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The Taj Mahal of Nursing Centers

My brother moved into Lakeside Manor Nursing and Rehabilitation Center Sterling Hts. around [date removed]. He calls it the Taj Mahal compared to the horrible nursing center he had been in previously. Our mother chose it for him after learning from a church member who is a social worker that it was under new ownership/management and that any bad reviews listed were probably old reviews before the new management took over. The staff is great and attends to all his needs promptly. The place is so clean and new with wide hallways and no odors of any kind. It looks more like a hotel than a nursing home. I love the art work in the hallways and in all the gathering rooms. They have a great physical therapy gym, hair salon, a little cafe with fresh cookies daily, patio views overlooking a lake, etc., etc. Our entire family is so happy with this place and can't say enough good things about it. A++

Bad experience

My experience there was hell !!!
1. Press the call button for help to use the bedpan CNA would come in and turn off and leave without helping usually had to press it about 4 x then I would have to call my husband to get me help he would call head of CNA [name removed] she would come right away.
2. My husband would come in and give me a bed bath because they didn’t have time .
3. They constantly ran out of my meds sometimes went without them for days.
4. Seen nurses pick up pills from the floor and preside to give it to a patient.
5. My husband would have to change my sheets because they would never.
6. CNA would laugh and talk about you knowing you could hear them.
7. Special shout out to [name removed] for caring about me and other patients also [name removed] in activities treating all patients with kindness and respect.
8. Chef [name removed] for trying to cook meals on a low budget

Review of Lakeside Manor Nursing and Rehabilitation Center

It has been like a hotel! Amazing! The staff is excellent!

Review of Lakeside Manor Nursing and Rehabilitation Center

They have taken care of my husband. They are friendly and that is essential and he is comfortable. There are a couple who are just excellent. Everybody that I have had contact with as a general rule follows up and helps me to help him. The only problem I have is that I can't get through over the phone. It's been very good overall. I have a good follow up with the nurses. It's not perfect, but they're doing good.

Review of Lakeside Manor Nursing and Rehabilitation Center

The service and everything and just everything was amazing. It's beautiful and nice. The nurses are excellent. They have excellent food and they're perfect. I have no complaints. Everyone is communicates well and is sweet and polite.

Review of Lakeside Manor Nursing and Rehabilitation Center

I am pleased with it and it's worth it. I am very pleased. I do this work also, and everyone in there is just great. They really have been awesome with my sister. She has been to a few rehabs and I was not pleased with those at all, but Lakeside Manor is great. The therapists are doing what they are supposed to do. It's very clean.

Review of Lakeside Manor Nursing and Rehabilitation Center

They are all really great here.

Review of Lakeside Manor Nursing and Rehabilitation Center

Overall everything is good. Today I went to see my mom and she was still in her nightgown at 1:00 in the afternoon. I've called doctor for 2 weeks and never heard from him. The director of nursing has not called back either.

Review of Lakeside Manor Nursing and Rehabilitation Center

They have been addressing my concerns. They are doing such a good job with my father! They are wonderful! Every time I ask for anything they go and do it. I'd give them a 10/10!

Review of Lakeside Manor Nursing and Rehabilitation Center

The only thing I see is that they appear to be understaffed. I have talked to 3 different therapist, I think they are okay there. The staff seems to be running a lot during the night time. They seem overwhelmed. I don't think they have enough time to spend with the patients who need the attention. They had a salon, but the lady there quit. I think the care that she gets is good, other than the fact that they are short staffed. It's a pretty clean place. I think the food is fine, she doesn't! I think if she refuses to eat that she will get out of there quickly!

Review of Lakeside Manor Nursing and Rehabilitation Center

The Director of Nursing was amazing. She was very, very nice and made sure my husband was well taken care of. In the beginning I had issues. For a couple days I had to go the nursing director to have my issues addressed. I think personal bathrooms could use a little more attention. The meals would be the only complaint-- I don't think they should have serve a hot dog on Christmas day. It could have been more festive! The physical therapy as well as the administrator, any communications to his progress I have had to be the person to go them to ask about it.

Review of Lakeside Manor Nursing and Rehabilitation Center

Well, some of it was good and some of it was not so good. The staff care was really good. It was very clean and it smelled clean. Sometimes, the food was good. But I am kind of picky. The rehab was good. They made you do it. Sometimes the nurses were good and sometimes they weren't. They brought my medication late sometimes. But some of them were really good. They always would say "I would see about it" And I'd never see them again.

