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This review is regarding the owner, [Removed]. My family employs several of her staff. I had specific concerns and wrote [Removed]. She NEVER bothered to respond. I find this very rude and unprofessional.

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We just started but so far Sally & Rose (the caregiver) seem wonderful, compassionate and very willing to work & help.

I met with Perfecto several...

I met with Perfecto several months ago. It did not work out! They were not professional. They interrupted the PT session my mom was getting with Home Health to say they couldn't provide what we needed. I would not work with them. Very pushy...very persistent...not professional.

Loving is what they share, caring is what they do

I met Perfecto in May of 2012. He came to our Senior Center to perform and told the audience about the services Magic Touch provided and the staff from Magic Touch was there as well to answer questions about the home care services they provide. We were all very interested in what he had to say and we have his brochures available for people and we also have his ad in our monthly newsletter. Perfecto sings and has a fantastic "One Man Show". The seniors love him and the warmth and trust he has for others is clearly noticed by all. He sings songs that bring joy to everyone. When he meets you the first time you have an instant respect for who he is and what he stands for. I would never have a problem recommending Magic Touch to anyone.

Not Going Well

It's not going well. The caregiver was an hour late on Friday. I left him a note that clearly stated what days and when I wanted him and he was supposed to be here at 10 am today and he showed up at 11:30 am. I don't think he speaks English which he is supposed to. He will smile and nod yes, but he doesn't understand. My plan was to slowly get him used to the household and then increase hours but I don't think it's going to work out. Until he's trained he's going to be more work for me. He seems very affable - a very nice, young man. I'm overwhelmed and this is supposed to make my life easier.

Mom loves the caregivers

The caregivers at Magic Touch Home Care have been cooking lunches and dinners for my mom and she has started gaining weight back that she had lost. The doctor says she is doing really good, she looks so much better. my whole family met with the Director Perfecto, and we were all pretty pleased. He explained everything to us and kept in touched and followed up with us too. Magic Touch has been true to their word. Perfecto completely understood my mom's need for the same caregivers. The caregivers have been very helpful, they've texted me her improvements, they take notes in a journal about my mom's care and I am contacted if there are any concerns. Magic Touch Home Care relieves a lot of pressure and stress because they make sure she is fed and is taking her medication. Absolutely no complaints. The caregivers will even take mom to nail or hair appointments, they'll pick up any grocery items she requests, and they can transport her in emergencies. Any questioned I had they answered, the whole family is happy with Magic Touch.