Heartland Health Care Center - Sterling Heights - Sterling Heights, MI

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This is a place where despite the lovely look of the facility, your beloved family member will be lucky if anyone looks in on them or cares for their needs. My father had multiple serious issues and no one came to see to his needs, change him, etc. We absolutely feared for him when he was there alone at night.

Staff is outright dismissive and rude of any family questions or concerns regarding the low or lack of care given. Actually put the phone down and spoke derisively of my sister with a supervisor when she had called to ask about our father's status - didn't have the decency to actually put her on hold then hung up on her and when she called back and said she overheard the conversation they hung up on her again.

***This is a place where if your family member needs more attention than a sprained ankle they could easily die.

Horrible place

This place is horrible. The aides take forever to answer the call lights, they are more worried about sitting and talking or playing on their phones. Mom reported that the aides were rough with her and get mad if she peed in her brief because she couldn't wait any longer. The rehab kept trying to tell us she was fine and when my sister went to check on her she was super confused, unable to speak, had food in her mouth, was hunched over about falling out of the chair and in severe pain... They checked her over told my sister her vitals are fine and she was fine and didn't want her to go to the hospital. Thank god my sister took her anyway. She had over 400cc urine in her bladder, wouldn't respond appropriately to us, she has a urinary tract infection, her postassium level and her hemoglobin level is low. Mom is currently fighting for her life in the hospital and they had the nerve to tell us she was fine. We asked the facility over and over to monitor her I &O (input &output) and they refused to or to even try and get an order to. Our mom wasn't eating very well and they wouldnt even try to assist her or encourage her. The aides were so lazy they would just say we cant force her to eat. We would bring in food for her and they would steal it, there was no way mom could get to it with out any help and she would tell us she didnt have any of it. PLEASE advocate for your loved ones. I feel so bad for those that have no one to advocate for them. I will be contacting a lawyer and reporting the facility to the state for elder abuse and neglect. The place is beautiful and the rehab therapists are good but the rest if the care is horrible if you need any type of help with your daily needs. Shame on them.😡

Lack of training

They have a physician assistant an RN on duty and could not tell my mother was lacking oxygen. All the signs were their yet this went unchecked. I had to insist she be transported to the hospital for care. This on top of a untreated UTI. The staff is not trained well enough for the care of the elderly.

Horrible place

Horrible place!!!!!! I wouldn't take my pets there even if they were dead!!!! My husband spent 2 days there they didn't give him his insulin, did not change his bandages, did not feed him! When he went back to Detroit Receiving Burn unit his blood sugar was 476👎 Beware!!!!! Horrible place!!! SMG Shelby Township Michigan. I notified HAP insurance and they're going to investigate them!!!!!! I would give them a negative 100!!!!👎