Review of Lakeside Manor Nursing and Rehabilitation Center

The responsiveness not what my dad would expect. When he asks for something it can take hours for him to get something back. The nurses are all good to me and they provided information. It's very clean, there's always somebody cleaning. The meals are fine to me. I think the nurses and the staff have been very good with communication, but the doctor has not been. I wanted to talk to him and left messages and so far he has not gotten back to me.

Review of Lakeside Manor Nursing and Rehabilitation Center

The therapists are doing their job - they are good. Some good days and some bad days.

Review of Lakeside Manor Nursing and Rehabilitation Center

My son says the therapists are good, no trouble with the PT people. I would recommend it if the nursing was better, more nursing staff would help: more RNs and CNAs. If they had this every people would be happy.

Review of Lakeside Manor Nursing and Rehabilitation Center

I'd recommend Lakeside Manor to a friend.

Review of Lakeside Manor Nursing and Rehabilitation Center

The staff is friendly and it is clean. My mom’s getting the care she needs. They are really attentive and know what they are doing. Everybody is on top of their job.

Review of Lakeside Manor Nursing and Rehabilitation Center

They are very nice. They seem to be up on everything. I have no complaints. Rehab seems to be good. It's very clean. Every time I have been there they are cleaning and vacuuming. My mom started eating yesterday and the meals seem good. We had a meeting today, and everyone was very thorough and they took care of all my requests. We talked to the doctors and nurses.

Review of Lakeside Manor Nursing and Rehabilitation Center

It is beautiful there in the facility. The Director of Nursing is awesome. The staff are pretty friendly. The rehab is fine. The meals are pretty good.

Review of Lakeside Manor Nursing and Rehabilitation Center

The facility seems to be smoothing out since my daughter in law has arrived. She is enjoying her meals at the facility. I have eaten with her there as well a couple of times. I also thought the meals were great! I was impressed that I saw her receiving services over the weekend. Usually, at rehabs, I only see the services given Monday-Friday so this was nice to see. They seem to be working the kinks out. I am still working with the nursing staff to make sure she is receiving all of the care that needs to take place. She has mentioned that it takes a great deal of time to get help to use the restroom at times.

Review of Lakeside Manor Nursing and Rehabilitation Center

There is not enough presence of staff. The call lights take too long to be answered. The nurses' presence is not here when it is needed. Some things that need to be done, I have to ask for it to be done. It's clean. She enjoys the meals but I would like to see more variety and age appropriate food.

Review of Lakeside Manor Nursing and Rehabilitation Center

My loved one was sent to the hospital. It was not a good experience.

Worst place ever

Not my first experience with a rehab. This has to be the worst, my husband ended back in the hospital to start all over again, and that's only because I called 911. Sterling Hts fire dept even said this place is bad. I even met with owner, see how well that went, my husband is in the hospital. I even filed a complaint with the state, if more people filed a complaint maybe things could change. DO NOT send your loved ones to this place.

Review of Lakeside Manor Nursing and Rehabilitation Center

My loved one said he is being taken care of. His room smelled bad, though

Review of Lakeside Manor Nursing and Rehabilitation Center

My loved one is getting better and the staff is helping him. He seems to be improving. They are doing what they are supposed to for PT.

Review of Lakeside Manor Nursing and Rehabilitation Center

The services as far as the nursing care could use some improvement in areas such as creating a better schedule for both the patient and family and having more consistency. For example, my loved one is supposed to be repositioned every two hours and they have not stuck to this routine.

Review of Lakeside Manor Nursing and Rehabilitation Center

My loved one is a hard patient to help. She has a lot of difficulties with her issues. Most of the people at Lakeside show her a lot of compassion. I have been in other rehabs and I feel like a lot of places lack compassion. I feel bad because there are not enough aides to help the patients and they have to wait longer than I would want them to wait. Same with the nurses. There is not enough staff to accommodate the patients. The meals are good.

Lakeside Manor Nursing and Rehabilitation Center

The therapists are real nice. Some of the nurses are real nice, but some of them have an attitude. I realize it's gotta be a horrible job, but that's not okay. The staff is helpful. It's clean in there. My loved one is not happy with the food at all. She says it's just frozen stuff they heat up and throw a little sauce on. Sometimes she'll call me because she's hit the call button for help with her diaper and hasn't gotten assistance, so I have to call to ask for someone to go into her room and change her.

