Legacy at South Plains - Lubbock, TX

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Customer Reviews

We love Legacy at South Plains!

My wife and I are extremely happy that my dad is at Legacy at South Plains! He is 90 years old and a widower university professor who was very reluctant to go into senior living, but was not coping well at home (even with in-home care services) and without another in-home care option. He was most concerned about his cat, who is with him and has adapted as well as he has. After a few days of anxiety about things left at home, he has embraced living at Legacy and loves it. His affect has changed from confused and lackadaisical to happy, engaged, and always up. The support systems are excellent and he raves about the food. He also appreciates several recurring social events, including a Thursday happy hour (which he likes for the social events since he doesnt drink) and a Sunday 3 pm non-denominational church service. Legacy costs a bit more than other Lubbock options but we think it is worth it, and we realize that similar services in New Orleans where we live would cost much more. We would not have looked at Legacy without the suggestion of a Place for Mom so very glad we consulted them!

[Name removed] loved Legacy

My father was a founding resident here and he passed away in hospice there, too. He loved it there. The food was great, he had to stop eating desserts because he gained weight. Breakfast was his favorite meal. The staff was so friendly and caring. Dad was a very active senior and they provided lots of good activities. The happy hour Thursday was a huge hit. Dad was a life long Baptist, but I taught him to dance at happy hour Thursday. I have so many good memories there. They made his last 2 years fun. Thanks staff at legacy, we loved you.

Justin Yee

Local Representative

Thank you so much for your kind words! We are so honored to have served you and your family well. We will miss him forever, and please do not be shy. You are always welcome to come back for happy hour or any time!

The tour was fantastic and answered a lot of questions. Studio suites and expanded rooms available. They have independent living, assisted living, and also provide self-contained memory units. Super nice.

i had a good first impression overall. Residents were busy and talkative and a couple said it was a great place to live. The deluxe 1 BR is a nice size, but the tiny kitchenette is a little disappointing, but I have noticed that most communities have this same set up. I guess if three meals a day are provided, one doesn't need to cook.

Legacy is a large new senior living community. It is beautiful; more the atmosphere of a luxury hotel than a cozy residence though! It has lots of activities for residents in various stages of aging, offers a wonderful menu from the dining room, and [name removed] was so helpful in answering my question about what would be best for my parents who have different levels of need. It is expensive however.
It's worth checking out. I met a 100 yr. old resident who seemed very vibrant and engaged in her surroundings!

I wasn't that impressed

I toured this facility when looking for a place for my parents. It was more like an apartment building than a community. I wasn’t that impressed with it. The outside area was lacking a lot and everything seemed to be geared more towards doing things inside. It’s a brand new facility, though, so it’s very clean and looks nice. The person that gave us the tour was able to answer all of our questions and they seemed knowledgeable about the facility and what they had to offer.

We liked It

I really wanted mom to come live here. But she had her sights on something else at the time of the decision. But this place was very new and beautiful. Everyone looked cheerful and healthy. This also had an assisted living part if Mom were to ever need that. They had a huge 2nd floor balcony that had a sports bar on it and mom loves sports she just had friends at the place she chose to live and chose that community.

Review of Legacy At South Plains Lubbock, TX

Legacy is a Godsend! The facility is cutting edge and stylish. The staff is like family and their dedication is unparalleled. I have no worries about my Mom because she is in the best hands.

The staff at Legacy has been so friendly and helpful. When dad needed emergency medical care early on a Sunday morning, they came to help him, called an ambulance and contacted me, so grateful! Even though he is classified as “Independent Living”. He has help if he needs it!

Beautiful says it all

This is a beautiful community with a lot of amenities for the residents. The staff did an impressive job showing all around their community, answering all my questions and making me feel welcome. I would definitely recommend taking the tour here and this would have been one of my top choices for myself but the pricing was not what I had set for my budget.

I can not say enough about this community

The food is five stars. The staff are incredible, friendly, helpful and patient. They are really professional and warm to the residents. This is a brand new, sharp, contemporary and happy community. The whole concept is triple A. They offer many daily activities. I would recommend this community.

Oh my goodness the Legacy has been a life saver for our family. Our dad really was [in] need for help and Legacy was the first and only place we looked. It is absolute beautiful and the food is great. Most importantly, other staff is wonderful – so friendly and caring!

Enjoyable Place!!

I have no complaints about how things have been going for my mother since she has recently made the move into this community. The staff have been very helpful with the transition and have made my mom feel right at home in her new living environment. Every time I go and visit her she is always bragging about the meals and saying how great they always taste. She also has been enjoying participating in some of the activities they have available with the other residents. It has been the perfect fit so far and we are very happy with our selection.

Food is really good and guest of residents are welcome and to eat!
Staff wonderful – friendly and caring.

The community is above and beyond great. The staff is first class. Great food and activities are ideal.

I could list so many examples, but there isn’t enough space on this card. So I’ll just say that the staff always puts the residents first. It is demonstrated in everything they do. I can’t imagine living at any other facility as friendly and supportive as the Legacy.

We have found this community very hospitable. They have wonderful to him. I feel welcome when I am there.

Excellent community!

Mom loves her spacious room at Legacy. She feels comfortable here. The staff is so friendly and caring. [Removed] and [Removed] made mom feel at home and “wanted” from the beginning – even brought her favorite cake (coconut) to her while she was in Rehab. The caregivers are loving, gentle, and so helpful. We appreciate and enjoy all Legacy’s efforts to make this mom’s new home!

Legacy has been a wonderful place for my mother. The staff has been so helpful and pleasant to make this a home for her. [Removed] and [Removed] have both worked diligently to meet her needs as well as others. Their cheerful demeanor leaves a positive impact on both the residents and their guests.

The facility was beautiful and well thought out.i really liked the concept that the facility is wanting to instill with the Six dimensions of wellness. I feel they are very important to senior care. The only down side to my visit was that I was not able to see how staff interacts with residents and the level of activity in the residents since the facility is not open yet. This will make my decision a bit harder.