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Customer Reviews

Would Never Recommend

Most of the staff will let the people staying here sit in their messes for hours. This company is SEVERELY understaffed and the staff will complain about having too many people to take care of. The administration and nurses seem not to care about the well-being of the people in their care except for a very small, select few. It's really sad how poorly people are treated in here. There was a fire in the building (luckily not bad and no one was hurt), but the staff evacuated themselves from the building and left all of the patients in the building during the fire. Not only is this place lacking a welcoming and positive atmosphere, it is deficient in safety and common sense.


Had a terrible experience with business manager, general manager and social work. Nobody on the same page, nobody taking any responsibility. Complete lack of any compassion. Combative, aggressive and rude behavior on the part of the management. Literally, business manager said"I would rather be anywhere but here right now " as she was telling us about financial obligations. Unbelieveable. Sorry our needs caused you to work at 4:30 on a Friday afternoon. No way to treat people who are seeking help and peace for their loved ones.

Patient Near Death in only 4 months after stay at Heartland

Please bear with me through this review and read it through its entirety. My mothers boyfriend was sent here because of a stroke and he needed full time care. He is unable to eat, drink due to the stroke and excessive rheumatoid arthritis. This care center knew of his condition fully. He arrived at Heartland-Bloomfield Hills [Removed]. He was sent to Royal Oak Beaumont on[Removed] due to being "unresponsive" as Heartland put it to the hospital. Upon arriving to Beaumont, he had excessive dehydration, malnourishment, MERSA, 3 strains of bacteria and a bed sore the size of a small frying pan!!!!!!! Prior to entering Heartland he had NONE of these conditions, as I even fully bathed/cleaned him prior to entering this facility and know for a 100% fact he did not have ANY sign of bed sores, etc. Heartland is failing to take responsibility for his condition and he is still in ICU at Beaumont, now 25 days later! All they want is their monthly fees from him. This facility wants only $$$$$ from people and FAIL to take care/responsibility of the patients involved. They respond to any and all reviews/calls with an apology but this is not sufficient ad there is a LIFE involved. I am going to expose this facility to the core. I have time on my hands and will do everything within my power so NOONE else has to go through this ordeal such as I. Please, if anyone has ANY questions and wants to know further details email me at [removed] I would gladly go into great detail of this place and the legal action I plan to take with them. I feel I need to do this for society as a whole. These are people and deserve respect and proper care. I WILL SPEAK FOR THOSE WHO CANNOT! Thank you for reading, all of those who do.