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Customer Reviews


Security is a major issue at this place. We have complained several times that the side entrance door does not lock and anyone can enter from the outside. So far, over one month's time and the problem has not been addressed. Residents deserve to feel secure and management should take this very seriously.
There is also a very bad odor in the main lobby area, especially over the weekend. It seems that the trash shoot is not emptied from Friday to Monday, so the lobby smells all weekend long. Very nauseating when you enter the building.

If you love your senior family member, do your research!

I have power of attorney for my mom, a two-time cancer survivor with fixed/limited income. After 7 years, on the strict advisement of her medical team, she finally left MLSA this summer. Perpetual mold/mildew, rodent infestations, unreliable elevators, non-working laundry, HVAC issues, & extensive other health/security risks have consistently plagued MLSA. Inconsistent management and maintenance (despite the advertised “48-hour maintenance commitment”) have exacerbated an already tenuous situation. In recent months, malfunctioning security has resulted in unhampered access & regular “squatting” by the homeless and indigent in the first-floor lobby. Residents who do complain are often fearful of retaliation and/or eviction. News media have repeatedly covered MLSA issues. (search Google for Manchester Lakes, rodents, mold, mildew, JRK properties, etc.). MLSA continues to advertise to seniors & “welcome” those qualified for section 8.

Under the Virginia Residential Tenant and Landlord Act, Manchester Lakes Senior Apartments’/JRK Property Holdings’ continual inattention/neglect for the habitability of their facilities brings the validity of their leases/contractual agreements into question; yet even with 33 days-notice and doctors' written document, MLSA would not waive final rent for days 34-60 for my mom. (60 days-notice is largely unheard of in VA, but more common in CA where the holding company is located). Issues are deferred across the country to JRK to a “resident resolutions” phone number. Search Google again. Widespread web complaints indicate hang-ups and inertia are on the other end of that line. Forwarding addresses are requested of departing tenants under the guise of returning security deposits. In my mom’s case, within 30 days (in violation of The Virginia Fair Debt Collection Practices Act), IQ Data (a collections agency) was already pursuing her for “cleaning” and “carpet cleaning” charges exceeding that amount. (Apartment was left as clean or cleaner than when she arrived. She had no pets).

Please do not house your family member the mercy of a “luxury” properties company that unapologetically practices housing the elderly in unsafe, unsanitary, un-maintained facilities--- all the while receiving federal government subsidization for the large number of residents who rely upon section 8 support.

I liked the place. It was clean and the contact person you suggested was not there but I saw [Name removed]. She was very friendly and polite. She was able to show me a two bedroom apt. with a balcony.The rooms was nice size. I liked what I saw.

Independent Community

My parents are doing fine with their move to this community. I do not think this is the ideal situation for them, but it is what we can afford at the moment. They have told me that the maintenance does not response, when things are needed to be fixed. The staff is kind for the most part. They seem to do good job with the cleanliness. I would recommend this community for an independent senior.


This place is the worst. DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT TAKE YOUR LOVES ONE TO LIVE THERE. My aunt has lived alone there for a few years and the management is horrible. The premise does not have any type of security for the residents. Only a door code which is broken at this moment. I took pictures and I'm calling APS to report the [Removed] The heater never works nor does the A/c. All of the doors are broken so anyone can enter anytime of the day. Residents have complained about the improper treatment and the management said "if you don't like it move." How could management that is caring for the elderly in which pay a good amount to live there have no care about their safety? It's mind boggling they are there to live and not be worried if there will be hot running water. A water leak let's not forget to mention causes mold and mildew which is hazardous for the elderly to inhale.

Nice Place!!

I have no complaints about Manchester Lakes everything is fairly organized. I feel that i am in a safe place and the attention and care i receive is wonderful. I cook my own meals the community doesn't provide that. The activities are okay and the staff are really attentive. I would recommend the Manchester Lakes to family and friends.

Just call me middle of the road

I am happy with my apartment but because there was no resident manager for an extended period of time it appears that things have become out of control. This is suppose to be 55+ but there are people here that don't meet that age requirement and I have even heard children. Apparently if your income is a certain level you can get in here and pay very little while others are paying premium prices. New management came on board the first of 2016 and hopefully will get results. At the moment it takes a long time to get any maintenance handled.

