helpful to anyone reading it.

Never leave a loved one here

My Grandmother was left alone too much and got an infection in her bladder and is in the hospital where she remains very ill. The staff is un trained and the owner is rarely on site for more than 30 minutes per day.

They took my Mothers pills

I put my Mother at Manila Manor. She called me one weekend to tell me she was in terrible pain and needed me to get her to the Dr. I took her and they told me they were not giving her her pain medication. Instead of the morphine, they gave her aspirin and the employee was [removed] her pills. I moved my Mother and she is doing much better. I think Manila Manor is terrible.

Great healthy food

Care services are limited. There is a person who is there that happened to be a crafter and she creates all the nice crafts and activities for everyone. There are two houses and it seems like Manila Manor I get most of the care. Jasmine is very busy, lovely and very calms person. They have one other person in the house that does what she needs to do but we have also found that sometimes she needs to be reminded to do something. The temperature in the community seems hot. Rita is a very good cook. She cooks very healthy meals and provides fresh fruits, salads and vegetables. Our loved one seems to be feeling better and seems clearer, we have really noticed an improvement. The community does not have any curb appeal and the interior needs to be painted. They were able to offer us a price that suited our needs which is all inclusive so it does not go up like at other communities. Overall it is a great community that we would recommend to anyone. Cost is about $2,000 a month.

From the Community

Manila Manor aims to care for the elderly in a home like setting. It aims to foster independence, privacy and dignity in the individual hence assistance is rendered to allow the individual to function at the maximum level. Trips to the movies, museums, parks, shopping malls, and senior centers aim to foster a continuing connection with the community the elderly lives in.