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Customer Reviews

The caregivers need to be reminded to be compassionate!

My friend was working with this company for a short period of time (only 4 days) and I’m not so happy with what I observed. The people that are organizing the care are very good at what they do, but the caregivers they send are never happy with their salaries or things like that. I bought some food for my friend once and they did not feed it to her. I’ve had to tell them several times to help my friend and to take care of her and I would think these people would be experienced enough to know what to do. It’s a bit personal but my friend used the restroom and they did not flush the toilet for about 25 minutes, letting the room stink up. I actually had to tell her to flush the toilet. I shouldn’t have to do that! I was kind of down when I realized the care that my friend was receiving was quite horrible. I think they should give their caregivers training every month just to remind them to be compassionate about what they’re doing. There should be a yearly meeting or something where they go over things that they could do better because this is not just a business, this is about taking care of people that need it. Now she has a private caregiver and is receiving the care that she actually deserves and needs and is slowly getting better. It was just a bad experience and I do not recommend them.

Not The Best Experience

From the very beginning, we had issues with this agency but we did our best to give them a shot and work through the issues, unfortunately, it didn't work out and we ended up discontinuing the service with them. The agency itself was very difficult to get a hold of you would have to leave a message and they wouldn't return your call for several hours. The caretakers did not act in a professional manner they would leave in the middle of an appointment and leave me mother alone. Some of the caretakers wouldn't keep the appointments or show up on time. They really need to work at being more professional.