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Nursing Homes in Honolulu, Hawaii

Nursing homes often get a bad reputation in our culture. The reality is that most nursing homes are committed to improving the lives of their residents, and they only hire the most qualified, dedicated staff. Seniors who move into a nursing home receive several benefits, and families are left with a sense of peace because they know their loved ones are cared for and safe.

Living in Honolulu

Honolulu is a major tourist destination, and it is often referred to as paradise by tourists. It's the main gateway into Hawaii, and it offers residents and tourists plenty of activities from water sports to nightlife. The city's history has been rather turbulent, and includes the well-known attack on Pearl Harbor by Japan in 1941, but throughout all of the issues, Honolulu has remained the state's capital. The temperature in the state remains consistent throughout the year, averaging about 80-90 degrees, with lower temperatures of 65-75 degrees only occurring once or twice a year. Despite the island being located in the Pacific, hurricanes are quite rare. The island has plenty of activities to keep even the most active senior engaged for some time.

Nursing Home Location

One of the most important factors of a nursing home is its location. Ideally, you want your loved one to be close to as many family members as possible so they have a solid support system. Regular visits help seniors cope with the changes in their lives, and shows that the family still cares about them. However, it is more important to have consistency in the senior's life, so if you have family members scattered across the country, it may make more sense to place your loved one in a home nearest the most responsible person. In that case, it's a good idea to encourage the rest of the family to write letters, send cards, and make special trips to see their parent or grandparent. Don't underestimate the power of family in helping a loved one cope with the changes inherent in nursing home care.

Environment for Residents

The environment of a nursing home should be supportive and nurturing, and if it's not, it's probably not the best place for your loved one. Seniors need to be able to connect with the other residents, and with the nursing home staff, as these people will become like a second family to them. If your loved one is stressed out about their living arrangement, it could make things worse for their health and cause emotional problems within the family. It's also important to find a nursing home that encourages outings and social activities to keep your loved one lively. Living in Hawaii means that residents get to experience paradise every day. This should still be the case even when they live in a nursing home.

Paying for Nursing Home Care

The one downside to living in paradise is the fact that it costs an arm and a leg. Hawaii is an expensive state to live in, and nursing homes follow the same trend. The average annual cost for nursing homes in the rest of the country is $50,000, depending on amenities. In Hawaii, families are easily looking at $75,000 or more a year. That's an overwhelming amount of money for many families, especially those who haven't planned for it. Families with aging parents and grandparents should look into long-term care insurance, which often covers the cost of nursing homes. Paying out-of pocket, especially when you haven't planned on it, is a burden that could cause you to go through your savings in about six months. Such an event can cause a lot of problems for families, so it is better to plan ahead. Eligibility for Medicare and Medicaid varies by state, so that's another option families should look into, as well.

Assuming that the financial end of the arrangement is all worked out, finding the right nursing home can help make a senior's transition to their new life a lot easier. Nursing homes are a great option for families who cannot assist their loved one's full-time, and they offer several benefits that seniors wouldn't have living on their own. It's best to start planning early, though. It will allow families the time necessary to choose the home that suits them best, rather than the one that can them the quickest.