It's very good.

It's very good. The people are friendly and they keep it pretty clean. I haven't heard any complaints about food, or being bored. So far it's working out pretty well. I don't have any major concerns or complaints.

Parents are so happy here

WOW! My parents can't stop talking about this place. They moved in a little over a year ago and it was time to renew the lease last month. So we sat down and talked about if they wanted to stay here or not and the answer was a definite yes. The other complex they lived at before was cranking the rent up on them and the conditions were not the best. They moved into Manchester last year and couldn't be happier. We're so happy with Manchester and recommend it to all of our friends with aging parents.

Great tour and experience

My family and I began looking for a senior home for my mother-in-law. Yesterday, we came to Manchester and were very pleased. I'm happy to announce that we'll be moving my mother in early August. The atmosphere was great, the apartment large and clean and the staff extremely friendly. They gave us a guided tour and took time to answer all of our questions. Very pleased with the experience!

The staff checked on my mom for me

So about 5 years ago we began the search for a place for my mom to live. Our travels took us to Manchester and she's been happy here ever since. It's great piece of mind to me, knowing that my mom is living in a clean and safe community. Truth be told, I think her apartment is actually nicer than mine! One time, I tried to get ahold of my mom and was unable to -- the phone was just busy. So I rang the staff and they went to her apartment to check on her. Turns out the phone was just off the hook, but it felt so good knowing that the staff is so responsive. Factor that in on your senior living apartment search.

Maintenance and service are great.

I had an issue when I first moved in where my sink was leaking. The maintenance man was at my apartment within a half hour and working away. They had to replace a pipe or something kind of intensive. The worker was so nice and worked so hard solving the problem. He worked for a few hours and made sure everything was perfect before leaving. A day later he called me and made sure everything was still working perfectly -- which it was. I've never lived anywhere that took such care of their tenants. It really impressed me and it's a major reason why I really like living here.

Aunt & Uncle really enjoy themselves here

We moved my aunt and uncle into this apartment about 2 years ago. The complex is very nice and they seem to really enjoy it. They are always raving about all the different things they're doing with all of the friends they've made. It's nice to know that my aunt and uncle are enjoying themselves and like where they live -- takes a load off our mind!

So much better than my old complex

What a change over the last place I lived at! I was living at a different complex about 6 months ago. The other complex was dirty, no activities and maintenance took forever. Since moving into Manchester, life has been so much better. I know I annoyed my family with all the hassle of moving, but I am so much happier here. Even though it's only been a few months, I've been able to already meet friends and the staff is so warm and welcoming. The cost is also cheaper than the other place, even though facilities are so much better!

Very happy resident

I moved in here at the later half of 2013 after a long search for a quality senior living apartment complex with my family. So far, I have no complaints and it's been a very nice place to live. The rooms are very well done and the staff extremely helpful. Living here has been so much easier and enjoyable than maintaining a house, like I did before.

I'm very pleased with Manchester

I have been living here for almost 4 years now and I don't have any complaints or regrets. My apartment is really nice and the facilities are well maintained. There are always a ton of activities for me to take part in and I've made quite a few friends over the last few years. The staff is courteous and I couldn't be happier.

My Uncle Calls It Paradise!

I have had my uncle here at Manchester Lakes for almost a year now. They have been a dream come true for me and my family. From the friendly owners to the caring staff that assist with everything needed, my heart goes out to this facility with tons of praise. The exercise programs is probably the best part of the community, ensuring that my uncle and all the other residents get basic exercise and calisthenics to support their muscle memory. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Auntie has made a home here

I'm so glad we found this complex for my aunt. She was in a place where she totally had her wits about her but the house she was living in was way too large for her to handle by herself. So we searched for senior living facilities that allowed her to maintain her independence while still having some care.

Manchester has been a blessing and she's so happy here. There's plenty of activities to participate in and she has made a bunch of friends. They all look after each other, which is exactly what I wanted for her.

The apartments are clean, spacious and luxurious. This has been a great complex for our family and we suggest it to anybody else.

After my husband's passing, I found Manchester.