A sad place to send a loved one

The ownership and administration of this building is the worst I've ever encountered. Residents are waiting 30-40 minutes for their call lights to be answered due to severe understaffing thanks to the owner [name removed] not wanting to spend the money on a proper staff. [name removed] only views the residents that stay in his building and his employees as dollar symbols. He charges the most he can for your loved one to stay there and refuses to hire a full staff to increase the money flowing into his own pocket. Nurses and CNAS cannot be found. Housekeeping personal are difficult to find if you have an housekeeping issue. The administrator and DON just sit in their offices all day. Bring any issue to their attention and they will just get angry with you and won't do anything to address the issues. [name removed] the administrator is rude to the residents, the family members and her own staff. Once in a while a good nurse or cna works there but they are quickly replaced with someone of less quality. I keep posting this review on google reviews but the facility keeps deleting it so now i'm posting it here as well. A lot of 5 star reviews have been given to this facility over on google reviews over the past 7 to 10 days. Ignore those reviews, they are all being down by upper management and ownership to increase their overall star level on google to try to get more people to bring their loved one there. The owner himself issued a mandate that the overall star on google reviews for the facility needed to go up from the 1.5 stars they did have to 5 stars so all these great reviews are being faked to draw more people in. When looking for a nursing home for a loved one, do yourself a favor and skip this place, not even your dying pet deserves to put in a place like this.

Review of Lakeside Manor Nursing And Rehabilitation Center

It's been good. They communicate with us well, so there's no issue.

Review of Lakeside Manor Nursing And Rehabilitation Center

The people there seem to care. They are good with the patients. They seem honestly concerned, they call me. They are very good. My mom has been in many facilities, and this one is really good. The nurses are helping me very open-heartedly. Everyone is very sweet, and I can't say that for the other facilities where she's been. The place is very clean. They threw a carnival for the patients, and it seemed like everyone enjoyed it. It made the patients feel good. My mother hasn't complained about the meals, and she would definitely complain if she didn't like them. They call me right away whenever something happens, even if it's late. They make sure to double-check things with me to make sure they're okay for my mom.

Review of Lakeside Manor Nursing And Rehabilitation Center

My loved one is doing better here than she has been doing in the whole last year. The only thing is that the food could be better.

Review of Lakeside Manor Nursing And Rehabilitation Center

They take good care of my loved one. This place is cleaner than any other facility I've seen. He seems to like the food.

Review of Lakeside Manor Nursing And Rehabilitation Center

It was very clean! The staff was not the greatest with the exception of one nurse. There was one nurse in particular, the male nurse, he was exceptional! He took great care of my mother! He made sure she had everything that she needed. He made sure all of her records were correct. He went above and beyond to make sure her diagnosis was properly recorded. The food was very terrible.

Review of Lakeside Manor Nursing And Rehabilitation Center

The therapists did their part well. They need more staff/personnel, overall.

Review of Lakeside Manor Nursing And Rehabilitation Center

They got my loved one up to go to the bathroom once and then set her in a wheelchair, and I asked them to put her to bed, and they said no, she might have to go to the bathroom again. It took me 45 minutes to get her into bed. They kept passing the buck, so I asked one guy what was going on, and he said they weren't trained to handle people like this. They got a person who works in rehab, and he helped her from the wheelchair into bed. As soon as I saw that, I got the doctor to move her. My impression is that they don't know what's going on.

Review of Lakeside Manor Nursing And Rehabilitation Center

The therapy is pretty good. The nurses and aides are really good to my husband when they get there, but it takes a really long time for them to get to him. Bells are constantly going off. The staff is friendly, except for the head nurse. They accepted my husband and knew how big he was, then when he got there, they didn't have a big enough bed, wheelchair, commode or shower stool. Then, they always are saying they don't have enough staff to help him. We had to have meetings with the nurse, and she's not a very good communicator. In terms of cleanliness, I think they could vacuum more than once a week. The kitchen staff goes out of their way to get my husband something he likes to eat. I would like to see better communication. I always have to hunt somebody down to ask them.

Review of Lakeside Manor Nursing And Rehabilitation Center

They're taking good care of my loved one. The food is not that great, though. Nobody calls me, I have to hunt them down to get any info.

