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Customer Reviews

This facility is quaint and very warm and friendly. [Removed] was so sweet and caring. Her interaction with the residents was genuine. I could see my Mom living here.

This place felt warm and inviting from the beginning. Small 32 bed assisted living facility with a memory care facility. I was impressed that they were able to answer my questions before I knew to ask them. I knew so much more about assisted living after my visit.

Knowledgeable tour guide!

When I toured Greenfield of Williamsburg, I thought it was a very nice community. The staff was welcoming and the person that took me around gave me good information. It was a good experience but we chose another community that fit my father's needs better.

We like it.

The staff are doing the best they can to care for my husband. I have not seen a lot of activities when I visit. I think the residents would benefit from more physical activity. I would not feel comfortable recommending this community as he has not been here long. I would say it is worth taking a look at. The food is ok and they keep the community clean. I feel he is safe at this community.

Good Care

This is a very nice and clean environment . The staff is very nice and friendly. They offer alot of activities. The food seems to be good. I would recommend this for great care for a loved one.

On my tour of the community everyone was super nice and very helpful. The community was well lite and bright and had a good feeling about it. I really like this community because they offer my loved one to stay there for a week before they move in. This helps the staff and my loved one get adjusted before the big move. The community is also kept clean and tidy. The staff also knows everyone by name which makes me feel that they really are out for my loved ones best interest.

This Community Did A Good Job Caring For My Mother

My mother has passed away recently, but her experience here at this community was a good one. They did a good job caring for her and her needs well. From the most part the community is well maintained, there are some areas they could clean better. They have a good staff here, some of the staff are better than others. There are activities offered for the residents. The food is fair, they do serve well balanced meals. I knew she was safe and in good hands. I would highly recommend this community.

Nice facility in Williamsburg

Great, responsive staff to care for my dear friend who needed respit care after a stroke. Meals are not geared to diabetics, so that is a problem for those who need to limit sugar and salt. Medication provision is great, and staff is agreeable to training family to help the client when they move on.
Facility is small enough to be able to render individualized care and attention.

Very pleased and better yet, Mom is happy.

I couldn't be more pleased. The staff is very friendly. I have stopped in so many times, I feel part of the family. That is how Greenfield makes my Mom feel. I didn't think my Mom would do well, but she is doing great. Mom partipates in the activities. She seems to be thriving. They treat Mom with respect and love.

They keep the place really clean. It's great to see and what's even better, no odors! I have went to other places before I decided on Greenfield, and I wanted to leave quickly.

My 95-year old mother lived in the Assisted Living portion of Greenfield Senior Living of Williamsburg from the end of February until the beginning of September 2015. The service deteriorated during this period until my wife and I finally decided to move her to a another facility. The three major problems were the medical care, the responsiveness and the food. [removed] Lack of staff - especially on the night shifts - resulted in wait times of one-half to three-quartes of an hour for a response to her call pendent. Fortunately none of these were for emergency situations. The food was just not good, and my Mom's biggest realization was how much better the meals were in her new assisted living facility. Most of the issues were personnel related. The entire management team was replaced in August, and the new director lasted less than a month before she resigned. The individual care-givers were pleasant, but most were inexperienced and there was a high turnover rate. We pay a little more for her new facility, but we feel more comfortable and Mom is much happier there.

quite satisfied

We are quite satisfied with Greenfield of Williamsburg. The value is about the same as you would get anywhere else. We had a few bumps at the beginning with mom getting UTI's. The staff just had to get to know mom and her needs. Mom has gone on some nice scenic rides that they offer. She loves the therapeutic dogs they have come in. They have a new director here that seems really on the ball. Things are flowing quite nice. Mom is as happy as she's going to be anywhere. Overall we are happy here.

Compassionate Care

The Greenfield Senior Living facility is a beautiful, spotlessly clean and fresh smelling, home-like environment.
I know that my Mom's last two months of life were enriched by being at Greenfield. I never worried one minute about my Mom being cared for. I had peace of mind which is priceless. The genuine respect for human life, caring, love and attention only got better as Mom's health declined. I cannot say enough good things about each and every employee.
I made the decision to move Mom to Greenfield when she needed to leave her home. A decision I have never regretted. My Mom's last two months of life were enriched by being at Greenfield.
The jewels in the crown called "Greenfield" are the wonderful people who work there.

Would NOT recommend

Our experience with Greenfield of Williamsburg was a very bad one, and I would not recommend them to anyone. The staff here is very friendly, but unfortunately they just do not have the training they need to do the job. When we moved her in initially a mix-up with the paperwork meant not only did I have to give her her medications for the first few days, I also had to double check everything they were giving her to make sure the medications were correct (which they were not a great deal of the time!) At one point I typed out a detailed set of daily care instructions to help the aides out, but I had one come up to me and tell me she didn't read English well enough to understand them and asked if I could repeat them to her out loud. I moved my loved one out after a week, I honestly did not feel that she would have been safe here for much longer than that.

Everything is going alright so far.