I have lived here for about two years now and it has made all the difference in my life. After my husband passed away, I learned that maintaining a large house wasn't going to last. My son and daughter and I looked for senior apartments for me to live in. We decided on Manchester and I've been so happy here. There's plenty to do and it keeps me occupied. I've made great friends and my apartment is very nice. I would suggest this apartment to anybody looking for a comfortable living space that is manageable.

My parents have enjoyed living here for three years

My parents have been living here for a little over three years now and I'm really glad we found this complex. They have a ton of actives for them to take part in, which is great since they BOTH have to busy at all times (or they'll drive me nuts lol). They also have a bunch of friends here (couples too) that they can do things with. The apartments are spacious and very nice. The complex is clean and I feel like they're always vacuuming or something when I'm here! I'd definitely recumbent Manchester to my friends and family.

Rents and fees

The management is not sensitive to the needs of the elderly residents. They know that it is difficult for a senior to move once they have set up a home at Manchester Lakes. Unfortunately, they take advantage of this by increasing the rent each year and adding mandatory fees in their lease renewals.

Our tour was very enjoyable

We were a little apprehensive at first because some of the reviews have been a little less than favorable. However, we noticed that dates were back in 2013-2014. When we went to visit the facility this past weekend, everything was spotless and really nice. There must be new management or something because the various issues I read in old reviews didn't pop up at me this weekend. We've toured 4 different places now for my mother-in-law and will be going with Manchester. I wouldn't trust some of the bad reviews, you won't know if this is the place for you until you drop by -- I bet you'll really enjoy the place -- like we did.

I volunteer helping seniors weekly

I volunteer to visit seniors after school and help them out, read their mail, just talk, etc. I get to see a bunch of different senior living places because of my volunteer work. Manchester is by far my favorite place because it doesn't feel like a senior place. It smells good and it has a luxury feel to it. The apartments are clean and well kept and the staff is always very friendly to me when I'm visiting. I haven't heard any of the seniors I volunteer for say anything really negative about Manchester. I'd feel comfortable sending my loved one here.

A standout apartment complex

There's been a lot of advertising for this apartment complex lately and so we decided to evaluate it for my uncle this weekend. It really blew us's like a senior resort. The building was clean and seemed secure, staff showed us an outing calendar and that amount of activities was plentiful. There's a really neat gym, which is great because staying active means staying healthy for seniors. The cost was on par with other area senior apartments, which was surprising considering how much more you get (based on our other tours).

Memorial Day Visist

We came here yesterday to spend Memorial Day with my grandfather and really enjoyed our time here. This was my first time visiting the apartments and I was glad that my grandpa was enjoying it. My parents had told me that he liked it here, but it was nice actually seeing it in person. The rooms are spacious and luxurious -- better than my own apartment! Everything seemed really clean and the staff was pleasant and friendly.

I lived here for a couple of years

I was a resident of this facility about 6 months ago and liked it here. Unfortunately, I needed more care than assisted living now and so my daughter and son-in-law moved me in with them. The staff was very nice and helpful to me and my room was always clean. I made a lot of good friends here during my 3 years at Manchester and I was sad to to leave it. I would suggest this place to other seniors in a heartbeat.

Step-Mother is moving in shortly

We toured this apartment complex about a month ago when scoping out places for my step-mother. She'll be released from the hospital in a few weeks and unable to live on her own anymore. We've been on the hunt for a great facility for her and we're going to settle on Manchester. The amenities seem great, the star was very helpful and the rooms are perfect size for mom. I'll update my review once we move in and further assess the apartment complex.

My father really likes living here

My father has lived here for just about a year now and everything has been really good. The apartments are clean, smell nice (don't have that hospital smell) and the staff is always helpful and nice to us. My father says that there's a lot of people he can hang out with and I think that's the best part -- he's not lonely anymore. In fact, when we bring him out, he looks forward to going back!

So far it's at the top of our list

We have been touring different facilities over the last few weeks for my mother and Manchester is at the top of our list. What we really liked the best was the amount of time the staff spent with us, walking us around and explaining all of the costs involved. They dedicated a few hours to us and at no time did we ever feel rushed. The staff was nice, the living spaces clean and the residents seemed happy. We have one more place left on our list, but Manchester is by far at the top right now.

