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My brother, handicapped by a series of strokes, came to this facility in 2012 when it was owned by Henry Ford Health System. While not fancy, it had the oversight of caring managers and a premier health system. But HFHS got out of the business in 2015 and this facility was sold to an owner whose previous experience was a beauty shop in Detroit. He drives a very fancy car. Care and staff deteriorated immediately. Please check the numerous documented State investigations into complaints. I once sat next to a patient who showed me the maggots in her foot wound. The State logs that complaint, so you can read it. I am not a libeler.
In 2016, my brother had the flu which was not diagnosed, then pneumonia, then sepsis (not diagnosed). He very nearly died. I had to call the ambulance, as the nurse assured me he was improving despite clear evidence that he was dying. After his lengthy hospitalization I took the opportunity to move him to another place - now we have a superior experience.
I cannot think that anyone should make a decision for this place - but if proximity to family is a very important issue and this place is proximate, just know that you need to be there every day. And watch your laundry. Anything nice was stolen.

No recommendation

My Grandmother, God bless her, lives in this facility. I normally would not call a senior living care center a facility because it is a negative word for a care center who is committed to CARING for our elderly...but, this FACILITY does not have a caring person employed! The building and grounds are deplorable, her care is sub par, the food is disgusting, and they cannot even get her laundry back to her - losing items daily! Recently, they dressed my grandmother in someone else's clothes that were sizes smaller than her clothing! I thank the lord that my grandmother is so far along in her dementia that she doesn't realize what is truly happening - she is/was such a caring and beautiful person and truly does not deserve the inadequate care she is now receiving. If my family would allow it - I would find a different care center for her, but her dementia would worsen if she was taken out of the only place she now is "used to". I hope this facility can get it together and be more aware of why they are there everyday - to CARE for the elderly with compassion and dignity.