Everything is going alright so far. There are no major problems, and the staff seems to be okay. They seem to be keeping it real clean, and they keep up with him and the room. There have been a few times he didn't like the way the food looked, but they just make him something different.

Greenfield - A Caring Community for Loved Ones

A Place for Mom found Greenfield for our family. It took one short visit to know that it was the perfect place for our father. Greenfield treated my dad like a family member from the first visit on. It is a wonderful community for anyone looking for a great atmosphere for a loved one. My father was a memory care resident and the Greenfield staff was outstanding in taking care of all of his needs.

Wonderful place!

They've done an absolutely wonderful job at Greenfield! They really are a resident based community, they try and tailor what they provide to each person that lives there. There aren't any strict schedules, residents are free to wake up whenever they want, and the windows for each meal time are very generous. It's a nice looking place, and the staff have all been very friendly and very helpful. I would highly recommend them, they are a fantastic senior community!

Connie Clem

Local Representative

Thank you for your kind review.We will continue to provide the best possible services for your loved one.

Connie Clem

Local Representative

Thank you for your kind review. It is our pleasure and honor to serve your loved one>

They do a great job.

They do a great job. It's clean and the staff is wonderful. They are very attentive, and responsive. They have plenty of activities going on. The food would be about a four. It's a little small so some more space would be nice. That is the only thing that I can think of that could be improved. We chose this over some others because it seemed to be more family focused.


My loved one was in the memory care and I think that they do a pretty good job of making everyone feel comfortable with I thought it was a very nice community. The food was okay. There was enough parking.

Very nice place

So far we've been very pleased with how things are going at Greenfield of Williamsburg. It's a very nice looking place, and the staff have all been very caring and friendly. They're very accommodating, and have been happy to work with me on any of the requests or suggestions I've had regarding my loved one's care.

Loved this place. Same atm...

Loved this place. Same atmosphere as where they now live. Calm atmosphere. Talked to a female resident on the memory care side and she said she loved living there. One price covers everything including personal laundry. But the price is higher than other places I've checked. Other than price, this would definitely be my first choice. I have 2 more places to check before making the decision.

Building Trust

No family ever wants to make the decision to place a loved one any place other than their home. I was first impressed with the "apartment" Mom would live in. It had lots of light and fabulous tile floors that look like a wood floor. The rooms are a large size that allows enough space for a bed, dresser, several chairs (including a recliner) and side tables--I even brought in her vertical dollhouse that is about the size of a grandfather clock.
They are not called rooms and it was hers to decorate as she wished. I brought in as many of her favorite things as possible so she would feel more like this was her place and not something else. After three hospital stays and two rehabs I wanted to make sure the room "spoke" to her through her cherished belongings.
The staff is fabulous. Everyone pitches in no matter what the problem or concern. They have top rate nurses and aides but are still adding new people. So while I adore many of her caregivers, we are still constantly learning about new ones and making sure they know special things about Mom.
For our placement, the decision was made to place Mom in the Memory Care Unit as her vascular dementia increased. The staff is very good at reminding her about things she needs to be reminded of daily.
Best of all if she wants to sleep until 10 in the morning (and she usually does), they don't push her to get up and dressed. They simply keep her breakfast until she gets up, has help being cleaned up and dressed for the day, and then is walked with down to the common dining area where her meal is warmed up. She has a walker now and can walk on her own, but having that caring staff there beside her gives my Dad and I a lot of comfort.
There are unexpected treats brought to the rooms or served in the common areas. Small gifts show up from time to time. There are a large amount of activities to choose from daily including going out to lunch on Thursdays with the group.
The facility is still very new and still shaking out a few things but really minor things. The important things are all in place and she seems happy for the most part.
There will always be a day or two that she says she misses home, but she is socializing more at Greenfield than she ever would at home.
After almost two months now, Dad and I don't rush to get there each day or stay every waking minute with her. Our confidence in Greenfield is such that we can entrust them with my Mom of 56 years and Dad's wife of 65 years. I don't think it will ever be easy, but we believe it is best for all.

Greenfield Feedback

I liked the facility. It was clean and bright. The staff was friendly and helpful.

From the Community

Dear Friends:
Greenfield Senior Living’s mission has long been to transform the senior living experience.
When we began some ten years ago, we believed assisted living was something more than just providing a place for seniors to live. We created a place where choice and the experience of assisted living for seniors is extraordinary.
When people are free to choose and see the possibility in their choice, transformation happens. That’s a mouthful. But it is at the core of who we are as individuals and what we strive for every day at each of Greenfield’s homes.
At Greenfield everyone talks about creating an “experience”, that is difficult to put into language, is it a feeling, happiness, generosity … love. All these things and more combine to create the Greenfield experience. Something that you can’t quite put your finger on, but it exists nonetheless.
Is this some a grand experiment? Or is there intention around how Greenfield behaves? Well, I can tell you with a resounding “yes”. We choose to see the possibility of the future, life does not stop because someone joins a Greenfield family, “no”, life goes down a different path, one, that cherishes contribution, fulfillment and love.
Join me as we create a future of our own design.

Mathew Peponis
Greenfield Senior Living Inc.
President & CEO