Life Care Ctr of Gwinnett - Lawrenceville, GA

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Customer Reviews


Please do NOT put a Loved one at Life Care of Gwinnett. My mother lived at Life Care for 4 years until they sent her to the hospital and refused to take her back! The service went down hill after the new Director took over about a year ago. I was an advocate for my mother and discussed issues with the Director and things NEVER changed. We were doing a gradual medication adjustment which he agreed to do which was going to take 4-6 weeks. About the second week in for some reason he decided he had enough of my mother and me so he "DUMPED" her at the hospital so he wouldn't have to deal with either one of us. Talk about compassion for an 85 year old woman. He is always hiring new staff too. You never knew who was who. New Director of Nursing, 2 New Social Workers, New CNA's, Nurses, and New Head Custodian. WHY? The New Director wants to pick and choose who lives at Life Care and wants to pick who will work at Life Care and be his puppets!! Please do not put your loved one in Life Care!

Good care overall

We had a loved one here for quite a few years, and overall I think they did a good job with a tough situation. They could have been staffed slightly better. Many of the employees obviously worked long hours and were exhausted, which lead to some instances of unprofessional behavior, and a high staff turnover when they got burned out.

Did an excellent job with rehab care

This was a very nice place for rehab! The staff were very good, and really helped him settle in and adjust to the facility. By the time his rehab was over he didn't really want to leave!

Good rehab care and barely any smell

We were pretty happy there, it was good, the cleanliness was good. It was rare, you can go to those places and it can smell really bad and that never really happened here. If it did it was because they were in the middle of cleaning something up and the door was open. The rehab was good, they worked on her twice a day and I think they did as good as they could do with her. The doctor said there was no point in replacing her hip so he just put a pin in it and he said she probably would never walk again. They did work with her and she could walk but not unassisted and she had walked completely unassisted before. They did get her the ability to walk which is why she was able to get into assisted living and I did try to get them to help her with getting around in a wheelchair and they did what I asked.