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Stay Away

My 68 year old brother suffered tremendously with Lung/Liver Cancer. After 8 months, he was near death - could no longer self medicate, feed himself, walk, go to the bathroom, etc. They repeatedly denied him as an inpatient telling his (2) Sister's that 'he wasn't ready'. Instead, the Nurse Case Manager had no choice but to put him in a Nursing Home where he passed 1 wk later after falling twice trying to go to the bathroom (didn't get the 24 hr. care he paid for) & a visit to the hospital to 'evaluate' if he had internal bleeding. Our brother was no longer eating, couldn't get out of bed yet Hospice visited him every other day to change his catheter but still...'he was not ready'. I repeatedly asked Hospice to send a Chaplain to give our brother a final blessing but was told he didn't want to see him. He is Catholic & was so out of it dosed on Morphine for pain that common sense dictated he needed a spiritual blessing before he passed. Even now, I try to get answers from Hospice but to no avail. STAY AWAY from this facility. They get gov't. funding yet the Medical Director denied my brother the compassion and dignity he deserved. Shame on you Hope Hospice for making all of our lives miserable; you deeply failed us.

Stay Away

They deny end of stage life as an in patient, preferring to let someone die without compassion and dignity. Stay away from this place; they don't care. Someone could be so ill that they can't walk, self medicate, can't eat, can't talk, can't go to the bathroom, curl up in a ball and refuse to eat but 'their not ready yet'. They get free federal funding from the government, it's fully paid under Medicare, yet they deny someone the dignity and compassion they deserve. They didn't even have a Chaplain go out to give a Catholic man a religious and spiritual blessing or to provide comfort. I was recommended this facility by a Geriatric Nurse Case Manager so do your homework and don't trust someone else's opinion until you investigate yourself. They failed us miserably and made our brother's end of life horrible. Shame on you Hope Hospice; God knows what you did.

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Hope Hospice & Palliative Care Rhode Island, the second-oldest hospice in the nation and the largest and most experienced hospice agency in the state, provides quality, compassionate health care to people facing the advanced stages of serious illnesses.he Center for Grief and Healing at Hope Hospice & Palliative Care Rhode Island offers grief support for adults and children that includes individual and group counseling, six-week support groups, monthly drop-in groups and special events to honor and memorialize loved ones. In addition to medical care, Hope Hospice & Palliative Care Rhode Island offers a mix of complementary therapies to its patients, including Reiki, hand massage with aromatherapy, pet therapy and music therapy to help reduce stress and enhance one's well being.