Review of Lakeside Manor Nursing And Rehabilitation Center

It's great. Her nurse was very good with her. She enjoyed her meals there. If we ask them anything they have been more than helpful.

Review of Lakeside Manor Nursing And Rehabilitation Center

The occupational therapist truly does care. He went above and beyond to take care of my mom. Everyone is pleasant and nice. The food looks very good and my mom is enjoying it. I do have one complaint: there are not enough staff overnight. It seems my mom has to wait a lot longer to go to the bathroom at night. A nurse didn't come to see my mom for 2 1/2 hours on her first night. They might have been short-staffed. I did notice that they had a higher patient-to-nurse ratio. The wait time for assistance seems to be rather slow, perhaps because they are under-staffed, but it does take long periods to get assistance.

Review of Lakeside Manor Nursing And Rehabilitation Center

This place has been fantastic. Every time I go there, there are few people on the staff, but they are taking great care of my father. His opinion is that the facility is good and everyone is fantastic. We came back to my father's room from a day trip and his room was cleaned up. The whole facility is always neat and clean. My father is enjoying every single meal that he eats. They've been great at keeping me informed.

Review of Lakeside Manor Nursing And Rehabilitation Center

Some of the nurses are very good. The food of is above average. Sometimes it can take up to an hour before someone will come after you push the button. The aides seem to be spread a little thin. Sometimes when my loved one is supposed to have therapy, no one shows up.

Review of Lakeside Manor Nursing And Rehabilitation Center

The staff up front have been very good. The ratio of caretakers to patients is noticeable. I would like to see more nurses. My biggest complaint is that my dad needs to get out of bed, and he isn't. Some of the meals I've seen don't look or taste good.

Review of Lakeside Manor Nursing And Rehabilitation Center

They are taking care of getting my mother to the dining room and physical therapy. Overall, the care is fine. Everyone is friendly. They need to have more care for normal hygiene. She mentioned her hair and nails. One time, the room did not have clean towels and was dusty, and the garbage was full.

Review of Lakeside Manor Nursing And Rehabilitation Center

It is a beautiful place. I really appreciate their kindness. Though they need a little more help from staff. They are not as good as they were in June. Management has changed since June, and last June, I would have given them a top rating. They are lacking in sharing information and telling you what is going on. My loved one has been there one week, and I have had no meeting with the staff yet. They have not told me a thing. I do not know if I want to take my loved one back here.

Review of Lakeside Manor Nursing And Rehabilitation Center

I don't know why my loved one was shipped there in the first place. They don't take health insurance. I am not impressed with the staff at all. I'm mad at how bad communication is there.


You must show up all the time if you want appropriate care for your family. This facility is on its 4th administrator in 6 months, they lack staff, quality of care and follow through. The owner and administrators talk a great game but nothing will happen if you don't continuously check, recheck and triple check.
It looks fancy but the care is sub par. Expect to wait at least an hour if the call button is pressed. Patients are left for hours without anyone checking on them. Today there was 1 aide for the entire wing of 20 plus patients, same thing happened 4 times last week. They have a high staff turnover.

The experience at Lakeside Manor has been great. They're great about keeping me informed. In fact, just last night there was an incident and they called me at home right away.

I would recommend Lakeside Manor rehab overall. My loved one does therapy but she isn't doing it enough. Sometimes they don't get her up to do it like they are supposed to, or take her to the dining area to eat.

Everybody is very nice and my loved one is always clean. They're able to get other food if she doesn't like what's served.

Even with all the other problems we've had, I would still recommend this facility because of the amazing physical therapy she's getting here. Rehab is great, that's the only reason I've kept my loved one in there. The nurses are wonderful, they're super busy but they do a great job. The day shift aides are great, it's the night shift that is the problem. There seems to be a lot of turnover of staff, I never see the same face twice. There's no consistency, they seem to be understaffed. It's hard to keep things completely clean and cleanliness depends on who's working. The meals have been terrible. She'll have one meal that's decent and then 3 or 4 that are just awful.

It seems like a nice place overall.

Communicating is important and they have been improving on that. I like the fact that they are listening to my mom's and my concerns. It's a beautiful facility. They are working on improving the meals, as well.

My loved one is very impressed with the place. She eats in her room, and she eats everything. They are top notch at keeping me informed. One issue was they moved her to another room and the restroom had not been cleaned out. It was over the Thanksgiving holidays, the room was not cleaned out until the director of nursing showed up on Monday and personally had the maintenance crew clean out the room.

