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Customer Reviews

Why we like Grand Lake Gardens

We have been residents here for six years; moving here from San Francisco to be closer to daughters. We are a very diverse and friendly community with a wide range of activities, both in-house and outside. We have lunch and dinner outings every month; van trips to malls, museums and other places of interest. Our driver takes you shopping at grocery stores, but Trader Joe's Walgreen's , the post office and library and many nice restaurants are within walking distance. Our driver also takes you and picks you up from medical appointments. Our sixth floor dining room with views of the Oakland hills is unmatched!
You will be warmly welcomed here!

Large Buy In

Really, really nice, but you have to effectively do a $65,000-$100,000 buy in in the beginning. Their selling point is that they will never kick you out, ever, no matter how far you decline. You will never have to worry about going any place again. I liked it but it was cost prohibitive, plus too far from my house.