Heartland - West Bloomfield Township, MI

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Customer Reviews

Poor Social Service Communications

Poor communications social service ([name removed]) does not return calls and fabricates about leaving messages on individuals answering service. Staff need to realize that there job exist because of the patients and they need to respond to families when they call and request a call back.


We sent my Father to Heartland West Bloomfield because he needed rehab therapy and previously we had positive experiences at the facility. Sending my father there was the worst mistake we made. My father has mild dementia. The staff would call me when he was having issues with his memory and behavior. I would immediately go to the facility and calm my dad's fears. A few days before his discharge, the staff called me because my dad would not let them touch him. When I arrived, he had feces on his body and residue feces in the toilet. After numerous incidents, my sister asked [Removed], Director what was the policy for dealing with patients with mild dementia who refused to let the staff assist them. Mr. Stacks stated that when patients exhibit that behavior, staff must call EMS. We were satisfied with that explanation. Yesterday, my Dad was scheduled for discharge. First the transporter was late so I went to pickup my dad personally. I'm glad I went. When I arrived my dad was comatose. He did not respond to me at all. He was doped. I asked the staff what drug did he take. They told me that my dad who is 97, WHEEL CHAIR BOUND and weighs 130 lbs and his room mate were [Removed] each other. Also, they told me that my Dad was combative with the staff. No mind you, my dad can't walk and is in a wheel chair. I asked them why I wasn't called or EMS. They said they contacted their doctor and he prescribed Ativan. They gave my dad the Ativan at 10:00 pm and 13 hours later he was still OUT. Non responsive to my repeated calls and shaking him. I asked to talk to a supervisor because my dad was scheduled to go to assisted living and I knew that they were not going to accept a doped patient. The nursing supervisor told me that my dad could remain at Heartland until he slept it off. I demanded that they call EMS and my dad was transported to the ER. When the ER Doctor examined my dad he stated that the Heartland Physician should not prescribe Ativan for a 97 year old patient with kidney issues. He stated that it would take about 36 hours for that drug to leave his system. I'm furious because according to Mr. Stacks, Heartland staff should of called EMS. Our family did not give approval for the Heartland Physician to give may father Ativan. I have questions and my family want answers. No, we deserve answers. DON'T SEND YOUR LOVED ONES TO THIS FACILITY.

There are worse places; we're still adjusting

This facility is still going thru changes related to coming under the Heartland group. I don't feel this is someplace you can leave a resident without staying actively involved with frequent visits. But really, does such a place exist? It was difficult for family to meet with therapy dept because schedules are made overnight and subject to change every morning. We would make an appt to be included in mom's session only to arrive and find she had already been seen and done for that day and no one bothered to call us. It took us 3 "appts" to finally meet with them. I have higher opinion of their Occupational and Speech therapy support than Physical therapy. That's not to say PT wasn't adequate, the others just seemed to go above and beyond. She was brought in as a resident needing help with eating, but because she needed to be "evaluated" by their team first, there was little assistance by staff for the first 5 days she was there - it took that long for their "process" for her to be "evaluated". (a weekend was involved). If family hadn't been showing up around meal time to provide that attention I'm not sure she would have eaten (although I'm sure someone would have intervened eventually but do you want to eat cold, pasty stuff served as an afterthought?) She eats slowly; they can't take the time. They'll assist for 10-15 min and that's it. Tray goes away. We've met a few stellar Nurses and CNA's that show an interest in getting to know mom and her limitations and needs, and seem to welcome family involvement during the time we are there. We've also met a few that seem disinterested in our being around. I'm sure this is the same in all facilities. Place seems short staffed at times (even though they say they have average 1 to 8 ratio which I think is acceptable average) , and if your CNA is on break and you need something, good luck! The person you see is quick to tell you your CNA is on break; not so quick to step up to assist. Standard is12 hr shifts. There were evenings where you couldn't find a drinking straw to save your life. No towels to use as bib, empty linen closet for additional blankets or towels. If you asked enough people someone eventually found what was needed. I couldn't see this being left to the 90 yr old resident to pursue alone. They tend to park everyone in wheelchairs; 12+hrs without being able to lie down? We are making headway with some CNA's working with us to allow breaks from sitting so long. You would think they would do this without outsider input. With any facility there is a transition period. We are still in the midst of ours. We are still meeting staff for the first time which may be the result of turnover or rotation but I'm hoping this becomes less of an issue because we do want those involved to be aware of certain things we make every effort to impart. We do this to make mom more comfortable and eliminate guesswork for staff. Some appreciate it, some don't. The place is grand looking. It is clean. I'm not a fan of the total lockdown to where you are buzzed in and buzzed out everytime - especially when you're leaving late and it's takes 10 min or more for someone to be available to let you out. I might suggest they have an incoming passcode for staff to let you in so they know WHO they're letting in. But once inside, They should give the families the "out"code so we can let ourself out. For the most part I've found social worker, admissions, therapists, and administrator to be accessible and helpful. True success lies with nurses and CNA's. We're getting there, just not quite yet. I will update this post as our journey continues.

Not impressed

We used this facility for rehab care for a loved one, and overall I just wasn't impressed with what they provided here. We've used a few different rehab facilities in the area, and compared to the others they just don't seem as involved with the care here. They were not good about communicating with our family, and my loved one said they didn't check on her very often throughout the day.

They were good. They had excellent care.

We were here for rehab. They were good. They had excellent care. They had very nice accommodations. If you rang the bell someone was there right away. They did an excellent job. We were very happy with them.