I would recommend Lakeside Manor but I have a few complaints. The therapists are good but they don't do her rehab with any consistency. She's fallen a few times because they just leave her in her bed or her wheelchair and she tries to get up by herself and falls. I've asked that they puree or grind her food but they won't do it. She can't eat regular food. I have to call and ask if I want any information, they don't reach out. They have called to let me know when she's fallen out of the bed or out of the chair, though.

Everyone is nice and polite and knows your name. The staff is working very hard, but it seems completely disorganized. There have been a lot of little things that I've not been happy with. They’re releasing my loved one earlier than I expected. When he first moved in, the remote on the TV had no batteries, and it took them three days to find batteries. On the fourth day, they washed all his clothes and put them in someone else's room. I asked them to give him a shower and it took them two weeks. No one seems to know anything, and when I ask questions, no one has the right answer. He's resisting the therapy, but they are trying and they have been very patient. The nurses seemed overwhelmed, and you have to wait in line to even speak to someone.

There were a few nurses that have been wonderful and so helpful. They have hugged me and helped me. They are working with my loved one, giving her pills and being patient with her. Overall I wish the staff showed a little more care, I'm not asking for special treatment or anything, just to check on the patient. Sometimes I feel like certain people avoid speaking to you because they're afraid that you're going to ask them something. On the weekends, no one has told me about her medical care. Two of the nurses do but overall they don't tell me. One of the nurses couldn't answer my questions. I would think that they would write notes so the next person is knowledgeable about what is going on with the patients. Terrible food, microwaved food and reheated. Someone sits with her and tries to feed her.

The experience is going very well. The facility is very clean. We had an issue with some of the equipment not working properly, but I talked to the staff members and they got that fixed.

The staff is awesome. Very clean. Very good food.

It is exceptionally clean. My wife is happy with the meals. I just had a meeting today, and they've brought me totally up to speed.

Great rehab overall. The food service leaves a lot to be desired

I rate Lakeside Manor Nursing and Rehabilitation Center a 5 star.

I would recommend Lakeside Manor. I wish they had more choices for meals.

I recommend Lakeside Manor, but they could use some work on communication.

I would recommend Lakeside Manor Nursing and Rehabilitation Center to a loved one.

Everything is going fairly average. The nurses are a bit short staffed. When my loved one presses the emergency button, no one comes for a while.

The level of attention they give isn't good and the food is horrible. My mother has been here two weeks and the doctor has come once. The nurses are very nice, and when they do come in--which isn't very often--they take care of my mother. Either they're shorthanded or bad. If you don't ask, you don't get informed.

The nurses do not keep my loved one clean.

It's been seven days, and they're just finally today going to give me feedback. I think they're a newer place. When I spoke with the nurse about a particular situation, how they spoke to me wasn't professional. I would consider how long it took them to get my mom her pain medication after her admission to be borderline [Removed]. And I've stood at the nursing station for half an hour and was unable to get anyone's attention. They've been pretty good on keeping me informed, though

The staff was terrible. The shower flooded when the young lady did not know how to give my mother a shower. The carpet even got flooded. When my mother finally got an alarm button, they would take forever to answer.

It is a very nice place! My mother always said the meals were good.

They are spectacular. My loved one is pretty new to therapy but it's going well. They are switching out food providers, so hopefully the meals get better

The nursing staff would put my aunt on the toilet and then leave her there and forget about her. That's my biggest and only complaint.

The director is very nice. Whatever question I have, they do answer me.

Therapy has been going okay. The nurses give you your medication on time, they are lovely. Sometimes there are long waits after you call for someone to come to you or to help you go to the restroom. The doctor doesn't keep me informed but the nurses do. When I first arrived it wasn't very clean but it is clean now. The food is the same for everyone, and people have different diets and it can be too spicy for people’s stomachs.

Our first impression of the facility was not very good, but we liked that it is very close to where we live, strictly a skilled nursing, and that my loved one wouldn't be around a lot of dementia patients. The facility is very clean. The nurses have mostly been very good. The rehab has been good but the doctor has come to see her only one time. One of the nurses in particular takes the time to work with me and my loved one, and she is good with working with my loved one's medicine. The meals are awful, they have not been hot or on time. There are times where the tray has been sitting out in the hallway for over an hour.