My aunt really likes it here

I enjoyed the list of activities they had planned for seniors and felt good about allowing my aunt to live here. She has been here for a few months now and has only good things to say about the apartment. Whatever issues there may have been in the past must have been remedied because we've yet to experience them.

Manchester Lakes Senior Apartment Homes

My dear mother has been living here at the Manchester Lakes Senior Apartment Homes for about three years now. After my father had passed away, my mother could not be by herself in her home. Although it was a difficult transition at first moving in, she adjusted pretty quick and felt very secure. My mother has made incredible relationships with other women in the community. The property and facilities are beautiful and up to date. The incredible staff here is very welcoming and treats you like family. Seeing my mother so happy means the world to me. Thank you Manchester Lakes Senior Apartment Homes.

We found this place for my grandmother after an EXHAUSTIVE search. It's so sad that there's such a lack of quality homes for seniors in the area. After the tour, we felt really good about this apartment and after some decision making, moved her in. She's been happy here ever since and it's been a little over a year now. Really great staff and a pleasant experience all around.

My mother has been living at Manchest...

My mother has been living at Manchester Lakes Senior Apartments for almost 3 years. Since the fall of 2013, when T. the manager left, the facility declined sharply in its cleanliness, safety, security, overall management, etc.
There are mice in the apartments Manchester Lakes Senior Apartments, and though at first, last year, one was surprised to see an occasional mouse, now, the residents are known to have mouse droppings in their microwaves and on their counters. The situation has progressed now to rats, and last week, one of the elderly residents was bitten on her chest by a rat.
The rodent situation is likely due to the trash compactor system which is more often not working and so trash builds up so high in the garbage rooms that residents are unable to deposit their trash without adding to the piles which have been known to raise up to five feet or more. Often, the trash overflows from the garbage rooms sometimes into the hallways.
Security is weak at best. There are no working lights outside at night. Passers-by get into the building via side doors which, back in 2011, only allowed entry via code. There have been several break-ins and residents are having intruders knocking on their doors after mignight. One resident recently awoke at 2 in the morning to have an intruder standing over her bed. When she screamed, the intruder ran away down the hall and out of the building.
Residents can be without heat in the winter, and without air conditioning in the summer because the sole maintainence man couldn't keep up. Now there is a second maintenance persona, however, they remain completely overwhelmed between the repairs and calls from the two buildings.
The facility has been unable to keep a manager longer than a couple of weeks, and, when you call the management company, JRK Property Management Services by JRK Residential, if you are fortunate to actually speak to someone, they put you off as if it weren't their concern.
All this as the rent has been raised to the point where a one bedroom studio in now $1162.00, and rising. Clearly, this is not a facility anyone should recommend. Action needs to be taken...however, who is listening to these elderly citizens. All too often, it is someone else's job or someone else should be called...only to have the resident stay on hold for a concern that will never be answered.

Doing well!

This was the community we selected for my loved one, but unfortunately he had a medical emergency and hasn't been able to move in yet. I wanted to leave a review for them anyway, since they have been very supportive throughout the whole process. I was impressed by what I saw during the tour, the staff are all very friendly and even the maintenance man knew all of the residents names!

Location is great; price is good; maintenance poor

My parents moved into a two bedroom apartment in Manchester Lakes Senior Apartments. They are on very limited income, so the price of these HUD-assisted apartments is within their budget. The complex is very close to a large grocery store and a major pharmacy. There is a bank and an iHop restaurant within walking distance. and the Inova Healthplex and ER is only 1/2 mile away.
The layout of the apartment is good, with a fairly open floor plan. The larger bedroom has a very large walk-in closet. The bedrooms and bathroom have emergency call buttons to summon 911 response. My parents have used this three times and each time it was a matter of only 5 minutes before emergency responders arrived. The apartment my parents are in is on the ground floor and they can walk out onto their little patio and go right to the parking area where their car is parked.
As other reviews have already touched on, the responsiveness of management for maintenance of the apartments is not very good. Often we have to take matters into our own hands, like replacing the thermostat, or fixing one of the burners on the electric stove, etc. The maintenance personnel are knowledgeable and helpful, but are very under staffed. They work hard, but there aren't enough staff to do all the work that is necessary.
This past February I was appalled at the lack of snow removal following two snow storms. Sidewalks were not kept clear of snow and ice, the parking lot received basically one snow plow pass which packed the wet snow against the parked cars and the garage units on either side of the driveway. The snow turned to a 1 foot by 2 foot block of ice overnight and was extremely hard to break up and shovel away. My husband and I spent several hours over two days shoveling walkways and parking areas in the section nearest my parents' apartment because of the hazardous conditions. Very unsatisfactory.

