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Customer Reviews

New Administration at Palmview Assisted Living

In May 2019 a new Assisted Living Administrator & Clinical Director were hired. Less than a week of the new AL Administrator's start date a letter instructing the residents to use their pendants for emergencies only was distributed. If a resident has a "non-emergency", residents were instructed to either call the concierge (front desk) or walk to the desk & tell the staff what they need. (The assisted living residents live on both the first & second floors of Palmview.)
Some of the nurses are extremely dedicated & caring, but it seems like working double shifts are becoming more frequent. Now that Palmview is fully occupied, it seems like no add'l staff have been added to assist all of the residents in a timely manner.
I am giving the care services rating based on the new AL Administrator's pendant policy, not the actual care provided by the nursing staff. The nursing staff is doing the best they can to assist and provide care for the residents.

Avoid this place at all costs!

Do not send anyone you care about to this facility. It looks nice but is grossly understaffed, & while administration will tell you the staffing is within state requirements, the residents are not well cared for. No one seems to care if their toenails are way too long or they have been sitting in urine & stool soaked diapers well beyond what they are supposed to be. The food is ok
but nothing special & small portions.
Keep in mind it will cost $8.00 if you want to eat with your loved one. There are some very hard working & caring staff members, but they are stretched way too thin.
The rooms are supposed to be cleaned every week. My father's room was so filthy, he had ants & was getting bitten. They treated the bites, but still didn't clean his room.
Complaints go unanswered, & they keep telling you they will look into it or take care of it, but they do not.
Expensive to live here.

Actual experience belies the "tour promises"

We are so disappointed in the current administration of The Manor of Gulf Coast Village! As other reviewers have said, they promise wonderful services and produce nothing, Their mantra is " we are within the law". The staff is spread so thin that they cannot physically perform the duties that they are assigned with acumen. There have been times when a staff member was ill and they were not replaced or they were replaced with a rent-a nurse. The activities are juvenile, the food is uneatable and the staff on the floors who actually care, cannot do their jobs because they have too many residents under their care. One example is the lack of CNA professionals. They have 3 on the floor at night who must serve dinner to all 40 residents, take wheelchair residents to the bathrooms , dinner, activities, & the shower. Then they make-up beds, pick up laundry, wash it and return it, give showers to the ambient patients, and pick-up the trash from each room. They are all running to complete as much as they can, but a ratio of 3 to 40 is impossible. The staff nurses are also trying their best, but they are also constantly "blamed" for every and all mistakes and there are 2 for over 40 residents on the floor; at night, usually 1. The administration is consumed with filling the new building and the staffing is even less for the number of residents per caregivers. This is an expensive place and getting more so, the concern of the administrators is to " be a steward of the $$" not to be a steward of care for the residents. What the actual families are saying is true; the tours look wonderful; in actuality ,the administration could not care less.

Don't be fooled looks nice, but you not getting what is promised.

It looks very nice and is clean. However, Although the Nurse dispenses the med. I have found there are way to may mistakes. Meds missed or wrong meds given, on an almost weekly basis. The activities consist of bingo and sing-a-longs and the activities are fewer now than a year ago. The CNA changes a diaper and they goes and serves the food. Since they are not food servers your loved one may not get what is ordered, but what the CNA finds easy. Although the staff ratio to patient may meet State requirements, they are not sufficient to meet the needs of the 47 people who are there. The new facility will have approx 80 Asst. Living units and my understanding is the staff will consist of maybe one additional staff members to serve the additional 33 people, with an very pricey sticker.

Toured, seemed nice

I toured this community while looking into care options for a loved one. This was a very nice looking place, it was well kept and clean, and all of the staff I met seemed friendly and professional. However, it was also very expensive. We ended up selecting another community, but this is somewhere I would have considered as an option for my loved one.

Horrible Facility

My father spent a few months in this facility. The staff was rude and very unprofessional. Every day I would visit my father and he would be sitting in urine soaked clothing. His room was filthy and unsanitary. He was not getting proper nutrition. It was impossible to get any questions answered regarding his health. When his insurance ran out they made him leave and he passed away a week later. I would not recommend this facility to my worst enemy.