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I want to thank you for the incredible and wonderful service you have provided [our client] these past months. The professionalism and care have been excellent and we cannot thank you enough...Please thank everyone on your team for their great work. The entire family and especially [our client] so appreciate it.

The agency has always been quite willing to work with us to find the right placement. They have been very responsive and easy to work with. The male attendant we currently have is awesome. He knows what to do, how to do it, doesn't shy away from things to be done. He feeds my Dad well balanced meals, helps him with bathing and exercising. We are all very happy with him.

The driver arrived in front of my building early, called a few minutes before the designated time, got me to the appointment early despite commute traffic, waited until the procedure was over, and drove me home. She was warm, efficient, questioned if I was fine or needed anything else. Also setting up the appointment with their office was smooth, friendly, and reassuring as was subsequent billing. I highly recommend for any procedure where the medical provider says the patients cannot/should not drive themselves and the patients do not wish to impose on friends or family.

They were very professional, prompt, and responsive in setting up the home care in a short period of time. They worked with my in-laws getting them to accept they care that they really needed. They were available 24 hours.

My parents are in their late 80s but still live at home. Their mobility is limited but they are determined to stay "interdependent". All of their children, us included, visit regularly and do light chores, assistance, and errands. But, it was clear that they needed someone to be there regularly to check up on them and their needs. Currently we have someone, who they are very pleased with, come in two times a week for four hours at a time. We hope they have her come in more often - when they are ready. This has been a good start for all involved. [Removed], the owner of this firm, totally understood the needs and desires of my parents and us, and how to approach the solution. I am convinced that as conditions change Home Care Assistance will be an invaluable source of help on determining and finding new solutions. We are very pleased.

It's been good so far

It's been good so far. We haven't had any complaints. They have been reliable, and things have worked out well.

Katarina Livaskani

Local Representative

Thank you for the positive review! Our caregivers are experienced, compassionate and reliable so that you and your loved ones can rest assured knowing that you are receiving high-quality in-home care. Best, The Oakland Care Team

This is a large and structu...

This is a large and structured company. Very knowledgeable and more systematic. They were also the most expensive. We passed on them because we thought we would get better service and better rates at Beacon.