I wouldn't recommend Manchester Lakes

Althought we really liked M.L. 7 years ago when we moved our parents in, it has really gone downhill since JRK Management took over. They spent HUGE amounts of money remodeling the lobbies (a grand piano and a fireplace....really?) and entrances, they do nothing about the well-being of the residents. Most of them use walkers and canes, my mother includes. There are only 2 entrances that have ramps with railings. My father fell on one of the stoops due to no railing. My mother's heat has been spotty at best since last winter; we have had to get her to portable heaters to keep warm. They used to clear the walkways and parking lots immediately after snow and ice storms; not anymore, now it just sits there and my mother cannot walk her dog. I have to take the dog to stay with me until it all melts. They never answer the phone in the office when called during the day and in December, there was NO ONE IN THE OFFICE from Friday, December 27-New Year's Day. How can no one be there? I would not recommend them to anyone, although I used to. I have written letters of complaint to the management company and never received any reply.

Unacceptable living conditions at Manchester Lakes Senior Apt.

We moved our elderly parents here approxmately 7 years ago. Things have greatly deteriorated in that time. The management was initially caring, and maintained the building well. Unfortunately, the new management has spent a significant amount of money on cosmetic improvements to common areas, but neglects individual apartments. It is not unusual to consistently find the office locked up tight. The heat goes out fairly regularly, and the water goes out at times as well. They cannot seem to keep a maintenance man employed to assist with timely resolution of these problems. Initially grocery trips were once per week, now they are twice a month. This means that sometimes the residents go 3 weeks between visits to the grocery. All exit doors should have ramps, but only 2 do, and the majority of residents use walkers. In inclement weather, the parking lot is not plowed, nor are the sidewalks shovelled. This facility is very poorly managed and I would NOT recommend it to anyone.

Very nice facility, they ha...

Very nice facility, they had a model apartment to show, the cost was a little more than expected, but the amenities were awesome and the people who lived there were very friendly and told us about the facility while we waited about 45 minutes for someone to come and show up the place. close to shopping with transportation available. This is probably the one we will choose.

Low Rates and Plenty to do

I recently moved in to Manchester Lakes about a month ago and was previously at Dorchester Towers. I moved because my rent was rising every month. I now have an apartment that is just a little smaller but I also pay about $400 less a month. They have a monthly activities calendar that keeps the residents interested. I am actually scheduled to play some music on Friday; I will be playing some music on my digital keyboard. They also have a very nice outdoor area where you can have some coffee, donuts and good conversation in the morning. The community is very nicely decorated and its please to the eyes. They have an exercise room, a library and a store within the building to keep residents interested. The washer and dryer only cost $1 a load for each so it’s a pretty fair price. They do have an income cap so it keeps the prices lows. The apartments have a small kitchen that has a microwave, stove, refrigerator and dish washer. I would just advise to be wise with the size of the furnisher you chose to bring due to the size of the apartment. My apartment has a balcony I can go out on and get some air. I am getting adjusted to the size but it is going pretty good. Manchester does offer transportation to certain places but I don’t really use because I have a car. It is located right across the street from a shopping plaza so that really convenient.

prices start at $1,150/mo; independen...

prices start at $1,150/mo; independent living. twice/month only to grocery store

Possibility but didn't see many resid...

Possibility but didn't see many residents; less than a handful.

Maybe, will check it out

Maybe, will check it out

From the Community

From meeting friends to participating in wellness activities, residents at Manchester Lakes Senior Apartment Community enjoy a host of features and amenities designed with their independence in mind.

Controlled access, an emergency response system, transportation via Fastran and elevator service enhance residential living for adults 62+ at Manchester Lakes. One and two-bedroom apartments have fully equipped kitchens, roomy closets and balconies or patios. The convenient Northern Virginia location with excellent access to shopping makes Manchester Lakes an ideal affordable living option.