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Customer Reviews

Excellent communication, competent care

[name removed], the owner, is an excellent communicator and quickly and clearly responds to all my questions and requests. We have had the pleasure of meeting so many wonderful and competent caregivers. I would definitely recommend Ativa Home Care.

Very inconsistent

My Mother was only with this agency for about a month. There was a lack of communication and I kept finding myself having to micromanage. In the one month, my mom had about 5 caregivers. The very 1st one always came in late and the 2nd one promised she could drive to us and ended up saying she couldn’t. After that, they started sending random caregivers that I didn’t know about. There were a lot of constancy issues and it wasn’t good for my Mother and her worsening dementia. I would not recommend this agency to other families.

They do a good job

What I really liked about this company is that they sent out a manager to us to meet and discuss our needs. They wanted to understand us first before actually sending people to us which I found a big plus. The caregivers are doing a good job and doing the best they can for my loved one. They help him with exercise, talking him to do errands at the store, and doing his laundry.

This agency is doing a good job so far we are pleased with the service. We have had 3 caregivers come out so far and each one of them has been good. They are professional and very nice they do what needs to be done. The agency has been very easy to get a hold of if needed.

Husband Doing A Lot Better, Good Home Care

My husband is doing a lot better since he started to receive services from this home care agency. They have been very good at working with me regarding his care plan. I like about 95% of the care givers. For the most part they have been great. They are kind, and very helpful. It has been good experience, and this is a home care agency I would recommend.

To soon to tell.

I'm new as to using a caregiver. Because I've been a natural caregiver all my life. So I know judging against myself would not be fair. There are routines to be learned along with timing of same. Depending on the hour the routines change. So this takes time over a 24 hour shift for anyone to learn. In early training stage. Going good so far.

Positive experience.

My mother is no longer receiving services from Ativa Home Care.The caregivers were courteous and helpful. It was easy to schedule services and they were reliable. I would recommend them.

Mother-in-law's health has improved since starting services.

We have been using services from Ativa for my mother-in-law and things are going well and her health has improved. The care givers seem professional to a certain degree. We stopped working with one caregiver because she was more argumentative than helpful. My mother-in-law is still resistant in general but the caregivers seem to be patient with her. I would recommend Ativa Home Care

Care at home

I like the care from this service. The staff are always nice and caring to our needs of what we are needing. The caretaker is nice and reliable. the caregiver has been helpful for the personal needs and is always offering to help. She does help with the meals that are needed. We would recommend this service and the caretakers to other families for great care at home.

Half and half!

We started using this community and the very first person that they sent us was wonderful. She did everything that we needed. The second girl that they sent was several hours late and she was not doing what she needed to do.

Awesome, awesome place!

We could not be happier with this group of people. I was scared to have someone come in to my home since I have been the major caregiver. However, they have been awesome with my father in law. We are very pleased and are very lucky to have them in our lives.

Overall they have done a pretty good job.

Overall they have done a pretty good job. They came out right away and have been responsive and flexible. Some caregivers might be a better fit than others, but the company as a whole has done a pretty good job.

Great service

Knowledgeable, transparent, and very professional.

We Are All Very Happy

Things are going well since Ativa Home Care came and started to help my mother out. We some issues with scheduling but they were quickly fix and that is one thing that was good about the agency was their responsive timing was great. We had one problem with one of the care givers they sent over we didn't feel they were experienced enough to care for my mother and when we brought this concern up to the agency they quickly switched her out and sent over a new lady who is working out better now all the staff has been really nice and helpful to us. She is adjusting getting use to someone new coming in her home to help out but we are all happy with Ativa Home Care and their services very pleased.

Very good at listening to You

They are doing very well with coming in and helping out with everything.They are very good with listening to us and understanding our needs and the detailed information that we have given them. I would recommend this agency.

had all the equipment that my dad needed

I was very pleased that Ativa Home Care had all the equipment that my dad needed before he went in. They were responsive to dad needing longer bed rails. I was very pleased with the experience overall.

It's been good overall

It's so far working out really good but I have never really interacted with the company. We have had our tweaks in the beginning with the caregivers. They are mainly coming to cook for my parents. But overall it hasn't been effortless and things are getting better. They were very response when I first started to contact them. .

They have been very good.

We have been through 3 caregivers overall but with Ativa they have background checks that made it more safe and reliable. The 3rd caregiver is working out great and I trust Marvin one of the owners there. They are helpful and when I had to leave to Vegas and my daughter had gotten sick Marvin was quick to respond to my need of help with my mother.
They are very accommodating.

Reliability and Professionalism

Kaisy and Marvin provided superb 24 hour home care for my mother in her last year. Reliability and professionalism were my mother’s and my top requirements, they provided these and more.

Their home care team made sure that there was never any lapse in care regardless of the reason, did their utmost to insure consistency in personnel, and called frequently to check on care.

The caregivers were well trained and wonderfully attentive. Although my mother had lung and heart issues, she was mentally sharp. The caregivers always kept her mind active and treated my mother as if she were their own. They made sure that her breathing equipment worked well and medications were taken appropriately.

In summary, the level of care was always top notch. It gave us all peace of mind and allowed my mother to enjoy her last year much more than any of us would have thought. For that we are eternally grateful.

Bonnie MacDermotRoe

Best care for my husband

We received wonderful care for my husband for almost two years. The caregivers they selected were lovely people, my husband liked them all. This agency was always reliable and able to adjust with changes in plans at a moment’s notice. One of the caregivers, Hughes, formed a very close relationship with David. I have no regrets on how he cared for my husband. No one anywhere could have received better care. It is very consoling now to be able to look back and know David got the best care anywhere. Thank you Kaisy.

Mary Louise

"This Agency is A+!"

"This Agency is A+!"

When searching for a caregiver to care for my father, we found that this agency was by far the best choice we made. The caregivers were well trained and actually became a part of our family. I would highly recommend this agency for your home care needs.


The agency staff were a pleasure to work with. They understood my needs, furnished the appropriate help who were competent and trustworthy. The owners listen to your needs which is a rare thing these days. Kaisy is a standout in this rapidly growing business. I suggest you call her first!

Fran Long

From the Provider

Ativa is a home care agency that provides quality home care services to you or your loved ones. We offer personalized care with consistency and reliability. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Ativa Home Care provides all level of services, from non-hands on to personal care for residents in their home, facility or retirement community. We are licensed, bonded, and insured in the state of California.

Ativa Home Care’s employees are licensed, bonded, experienced, and have gone through a comprehensive orientation with our company.