I would recommend the facility.

I think the rehab is awesome but there isn't enough nursing staff. The care is good if you can find someone to do it. My loved one needed her food to be cut up for her and it never was. Food does her no good if she can't eat it.

The staff could be more attentive. The CNA comes really fast, but the nurses seem to take all day. For example, the nurse said that she was going to call me about some things. I waited all day and never heard anything so I had to call her. I have been trying to get my loved one's tray table cleaned for two days. There was a mouth swab that stayed on the floor for three days and I left it there because I just wanted to see how long they were going to leave it there.

The thing that could have made it better was a little bit better organization. I did speak to the social worker about the issues I have been having, and she said that she would work on it. There are some good nurses and some bad nurses, and I know that is what it is everywhere, but I think there is no communication. They also seem to be short-staffed. Some of the staff is very friendly and some is really not. They don’t give my mom enough attention. Now consequently I have to be there more frequently, and it’s hard because I have a life going too, and it’s because I am concerned for her care. Rehab is here and there. Sometimes they would tell her that they are going to take her and they won’t come. The facility is clean, but then again sometimes there are no paper towels and shower towels hanging on the rack. The meals are sometimes really good and sometimes they’re not. They don’t give my mom enough to eat. The other night they just gave her some pudding and a dollop of pureed carrots for dinner, that’s all that she ate. Not faulting the cook, but more so the rehab seems to be running low on supplies or something.

My loved one has improved with rehab therapy, but it has been very, very slowly. I feel like they need to push her more, instead it seems like they just give up. The facility is very clean. The staff is not very good with coming in a timely manner for everything. My loved one has had to wait for an hour and a half before. Most of the staff are snooty, but some are very nice.

The care is bad, there's been no communication. We've had to fill out incident reports, and the medications haven't been given consistently. We've been waiting for two weeks for them to order equipment my mom needs.

There were some nurses and aides that were very nice, and some that were just okay. The admission person was lovely. She was very nice to deal with. The facility itself is beautiful. I was not impressed at all with the therapists. They were very blasé, and they just shrugged their shoulders a lot when I asked questions. My mom was not happy with the food at all.

The facility is very clean, it looks new. Everyone is very friendly. They care, but there are just not enough of them, which doesn't allow them to do their jobs properly. They are understaffed but I talked to the supervisor and he said that they meet regulations. They don't give me a report about how my loved one is doing in rehab. One of the aides told me that they didn't have to tell me anything. They have 35 patients and at night time they have only two nurses and two CNAs. That isn't enough nurses or aides for 35 people. There is no one at the nurses’ station at night, you have to wait 20-30 minutes to get buzzed in. I walked around for 30 minutes and couldn't find anyone. Patients are left unattended for long periods of time, wandering around and crying out for help. It’s terrible. My mother needs oxygen and at night it was out and no one knew. Luckily I came when I did. They’re not very good at making meals that meet her nutritional needs, so we bring meals from home now.

Rehab is good, and my loved one is showing improvement. Lately they have been doing good about informing me, but communication could be a lot better. This is a poorly run facility on weekends and at night. During the week they are properly staffed. The night-time people don’t want to do anything. They are very limited and very lazy. They don’t come when we call. I have talked to the director of the facility about my concerns and I have seen some improvement. Also when we got there, there was no one there to greet us and no one there to do the admin paperwork. They need to have the administration more organized for checking into the rehab. It’s a clean place but it’s also new. There are sometimes things on the floor that stay there for days without being picked up.

Lakeside Manor....look elsewhere for now

Lakeside is having serious problems at this time.... everything may look fine during the day then things fall apart at night. You're pretty much on your own.
The staff all seem nice but they are overwhelmed.
The deceiving part is it's a brand new place so it looks like a nice place to be....not so....hopefully they will be able to get organized over time, but I would avoid for now (Aug. 2017.)

From the Community

Lakeside Manor is a full-service skilled nursing and rehabilitation community. Our short- and long-term residents receive excellent care in a warm, welcoming environment. Lakeside's dedicated staff of healthcare professionals is committed to getting patients back to the highest level of function and independence possible. We offer physical, occupational, and speech therapies, as well as skilled nursing and subacute care, wound care, and pain management. Besides these medical services, we also provide delicious and nutritious meals and fun social and recreational activities.