Hi'olani Assisted Living Center at Kahala Nui - Honolulu, HI

Hi'olani Assisted Living Center at Kahala Nui - Honolulu, HI has yet not published prices.

Customer Reviews

Poor Service when you need it most

Independent Care side is great, food good, staff wonderful. Once your loved one it transferred to assisted the service goes way down. They try to force you to bring in and hire a personal health aide . There ratio or staff to assisted patients appear adequate but the supervision or what is being done by managers appears to be lacking. Moving forward if by the inevitable your family member goes to nursing area then the service drops to almost none. The
oversight of what the aides are doing is non existent and many services are skipped , not done . I would not recommend .

Lessons learned , a warning from a daughter : Kahala Nui

My parents were the very first to occupy their apartment in Kahala nui. They signed an agreement. " bought their apartment, (now about 900 k to a million) And also paid a very hefty monthly fee each. (4k ). They lived it up and loved the staff and the food. Then it fell apart. Long story short my dad dies without ever using the " care for life" promised in assisted living which is no ones fault. But when mother had to make the move to assisted living they did not give her adequate care. They sold the a pretexts to the next on the waiting list. At that timel the agreement is they keep 10 of what you paid not the higher price they collected as the place appreciated. In assisted, the ratio of attendants/staff to residents is the lowest allowed by state law. She was only to be showered once a week! We had to pay extra for her clothes to be washed. Because she needed time to get dressed and brought down to meals they stopped coming for her and left her in her room and brought up a tray. No one made sure she ate. We had also hired outside caregivers to fill in the gaps as to what we felt should be appropriate care. Apt smelled like urine. They tried to get my mom declared incompetent without consulting the family for tests. My sister a nurse trainer at the university and a nurse practitioner could not stand fighting with the management and had her own health issues so we decided to move mom to another place. We hope she does not outlive the money she has left after this incredible breach of trust. Also beware, once you leave the regular side, you are not allowed to go out of assisted side to mingle withhold friends there . It is as if they don't want anyone to see the inevitable. Like the Titanic.